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  1. Best Pistol Currently?

    Where did you get that info? The wiki doesn't have any data for penetration values, only armour damage.
  2. Best Pistol Currently?

    What do you mean penetration of 1 and 2?
  3. Why do people cheat?

    I mean people always say it works perfectly, but what actual proof is there? How could you possibly know that.
  4. hamr sight

    The HAMR can have any small optic mounted on top IIRC.
  5. Best Pistol Currently?

    Don't know who's been saying that or why, but from stats alone LRNPC has higher damage than any 9x19, and is way easier to get then any of the high damage 9x18 ammo. Also from just playing the game, you can tell that the TT has a slightly better rate of fire than the Grach, not sure when compared to the P226 however. It's penetration seems to be better as well (although the stats are pretty similar, and actually a little lower than 9mm), but don't expect to drop someone wearing Armour with a single mag. Other than that it seems like it's the best all round pistol, so hopefully we'll see extended TT mags in the future.
  6. killing geared players

    killing them with a pistol will rarely work, unless they are looting. Your best bet is to aim for the head or legs. Aiming for the legs used to be more effective as it could kill them quickly, but now you will need to put quite a few rounds into their legs to kill them, so if you can manage to get 2 or 3 shots into their helmet, it will most likely kill them. Also don't use 9mm pistols.
  7. is this against game rules/agreement?

    I think his level of anger is slightly funny, coming from someone who isn't the most chilled gamer. But nah that's barely anything to punish him over, just regular old online gamer salt.
  8. Important Idea

    Well for the time being keep your AKs, buy a TT with LRNPC, kill a scav or 2, take their AK's and you're in a much better position than risking your own gear. This way the gear will just pile up in your stash, you can then sell most of it to make loads of money and you can even keep your TT when you find another weapon by putting it in your container.
  9. Body Armor Functionality

    I believe it depends on the penetration of the ammo, eg PACA can stop all ammo below a certain penetration (which used to be around 20 penetration), which means that some ammo won't even go through, instead it will just damage the armour. I'm not sure how the current stats work as it's all been readjusted, but 5.45 should directly penetrate PACA and hurt the player provided that the individual round had a high enough penetration chance to go through.
  10. Ammo Stats

    Instead of having to wait for the wiki to be updated every time new ammo is released, why not just list the important stats for each ammo type when you inspect them? (Damage, Penetration, Penetration Chance, etc). It would make it much easier to see what ammo is better directly within the game, and it allows you to quickly compare ammo within a raid instead of having to go to the wiki constantly. Hopefully this feature will be added in the future.
  11. Breath hold problem.

    It's not toggle sprint that causes this, it's when you hold shift while pressing W, or if you have just let go of shift and the game still thinks your holding it. All round it's a clunky system, sometimes the character will just sprint if you tap W while ADS even without holding shift. But this issue is pretty bad as it causes you to waste valuable time when trying to line up the shot, and then you decide to take another step forward and he has a fit even sometimes when you have already let go of shift. It's probably just part of the clunky system, or the game still thinks you're holding shift for whatever reason. Hopefully they will fix the clunkyness of it, because there have been a couple times when sprinting to cover from ADS was more important, but 9 times out of 10, I would rather be able to actually stay ADS rather than having him jerk forward and waste a second or two.
  12. Scav on Scav violence

    They are probably new players who you're finding, they don't know much about the game other than to shoot at anything that moves. Sometimes killing scavs is beneficial however, especially when player scavs could possibly steal your loot. For the time being you just have to accept that the meta is the way it is currently. If you get some good gear that you don't want to lose while playing as a scav and come across another player scav, you will find yourself having the exact same thoughts they do, and it may be in your best interest to kill them in order to keep your gear.
  13. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    It's because .366 isn't a round that will have much luck penetrating especially not FMJ. The VPO-209 is a pretty bad gun in all aspects, it even has trouble dropping unarmoured targets. 7.62x39 will always be better as it's lighter and hence has more velocity, and it also seems to 2 shot to the chest consistently so it seems like the damage is better also. Generally you're better off aiming for the legs on 6B43 wearers when up close, or the head if you can manage to get 2-3 shots provided they are wearing a Kivar aswell. Other than that it will take A LOT of rounds to get through a fort enough to damage the target.
  14. opening of doors

    Blind fire causes issues, like if I'm walking forward and press alt to walk, my character twitches and stops..
  15. Veprs are more effective than shotguns rn for CQB.
  16. DESYNC Forever?

    I wish R6S fell on it's face, but it's popularity has recently sky rocketed, so many people seem to not know that there's even desync and hit reg issues, but maybe it's just that they have learned to abuse it to their advantage when peeking.. I feel like BSG renting/buying new servers would fix the issue, but it's probably not that simple, it may be an issue with coding or something we as players haven't even considered that's causing the issues.
  17. PSO on new AK's

    I don't think you can as the receiver doesn't have the correct mount that military AK's use.
  18. Well if the buckshot only hit the armour, it shouldn't do much, but if you hit more than just the armour it could have been desync or some other issue. I really recommend using anything other than a shotgun at the moment due to them being so dodgy.
  19. Not Understanding This Game?

    Hatchets are only good if you're lucky enough to sneak up on a player, maybe AI, but it won't always work due to their dog-like hearing. What you can do is bring a TT and some FMJ43 ammo in your container, use it to 1 tap a scav from a distance, then put the TT back in your container and use his gun to get more gear. I find that is the most effective way to get gear without risking much, it really helps when you're starting out or after a wipe.
  20. I need advice on getting keys

    Don't know if I've ever found the 105 key, however I managed to finally get a factory key this patch. It will be incredibly painstaking to find one as they are so rare, but it might be possible if you get good spawn times on customs. I found mine next to the TV at the reception desk of the 3 story dorm, I'd recommend just grinding out hatchet runs to get to that spot as quickly as possible, if the spawn rate has increased you may actually find it sometime.
  21. Telling between Scav and PMC

    Scavs wear blue shirts: Usec wear green, Bear's wear black:
  22. New to Tarkov

    If you find a factory key, put it straight in your container. A TT is a great way to gain some gear from scavs, which you can use to kill players or sell for piles of money. Those are the two things that come to mind, the rest is all from experience.
  23. What's changed with the spawns now aswell? I keep getting late spawns but for some reason other players spawn in at the same time even if its 5-8 minutes into the raid. Are spawns done in waves now? It used to be a major benefit that if you got a late spawn you didn't have to worry about rushing other players who spawned in at the same time. It's nonsensical that other players get the same spawn times as you, the only spawn wave should be at the start of the match and that's it. In regards to time, It feels like it's supposed to make the game a bit faster paced, but in reality we're just being rushed by the timer and it doesn't really benefit. It doesn't really affect campers either because it just means they don't have to wait as long for the end of a raid..
  24. How to get a m4

    Cheapest way is getting them from weapon spawns, although they are rare. Other than that buying them from Peacekeeper is the most consistent way to get them.
  25. Nakita Pls....

    it's Print Screen to take a SC.