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  1. New Player question

    On top of what the always and forever helpful @necuja has said, there have also been some really helpful "Beginner's Guide" videos created by the community. Here you can find one of those helpful videos made by none other than one of the BSG Crew members himself, @Colonel Twerkins
  2. Not even in Beta

    Despite what you have said, the game is in fact in Beta. I find that is quite obvious by the big "Beta" banner when you start the game, which you can also see in my signature.
  3. Spawn Killing

    While encountering something like that is unfortunate, it is no reason to block/ban someone from playing.
  4. Traitors!

    Instead of relying on the randomized groupings, I suggest checking out the Clans Section of the forums. You can find a community there with trust-worthy players (mind you not all, but a heaps more than these random teams you have gotten).
  5. Looking for Comrades!

    Ingame VOIP is not yet implemented, and if you are looking for people to play with I suggest checking out the Clans Section of the forums. There are many friendly communities that are always looking for members.
  6. Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

    Your character account will not be wiped/reset just from upgrading. After upgrading, you have to manually reset your character from the website in order to receive the equipment of your new package.
  7. Romanian clan DS13

    Hello! I appreciate your attempts at finding new members, but please ensure that all clan postings stay in the Clans section of the forums! I will move this topic over there now for you. MOVED to Clans
  8. My E-Mail got hacked!

    While it is unfortunate that you do not have access to your original email, the best I can suggest is to submit a support ticket for this issue. As stated by @par000vka, it may take some time to get a response but please be patient and have faith in our support staff!
  9. Looking for new people to play with

    If you are looking for comrades to brave the streets and wilderness of Tarkov with, may I suggest checking out the Clans section of the forums? There are many friendly communities that are always looking for members to partake in their activities!
  10. Need help

    Upgrading does not automatically reset your account, but in order to receive the current available bonuses from higher tier packages you will need to do a character reset via your profile on the website. If you would like to upgrade and not lose your gear, you would simply just not reset your profile. As others have said, you could wait for the universal wipe for Tarkov so that you will be on even playing grounds with everyone else and have your bonuses.
  11. sex and love in tarkov

    The concept of marriage is irrelevant in Escape From Tarkov. Please do not create posts specifically for the design of provocation. #Locked Unneeded Topic
  12. I found this topic from September 11, and this topic from August 24. Both of those topics I found searching "max level" like you did, and they both answer the question. Please do not assume we are rude to players by telling them to utilize the search function to reduce repeat topics or clogging the forums with unnecessary questions that have been answered already. Obviously the answer was out there.
  13. My exp and stats are not updating?

    Are you doing only offline mode? Because if so, you don't gain any experience from offline mode. Also, Scav mode experience is strictly for your Scavs, so it does not carry over to your PMC. What is preventing you from playing online?
  14. Another thread about the freezes

    As you are well aware of, judging by the title of your topic, this is a repeat topic and is unneeded. Please do not clog the forums with topics of the same nature. #Locked Unneeded Topic
  15. Clan Play

    Please look more into the lore. The game is very much split between two different groups of PMC's (BEAR and USEC) so team play will be, and is becoming, essential.