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  1. welll your argument base on " real life " is ludacris ... their is crap tons of thing you can do in this game that you wouldnt do neither could do in real life and yet you still do it because its a videogame ... its about fun and immersion ... You cannot patch yourself with magical med bag in real life yet you do in this game ... and i could go on and on ... you do not refill mag by putting 60 bullet on it in a magical inventory , you would have to load bullets 1 by 1 in each mag unless you have clips then would be 5 to X at time yet you would want this game to go this far , it would become anoying we do not have all out real life to play a videogame so we need shortcut sometime and avoid the " reality " aspect of thing ... These " bone breaking randoms crap is mostly anoying and hurt the game experience and its consistancy I am all for having locomotion penalty and so forth when your to damage or hurt etc.. but it as to be balance around getting around in Huge map not balanced around playing in Factory 24/7
  2. So far no they do not , the Ai in this game resume into spawn and routes ,, as well as increasing and decreasing Aimbot level .... asl the " fracture " happen way to frequently and its not either fun or chalenging its just some anoyance who break the game scavs accuracy have been fine quit many time ... and now they are broken again they didnt had to touch scavs accuracy per say , but scavs behavior adding more scavs behaviors , reactions , unpredictability , scavs thats charge you like crazy , other who run away screaming and alerting other scavs and other things like that ... NOT buffing , nerfing Aimbot exclusively thinking its what Ai is all about ... the level of accuracy scavs had in the last patch pre hotfix was perfectly fine
  3. No ones consider it as a " final product " we already went there with the scavs and they basically go back and forth adding more autoaim to a insane level , then bring it down to a stupid level then make it right and then break it again and make them aimbotty as hell ... these " test " have no real purpose ,. they are anoyance ... i would prefer them to add more scavs behaviors , reactions , unpredictability , scavs thats charge you like crazy , other who run away screaming and alerting other scavs and other things like that ... NOT buffing , nerfing Aimbot exclusively thinking its what Ai is all about ... the level of accuracy scavs had in the last patch pre hotfix was perfectly fine Also adding that when you ADS them they automatically notice you and start shooting is Lame programing and very bad Ai management ... thats the point ... I ask for improovement , not for a " final product ...
  4. Actually in this new Build not only do they have increase the Aimbot of the scavs to a insane level but also they have introduce another cheap fake mechanics where as soon as you ADS the scavs he aquire you as a target and start shooting before you even decide if you want to take him down or not ... thats cheap ... very cheap ... everything about these Ai only sound " cheap game " for me with Bad Ai the original F.E.A.R is a great exemple of good Ai that dosnt rely solely on cheap aimbot and fake aquire tech ... you cannot sneak on tarkov scavs now if they simply magically aquire you as a target as soon as you aim at them ... i know its a easy and convinient technique to " fake " actually Ai but it feel cheap and make you feel like you have been cheated on when it happen to you ... Ai in this build are atrocious and bad and its not fun to play in these condition ...
  5. 1: the New patch and 2 hotfix introduce once agains a " fake " hard difficulty where as soon as you aim down sight at a scavs he automatically and magically spot the player wich is a fake mechanics and start shooting first before the player as even pull the trigger , just looking at Scavs trough ADS make them automatically aquire you as a target and start firering , this is FAKE and cheap ai ... you do not create a hardcore game with cheap and unfair mechanics and insane aimbot Ai ... sorry 2: Fracture of any part of the body happen WAY to damned frequently and the Legs are Way to weak to damage ... it seams you guys at battlestate game seams to balance the game around playing in " Factory " size map ... you know its easy to extract with a broken legs in a " factory size " map but its totally insane to do so in a woods or even custum size map and let alone what it will be in the next step wich is suposed to be freeroam .... 1: Reduce the Ai aimbotness , create algorytme that allow scavs to play as units and cooperate , REMOOVE the auto aquire target when a player ADS on a scavs , Remoove the insanely fast legs and arms broken bone damage from scavs ... 2: Buff the legs and arms HP , it need to be more difficult to handicap a player so much to that extend , reduce the " fracture " frequency in the game it happen way way way to much .... FIX the Ai asap because no ones will be playing your game anymore
  6. Network engineering , D-sync new hire required ?

    How can they not be aware , thats a questions yes , they are aware no ones denied that but they have not fix the issue yet in almost a year of testing .. and its not related to the player traffic .. its a issue that existed in the first wave of alpha and that still plague the game now ... its a very sad thing ... many others alpha games had similar D-sync issue but have been resolved in matters of weeks or days ... thats why i think they could hire someone new with a new perspective to fix this problem once and for all
  7. Where is my money?

