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  1. One shots are amazing even with armor

    They might get lucky and shoot you in the face, that's a high possibility even if they are shooting in your general direction. Armor doesn't mean you are invincible, you are just tougher. Helmets aren't bulletproof either.

    ...or maybe you are just terrible at finding information and checking the news? They are not obligated to spoonfeed you information. The information is out there in a tenfold. This +10.
  3. Upcoming Glock

    That's why I put it in the semicolons, couldn't be bothered to find the proper term for it. You used it as well though, almost contradicting yourself buddy The rest I completely agree with though, good post.
  4. 5-Man Teams

    This. Very easy to outplay with the proper tactics. The player scavengers/scavengers are also a threat to them so it´s not strictly a 5v2.
  5. Upcoming Glock

    The .45-caliber round is the bigger bullet, so it has the “knock down power” to neutralize any adversary with one shot; while pistols that fire 9mm rounds are generally more accurate and can carry more bullets. Where a bullet hits the human body is also a major factor on whether it inflicts a mortal wound. Even though the .45-caliber cartridge has more propellant, the 9mm round usually has more penetrating power because the smaller round faces less air resistance on its nose as it files [sic] through the air It´s all situational.
  6. Nargs Cheating

    He´s a pathetic individual who can´t play the game by legitimate means, he deserves any negative exposure he can get. Don´t get why people are defending him.
  7. Troubleshoot,Hacker, Dsyncs and other Stuff

    You should consider changing your writing format, it can be very difficult and heavy on the eyes to read. Most of these just seem to perfectly fit in the ''game is too hard'' category. The other are a few bugs, and things that actually are in the game but you aren't aware of. I would suggest that you play more and learn the mechanics and the game in general before ranting, as you can see your thirst levels if you hit tab, to draw an example from what you wrote. I'll briefly answer some of your questions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOIP will be added. There will not be any HUD to show where your friends are, you need to have good communication. Camping is a valid style of playing, and are also easy to combat. Makarov scavs seem to be the worst. They are constantly being reworked and improved. Desync is their #1 priority right now. In 9.9/10 cases, It's desync and not a hacker. I would highly suggest to visit the following links for more information and access to the knowledge base. http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/27-game-questions/
  8. General questions on weapon implementation

    Extra durability lost on a weapon if it is shot, depending where of course.
  9. Grenade Kill stats include self?

    Stats will count even with suicide. Here are the approximate grenade stats, by the way. M67 - Defensive - Medium Damage - High Range RGD-5 - Defensive - Medium Damage - High Range F1 - Offensive - Very High Damage - Medium Range
  10. Teleporting hatcheter?

    It's definitely desync, I'm sure some tech guy can elaborate, but it comes and goes, and doesn't affect everyone. If an oceanic player plays on EU servers, he'll appear laggy for everyone else.
  11. Prapor insurance

    Your gear may be looted, if he told you that he didn´t find anything, it´s gone. If not, it takes up to 12-24h.
  12. Scav is a useless mechanic

    That's desync. Scavs are bandits who kill each other over something as simple as a better weapon, that's their lore. They are not a faction, they are a free-for-all of remaining civilians who pillage and plunder, as a scav it's kill or be killed. You have a chance to get free loot with little effort, it is supposed to be difficult. If you don't play smart, you die, end of story.
  13. New Player's Perspective

    The thing is, you have to invest some time into this game to make progress, but it isn't much. Loot is incredibly easy to get right now, and it will be toned down eventually. I'm level 37 and have 3,000,000 roubles and $14,000 that I can't spend on anything, because my inventory is literally filled to the brim with weapons and armor. The scavenger cooldown should remain at an hour, and probably will. When you play as a scavenger, you are given free loot without the threat of AI. If you run around and expect people to be friendly, that's completely your fault. If you want to learn the map and explore, play in offline mode. Every weapon is viable, and there will not be any balancing to even out the differences the weapons have. Each weapon has it's own situational advantage, just like real life, which you need to learn. An SV98 is no match against a makarov, if the shooter is inexperienced. Use a shotgun or smg for really close quarters and learn weapon modification to fine tune it for your needs. You'd be surprised how good an AK is in close quarters with the proper modifications. The current armor system is indeed horrible, and it is being reworked right now. That is why the fort armor has been taking out of the loot tables. The hit registry also isn't the best of the bunch, but that's due to change soon. The priority right now is to deal with the desync and add new servers to at least create play-ability for those who have connection issues. I have to disagree in the part where the hatchet/knife is useless, because it is absolutely not. That's how I made my fortune. I went on hatchet runs on factory, looted the chests, and extracted after getting a kill for the XP bonus. The AI is ridiculously easy to kill now, even with a hatchet. I did however have the Factory key while doing this, which played a huge role in being able to extract everywhere, and having access to an extra loot room in factory. Summarized, you need to invest time into a game like this to make it, absolutely. You can't just play an hour on and an hour off each day and expect to have the best loot and learn how to master the weapons properly. In fact, you don't even get the mastery bonuses from the weapons if you don't play with them regularly, and they can play a significant role in weapon handling. You need to have a particular interest in this type of game to really enjoy it, which I have. I do see the potential, and how it's grown, and I'm completely invested in it with 40 hours played since the Beta hit, and more before the Beta. I regularly see people who fail to give it a chance, even close friends. They die over and over and get frustrated by losing something as simple as an AK or M4. They blame the game, then quit playing it before even making anything remotely close to progress. What they all fail to see though, is how the developers can't sh*t out content and fixes to everyone at request. Video-games take time, and a ton of patience. BSG isn't a studio which is remotely close to comparable with Ubisoft, EA or Blizzard, which people frequently imply to believe. Trust me, once you get used to the ridiculous deaths and loss of gear, It becomes very playable.
  14. Why do I join raids 5 minutes late?

    It´s very rng. A better isp or hardware will only get you so far, but I think the game currently just puts you in a game that is available. Sometimes it will be a game that is in progress, other times it will be fresh. But one does not really need to be the first on the server, it shouldn´t make too much of a difference unless you´re looking for specific loot. But why should you have it any more than the guy next to you? It´s balanced out.
  15. Flying Player

    I recently encountered a flying player. He appeared in a frozen state in the air, occasionally checking his inventory. His legs wouldn't move, and once I returned later, he was still there. Unfortunately I did not have a weapon on me, so I couldn't help him down. Has anyone encountered something similar? Found no proper section for this type of thing, so off-topic it is.