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  1. Fences and damage

    Yeah there's a problem with fences, bullets don't like going through them for some reason and I don't know what really happens to them when they hit a 2mm thick piece of barbed wire.. Similar scenarios seem to happen in other games too, must be too hard to detail a fence properly because of how small the surfaces are. I had to use almost a whole AK mag to kill a Scav the other day by shooting through a fence, luckily he could barely hit me with his shotgun through that same fence, but although he was in some bushes and was hard to see, the amount of rounds I had to use was a bit much. It's just an annoying problem that exists within the engine I suppose, who knows how easy it will be to fix..
  2. Killing teammates in groups?

    Another thing to mention is that possibly they might have wanted to team with you, but they wouldn't have any way to know that you were their teammate considering there's no way to identify teammates currently except by talking in 3rd party software.
  3. Killing teammates in groups?

    That's why you only group with people you know or are on TS/Discord with. A stranger has no reason not to kill you. There won't be a warning because it's a hardcore shooter, if a bullet hits a human of any faction, they will get injured.
  4. Customs immense performance issues

    It's being worked on.
  5. Scav loot transfer recommendation

    @pyro_maniac Never mind, I was thinking of moving them to the Scavs inventory.
  6. Broken english in Tarkov

    They probably just write it out and it gets automatically translated, and I doubt it's much a priority for the devs when they have so many more things to be working on
  7. tasks

  8. tasks

    Yeah, in the end it's the same with any loot you get, you're gonna be annoyed if you find your first doc wallet/sv-98/mpx/etc and then lose it immediately. I haven't been able to play the new quests yet, but is the document an item that goes in your inventory? If so then put it in your container so you don't lose it, unless a requirement is to escape alive, then I don't know..
  9. tasks

    Probably yes, you will, of course there will be changes most likely before full release to these task requirements. Be aware this game is more than just shooting, it has RPG and exploration elements too. The foundation of the game is very in-depth and planned out, so you should expect the gameplay to reflect that.
  10. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    By the title of this thread I thought he was sliding into your DM's, but in context it just looks like a slight mistranslation and he's really just being sarcastic, as in he's calling you 'princess' or something to poke fun at the fact that he has to clean up after you...
  11. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    @Trigger_Warning The only reason we are getting bottle necking with 8gb is because of bad code, this hasn't happened before the 1st beta patch and by no means will this be a requirement, that's why the devs are working on it.
  12. quest mega thread is a mess!

    Better idea still, make a new sub-forum for quests with individual threads for each trader and quest
  13. Tarkov Bundles

    It gives you the 3x2 beta container, 3x3 gamma is exclusive to EOD.
  14. Are your trader's glitched too?

    @Shrapnel223 As others have stated, leveling traders requires you to also complete quests now.
  15. Traders/quests

    You are still required to buy/sell to a certain amount of money and also reach a certain level, but you need to do the quests also. So you have to do all 3 parts.
  16. The online aspect is a major selling point for Tarkov, it won't change.... My point is that video games aren't always meant to challenge you. If a game was just a simulation of pressing a button to test your reaction speed and reach an impossible time, sure it would be challenging, but It wouldn't be much of a game. There would be no visuals, depth, or variation. Challenging the player is only part of it.
  17. Well I can't speak for the majority, but I personally find single player games get boring if there's no objective to keep me coming back.
  18. Not all games are competitive in nature, and not all games can be compared. I wouldn't compare a sport to a tactical shooter PC game for example. Additionally some people like to play differently and so you can't expect everyone to be willing to risk there only AK/M4 as soon as they get it. Some slack needs to be there for new players who are learning the game.
  19. Improvement for sights rails.

    Yeah this is a good idea, and I'm surprised the system didn't work like this from the get go. It would also allow you to put 5-6 holosights along the top rails... for aesthetic..
  20. I don't know about that, remember games were invented for enjoyment and fun, not to make us better human beings.
  21. Quest Mega Thread

    For Prapor's first quest, can I find the 3 MR-133's in different raids, and sell them all seperately? Or do I need to have all 3 in my stash at one time and click a prompt to hand them over when I get all 3?
  22. Is desync still horrendous

    I'm still getting enough desync to ruin firefights at lose range, and the AI seem way more aggressive than ever, as if they are playing cod.
  23. Magazine Suggestions

    Could we possibly see transparent mags in the future? Thus allowing us to use freelook or inspect the weapon to check the remaining ammo by simply looking at the mag. Ofc this would mean the model for the magazine in the gun would have to be constantly updating to accurately show the amount of ammo left, which I'm not sure it currently does. Another useful tool would be mag clips: It would increase reload speed and help a lot. Considering you could fit two mags into a single pouch depending on the design of the chest rig, this might only take up 2 squares of space, or it could take up 4, but the clip would keep the mags together within the rig over the 4 squares.
  24. Global Chat Missing In-Game

    in the main menu, bottom right.
  25. Improvised Pipebombs, Landmines and Misc. Explosives

    I have thought about explosives in the past, but I kind of feel like IED's and APERS mines will ruin the game, and make camping too rewarding.