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  1. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    LOL. It is funny how they dont get epilepsia by camping half an hour.
  2. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    I am tired of people calling evrybody that says something CoD kiddo. I dont play CoD, I am not a kiddo so stop. I know you have to think and know, I understand how to play. My suggestions are good. There will always be exit campers, I know, but it shouldnt be easy. It shouldnt be rewarded by the devs making it easier. I just said matchmake exit campers with other exit campers so that they eat their own medicine. Good fight what you said, it is very satisfying whenever you kill an exit camper. Sometimes I have seen squads of exit campers with silenced weapons in 30 min old battles which was hilarious. I just say matchmake exit campers with other exit campers. I am starting to feel that people are defending exit camping. Hope you arent an exit camper BTW. I want it to be less rewarded and easy to counteract, the harder it is to exit camp, the better.
  3. Some of my suggestions

    I will answer you again my dude: 1. Yes, I know what you mean. But when you are in a closed war zone guarded by the Russian powerful army so you cannot escape very easily trophies arent a needed thing. You just want to survive and get out of here as soon as posible without unfocusing. 2. Camping is in every game, yes, and in real life. The thing is that no games should benefit the camper over the aggresive solider with actual nuts. With your AP mines and traps many more people would camp, specially exit campers. I havent said to ban campers, just saying that we dont need camper benefits nor tools. And in real life, corner camping is not a thing, cqc fights are super fast paced. 3. In real life keys get old with the time, but it takes years. Not needed at all. I agree with some of your other stuff but those are my complains.
  4. Some of my suggestions

    1. That would be only for the kids that say: "Uhh I have killed Kotton, uh I have killed Devil": And you shouldnt be afraid of losing gear. For that you already have your stash. No need for trophy nonsense in the middle of a war zone. 2. That would only promote campers. If you like camping that much you can go to other games. 3. Not needed, in real life keys take ages to get old, so I dont get the point on that one. People wouldnt like to be constantly repairing their factory keys.
  5. Fresh battle or not at all option.

    Everybody knows that putting in late in any battle is a huge disadvantage. All the people have taken the good positions, all the squads have already moved, everybody is ahead of you and you are in a very bad situation. So I think that the devs should add an option to the matchmaker that says: "Pick fresh battle or not at all". That way, if you have had really bad memories from spawning in late, you would be able to enjoy the game again .
  6. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    My idea is that the servers should detect your moves and routines. That way, it wouuld detect if someone is a PTFOer (I mean that you dont camp for more than around 5 minutes) or a camper, and would matchmake the campers against other campers and the squads against other squads. Mainly EXIT campers matchmaker (and other kind of campers): -If you use to exitcamp people because you are so bad at the game that you have to play like that, you should be put with other exit campers. If in factory you like corner camping a lot you should be put with other corner campers. If in customs you like bridge camping a lot, you should be put with other bridge campers. Squads matchmaking: This one is not only for making the game more fair, but also more epic. If you like going in squads you should be put against other squads, that way you would have epic and intense PvP.
  7. AI accuracy is too much!!!!

    they have been locking even when you make them eat 1000 bullets, their aim isnt affected.
  8. Do you mean that next update is gonna reduce desync to a 0,01% ? If yes ...
  9. Countercheating measures

    Glad that BSG is being tough against the hackers. Nothing in compirison like CS:GO, keep it up.
  10. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    "Another hackers ban wave ..." Keep ´em coming!!!
  11. Karma System - I know, I know!

    One thing is friendly fire, and other is intentional traitor fire to your homies. Scav on scav violence must be punished and hard, I would personally put a punishment in roubles to the player traitor if he tries to play back as a scav. And each time the punishment would be bigger and bigger if he continues being a traitor, to a moment where is not worth it for him to play the scav. Devs agree that being a dick and killing your own scav faction members must and is gonna be punished. "You must be marked as a thread if you are known to shoot your people in the back".
  12. If you have a key, add the option to relock a door.

    ...???????????????? I havent said nothing about the current doors. But you already talk like if you know me while not knowing me. Camping can be ralistic but it shouldnt be as rewarded as having balls and getting into the action. I say the second phrase becasue in other games camping is very, very OP, but gladly in EfT you can counter-act it if you know what you are doing and you have decent gear. I mean, from a rwalistic perspective it would be ok.
  13. Binoculars???

    snipers are super rare in the game. High magnification scopes are useless so people use Bravo scopes on the sniper rifles. Binos would promote camping and extra cheeki tactics. Sure it is a cool idea but knowing what the gameplay is based on, it wouldnt fit very well. Imagine everybody with binos, it would be crazy. Use the scope on your weapons instead. Talking about snipers on woods now they cant climb sniper mountain like they used to do in the Alpha. Sure there are some good sniper spots but you can flank those. Binos just wouldnt fit. I wouldnt like all the people to be using them all the time, it would be crazy, again. EDIT: maybe if they add them make them super rare and termic binos, ass rare as the factory key.
  14. South African servers

    I know man, that sucks. In my case, I play in Europe and I have horrible desync.