    you might have put your money in bags or something in your inventory ? if so you have to put your money inside the inventory proper and not inside bags etc..
  8. Its been almost a year now that this game is in Alpha/Close beta stage ... and still the networking and D-sync issue as never ever got better in any way shape or form ... its still insanely unpredictable and D-sync and some insane player lag, hit not registering even if you can see a hole in the other player head with blood all over the walls and what not ... Early acess game like " Nether " who had very small budjet still have manage to have 32-64 players match with no aparent D-sync and very little lag issue related to the servers themself ... And yet the playercount was almost 6 times more than it is curently in tarkov ... Will the devs team will hire some more network engineer to figure out what is going on with the network in tarkov ? Because its kinda urgent now ... no ones want to play anymore because of the Dsync and similar issue due to the horrible network handleing
  9. Bear vs bear

    its still a very bad idea , factions wont ever be balance , and it will mess up the raid itself if a team of bear end up not killing each other and your team of USEC had few low level gear players with hatchet who end up been kill at first then you end up in a 2 vs 6 or 8 senarios where you have all scavs + massive amount of fully gears players Its a very bad ideas and there is no real purpose to it also matchmaking will be a nightmare if they want to put bear vs Usec in equal numbers etc... This mechanics should never made it to the final game in my opinion .... For PVP bears vs Usec specifics raids or Maps Ok ... but for regular raids and freeroam there should be no stupid karma system
  10. Bear vs bear

    It will still be a poor mechanics to have " karma " for killing the same " factions " because peoples dont care jack poo about factions " loyalty " and there is no proper visual indicator neither proper communication system to allow such thing , and even if there is a " karma system " peoples wont care about their karma they will want to loot any players they dont personally know ... Ive seen that countless time in survival game where a sneaky ass just pretend to be friendly to betray you as soon as he can ... there was factions in nether ... but was it worth it the risk to not shoot first a guy who will shoot you even while in the same faction ? I was stalker faction in nether and Stalker faction peoples were killing us if we do not kill them first ... they care about loot not about faction and there is no system to prevent that without compromising the game ... Also having factions will lead to factions imbalance either in players skills or player count ... its simply a very bad ideas unless there is PVP match " bear vs USEC " where you have equal amount of player on both side ... and a " kick out system " for those who betrayed their factions , but for raids and freeroams its impossible to prevent this unless you kick players as soon as they kill another player of the same faction ... and peoples would get confused with such mechanics ... so yeah
  11. This game as brillant gameplay mechanics , pretty good graphics etc... it as so much potential but all of this is plague and destroy by insanely frustrating networking , hit registration , netcode and D-sync issue .. all of these been back end ... Will battlestate will hire or outsource their networking engineering to have a product working ? We have 6 players match and run into conectivity issue all the time , so we are far from the goal of having a 64 players freeroam ... I played indie game like Nether who had 64 players who run smoothly in early access so there is no reason for this game to run so poorly ...
  12. Best way to level Peacekeeper?

    Peace keeper dont buy weapons who as still bullets in the chamber ... Clean your gun first , remoove the magazine and inspect your gun and you will see there is still a bullet in the chamber , discard the bullet and peace keeper will buy your guns directly macarov etc..
  13. thats wishfull thinking , but i wish also it would be solve , but i would like to have concreat status on what is the plan now and how many players are they aiming for per instance , and is the freeroam will have 64-100 players or not , and will they introduce any form of lag compensation to prevent laggy player from teleporting/rubberbanding all over the place ? etc..
  14. I heard back in the day we would have 64-100 players freeroam at some point in the game , but it seams curently the game cannot even handle a 6 players game properly by that i mean higher ping players seams to teleport all over the place when they moove like we are use to see in very old games and network with no lag compensation at all , Also there is huge Dsync issue that ruins the experience more than once it happen every few games ... So will this game networking as any chance to be solve and be on the same level as lets say a battlefield game in term of stability ? Stability is even more important in a game like this because you have 1 life and 1 chance , its not like you can die due to lag and then respawn and get over with it ... if you lag and die in a game like this its by far more frustrating especially if you had looted very good stuff ... High latency players seams to have a tendancy to Rubberband and teleport big time in this game wich end up in very anoying situation ... Will the game will ever have some form of lag compensation to aleviate the rubberband/teleport of high lattency players to have a more smooth experience while playing agains high latency folk or will there be Automatic Kick for high latency players ? So any news from the devs about players counts , networking in general and improovement comming ?
  15. As i have seen the Ai in this game really lack of inteligence and real sens of tactical playstyle ... and seams to have been Artificially buff , to make them apear to be " hard " but it dosnt ... playing agains scavs is either super easy when they are totally acting dumb , or is insanely fustrating a " macarov " scavs , 1 shot you in the head trough a 2mm crack out of nowhere or does a 180 no scope in the head while you are been sneaky to stab him etc... It seams their is no reason for what they do , they simply randomly spot and start shooting at you even before they turn a corner or shoot trough Soft wall and kill you in one shot trough it ... Its not fun , neither chalenging , its furstrating and you as a player feel cheated , especially when you manage to survive almost all the round you have insanely good loot and then you are kill by a aimbot macarov scavs from across the map trough a soft wall or a 2mm crack ... its very bad ... 1: NPC shouldnt be able to Aimbot trough soft walls 2: NPC should have real Ai intelligence and not Aimbot to artificially buff their inteligence 3: Ai npc should have realistic level of accuracy 4: Ai noc should communicate and work as a cohesive groups like in the game F.E.A.R who didnt rely on Aimbot insanity to make it difficult where the player dosnt feel been cheated Here 5 minute 28 second in the video it sum up pretty much how the Ai was build in F.E.A.R and its the right way , Escape from tarcov should inspire themself from F.E.A.R Ai and make it less aimbotty and more tactical and have behavior who make sens ... it would greatly improove the gameplay and fun .... and players wont feel cheated like they do now