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  1. Question about purchasing upgrades

    Honestly I'd either stick with Standard or get EoD. The middle options don't offer much value compared to those two.
  2. Question about purchasing upgrades

    There is currently no other way to gain stash space. When Hideouts release (which is due for Open Beta "at the end of the year"), you'll be able to upgrade space. Also, all editions and upgrades will be 25% off on Black Friday.
  3. New to the game

    Another tip: play all the maps in offline mode to get familiar with them. You can also test weapons/gear this way as you won't lose them if you die in offline (you can play offline with or without scav AI)
  4. Can't stop bleeding sometimes

    If you have multiple bleeds, there is a "rule" that needs to be followed when stopping them. I believe it goes torso>arms>legs. The best way to stop bleeding is to simply right click>use on the bandage/grizzly etc.
  5. As per title. Create a function where you can assign a "can't move"/"can't discard" to items of your choice. So you can't accidentally move/discard the wrong item etc.
  6. Tomahawk farming

    It was until they nerfed it
  7. The new key

    It's just the sixpack key renamed.
  8. Delivery from the past task bugged?

    When you extract from factory, it needs to say survived, not ran through. I assume this is your issue. Try to get a few kills before extracting. edit: double ninjad
  9. Yup, just go to But wait until Black Friday, all editions will be 25% off Correction: make you're signed in so you see the correct prices.
  10. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    I have been waiting to upgrade to EOD for this sale!
  11. Key Guide

    I will message OP and see if I can get permission to re-write it updated.
  12. Key Guide

    This guide is outdated.
  13. VPO-209 categorized as shotgun

    Would be nice if the VPO-208 was added after reading that article.
  14. Fence inventory

    I like the idea of refreshing his inventory/reducing prices.

    You can get a bigger container by doing Prapor's quest line. Stash size will be expandable with the release of Hideouts, which is due to happen in the Open Beta (end of the year).