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  1. Raw Materials Shop

    What do you think of buying all of the money raw materials such as platinum gold or diamonds or other goods that occupy little space?
  2. Scav Commands

    I mean every human Scav Player should be see that i need help.
  3. SCAV Nightvision

    Everytime when i play at Night the Scavs downs me but they dont have Nightvision. How it works when can see me the Scavs ?
  4. Killcam

    Full Gear Campers farming knife player thats what the devs want.
  5. Killcam

    Hi EFT im new in Tarkov, i have played many shooter games for years. My Question is, can we have a killcam sometimes it would help to report the hackers. Now you can only see his Name if youre downed, why you can not see the name of the player that you downed `? It is always felt more and more, you should leave everything standing and start a counter-offensive before it becomes more and more and the players less and less. For some positions where you think you´re safe and than a camper from the bridge shoots through the rock in the middle of the sea. If he was behind me then the sound would have to be heard behind me and not from where else. I know dsync optimisations are much more important but does not neglect the fight against the hackers. Thanks
  6. Sometimes i see player or scavs flying through the air i think someone spawnt close to me and always from behind or just wait in the gras to down me. I dont know is it a bug or feature ?
  7. Scav Commands

    Hi Devs, what you think about to command the Scavs in the Scav Round to follow me or cover me ? #Regards
  8. Hallo EFT Fans, ich suche ein paar Mitspieler mit den man sein Loot teilen kann und sich gegeneinander beschützt. Wer will mitspielen ? Ingame Vivendi
  9. Steuerungs Erkennungs Probleme

    Es läuft jetzt, habe ein paar Dienste ausgeschaltet.
  10. Hallo EFT Fans, ich habe ein Steurungs Erkennungs Problem, meine Maus wird als Joystick erkannt. Alle Joysticks deaktiviert und immer noch das gleiche Problem. Der Char dreht sich die ganze Zeit, als wäre der Joystick nicht kalibriert. Kann es an den 3DConnexion Treiber liegen ?
  11. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    pre ordered it last week
  12. German Team looking for Players

    german speaking players
  13. Who is BattleState Games?

    This looks like
  14. Türk Youtuber GamerRocko'dan İnceleme Videosu

    elerine saglik benim key daha gelmedi beta da görüsürüz
  15. Beta Güncellemesi 0.2.6*.2** Ön Yama Notları

    sa nezaman baslayacak closed beta ?