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  1. Saw this on reddit and i had the exact same problem heres the email (hes image but i have the same one ) Is BSG doing something malicious or is their mail server compromised ? Seems like its from a russian gambling site or something like that, did anyone else get emails like this ? I got this email after i sending a bug report out and the person on reddit had the same thing
  2. Aah right good to know that but does this count for ini tweaking aswell ? if the devs dont want us to alter stuff they should use a more harder to get to file system (The way payday does for example) using PAK files
  3. I did this and set it to 90 but now my game wont even load lmao
  4. Can i get a dev to respond to this is this a bannable offense to use a glitch like this to make the game more playable for people who get motion sick quickly EDIT i havent used any glitch like this on purpose just to make it clear
  5. i doubt glitching your weapon fov can get you banned since some people cant even play certain games without this feature
  6. so how do i perform this glitch ?
  7. thats not what i mean i meant the weapons fov i even said it in my post that i set it to 75 and it didnt change anything
  8. How do i change this ? ive seen people with fov's that make theyre weapons further away from the schreen i had this when i first played the game and set the fov to 75 but it reverted itself is there like a INI trick or anything ?
  9. i have it aswell it crashes my launcher to
  10. that game however is 5 years old and hasnt progressed a bit
  11. Would be cool if the beta testers could actually test the net code wouldnt it ?
  12. No progress no status updates nothing, i wonder if the ''beta wave week'' will fall into the month of july aswell if so it cant come out after the 25th
  13. is there any conformation that the beta will even release this month ? the devs have been awfully silent
  14. Things are already confusing enough for new players no need to spread false information
  15. Is there even a guarantee we might even see it this month seeing as its already the 14th