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  1. It will come eventually. If you see the skills table there are 2 that are for LMGs and HMGs. I would like to go Rambo once they are in-game like a Terminator.
  2. Yeah, when I heard CBT I expected the 5000 servers they had ready to be opnened. But we are still in the 5 Alpha servers.
  3. Lmao. Use the OP superman feature before they improve the servers lol. I wait for OBT then
  4. Same here. Many times my shots dont register like yours. I wait for OBT and more servers becasue of that.
  5. Yep my dude. I had 2 raids and extracted, my stash got to the 50 %. I am witing for the OBT persoanlly due to the horrible servers that cause the lag and desync, and also for the hideout that will let us expand a litlle bit our stash. If they will let us make bigger our stash in the future then it is more ok. Again, right now the 10x20 stash gets full in 4 good raids.
  6. 1. Yeah thats right. 2. It would be ok. I mean, EOD has 3 times our stash. A 10x20 stash is a joke. You do 6 raids and you have it with no space left like WTF???? And talking about the Gamma conatiner it is really good for carrying lots of rare keys (like the Facory Key), special meds (like the Grizzly) and additional stuff without losing it when dying which happens time to time even if you are a pro. The only special thing EOD should have is the additional money and gear after a wipe and the 10x60 stash. Anyway I think they must let the SE owners expand our stash to more with the upcoming Hideout. You know what I mean when I say that they give you way too many advantages only for paying more, specially when comparing to SE owners that are new to the game. And talking about the stash the 10x20 one is a trolling joke.
  7. In my first day as a new player I had a bad time. I went to factory since I knew the map becasue I wathced lots of streams and the desync was everywhere. It is frustraing. And if I dont have desync I have horrible lag. I didnt expect that. And sounds are also a little glitched. I am waiting for OBT too
  8. Yeah ,yeah. I already know it. I dont need the spam LOL. The problem is that in the future they may change that and do wipes (with change that I mean that they wont let you use others people knifes).
  9. Thank you I should say, then. LOL
  10. It is the servers. They only have 5 in all the world and they say they are stress testing, WTF? They also said they had 5000 servers ready to be opened and we dont have them yet. All the new people are playing in the same servers that were in the Alpha............................... so you know what happens becasue of that
  11. Man, the servers are faked up. There are also other people like me that have lost the gear when extracting. They dont want to open more servers yet. I started to play like the 10th, I had horrible desync and I am personally wating to play until OBT becasue the game right now can be crap in some raids. I think it was becasue of the servers. I saw in twitch that @KottonGamer changed the magnification in a scope and the FPS fell to 10. It is the servers, just wait.
  12. Personally I think the same. Everytime I spawn as a scav I fight against another player scav. And other times the other player scav spawns right behind me and kills me EZily. I remember a time I was changing my AK-74u to full auto while I turned back and there was a rat-kid shooting at me while I couldnt defend myself becasue I was doing the animation (Its like: ahhhh, I want your weapon, doesnt matter if I have the smae and we are supposed to cooperate I will try to kill you ... ). It is broken. And also it is broken that player scavs spawn with different gear, sometimes I spawn with a pistol and a player scav with a 153 shotgun shoots me and I cant do poo with my pistol. Bad balanced at the moment, they should add karma that if you shoot another player/AI scavs you lose money and rank.
  13. It is Pay2Win, EOD players have 3 times as big the stash and the tomahawk is better than a bayonet.
  14. AI in this game is for adding more action into the raids, and let the players get more loot for money. AI was OP, and it is still OP. They still shoot you through bushes. When you rush them, if they see you through a pixel they start shooting you like if theres no tomorrow. They still can 180 º noscope you in the head in less than a half second. They are ok now, even more powerful that they should be. I dont understand people ... if the bots are skynet ones you all say they are OP (which is right), then they adjust their field of view so that they dont have eyes in the back and you say they are too weak (so people like you think everything is wrong). Bots are "ok" for the actual stage of the game. They still need some nerfs here and there but not buffs. I dont know why people miss the old Terminator bots.
  15. It is desync, it doesnt matter what gun you have. And talking about shotguns in EFT, you were using the worst one, the pump-shoty. Take a fully modded Saiga and feel the power.