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  1. Document Wallet for EoD Please?

    I was unaware. I haven't had the chance to play the latest patch.
  2. Document Wallet for EoD Please?

    Just so you can do the mission eh?
  3. Beginners Guide

    You might want to note that only EoD players will have a Gamma container.
  4. DVL 10 ammo rarity

    The ammo goes very quickly after the hourly reset. If you want to grab some .308, you're gonna have to (ironically) snipe it.
  5. Can I gift copies

    Through what medium did you try to return your extra copies?
  6. Increasing Stash Size

    At this time there is no other method to upgrade your stash. However in Open Beta Hideouts will be released and they will include a way of upgrading your stash. #Locked answered
  7. I believe you can rebind those keys? Also if English is not your first language perhaps your first language is one that has it's own section such as German or Russian.
  8. alpha container ?

    As others have said, the Alpha container is a 2x2 item that, if you die, anything inside it is safe and not lost. You can also get a Beta container (2x3) or a Gamma container (3x3). Gamma is currently only available from the Edge Of Darkness edition. You can get a Beta from Peacekeeper at max level or from the Prepare To Escape edition.
  9. Can't exit raid

    #Locked at OP's request and because his problem was fixed.
  10. recommend a headset?

    I have the HyperX Cloud IIs and personally I believe they are the best bang-for-buck gaming headset out there. Great build quality, good sound reproduction, strong bass, and decent mic (which is fully adjustable). Also has great inline controls via the USB adapter.
  11. exit campers

    Please continue the discussion in this thread: #Locked
  12. Can't exit raid

    The OP didn't mention desync so I assumed there was none. The fix(es) I provided have worked for me and my friends, multiple times.
  13. Can't exit raid

    Have you tried the other exits? Alternatively ALT-F4ing/closing the game in task manager and restarting it may help.
  14. Looting?

    Do you mean it takes a minute for the loot window to come up, or the searching to finish? And are you using 1 minute as hyperbole?
  15. Traders Stuck

    You have one of two problems, either you aren't spending enough because the number in red is actually wrong (it's actually higher) or you're just not waiting long enough to register the change.