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  1. Es wäre super wenn jeder im Team sieht welche Items entdeckt wurden, genauso wie angezeigt wird wenn einer die falsche Munition geladen hat.
  2. A suggestion

    During the matching you should be able to spend your time in the stash or the dealer.
  3. Fake Players without Names

    He runs back and forth, because he knows exactly that he uses this bug. A normal player would run on you and attack with the knife.
  4. Ctrl + T doesnt work

    you must press both at same time very fast
  5. Ctrl + T doesnt work

    me too you have to try more times
  6. Scavs still broken as hell

    Yeah true Scav aimbot when they run are too much, the bots hits perfectly and very hard when they see you and every bullet is a hit. You cant move away the aim is locked from the scavs and follows your move perfectly.
  7. Scav Player or Bot Scav ?

    What is your xperience with the scav rounds at customs at the old gas station ? I think this old Gas Station is bugged and need to be fixed. Everytime when i go in my gun not fires or a another Scav player hit me through wall with oneshot. I think this are bug user for looting and boosting his char.
  8. Fake Players without Names

    Another Bug is i played with other Twitch Streamer in a group and i was kelled from behind from a pmc player and got a message that my Team Mate finished me. This happens many times to me. The Game will not that i play with this Team Mates and give me fake messages. Or what you think why i get a message that i was finished from my Team Mates ?
  9. Scav Player or Bot Scav ?

    I am bored nearby and then went directly to the old gas station when I was in there he came in and looked first right behind the door, I think that was a human player.
  10. Scav Player or Bot Scav ?

    What you think was this a Scav Bot or a human Scav Player ?
  11. Fake Players without Names

    and again This is not desync or something that are invisible fake players
  12. Fake Players without Names

    Hello Guys how many times did you see this fakeplayers like this ? For me many times and i dont see any improvements here.
  13. Invsible Scavs

    Hallo es ist mir aufgefallen das die Scavs von irgendwo in meiner nähe schießen aber ich sie nicht sehen kann. Sind das jetzt Spieler Scavs die cheaten oder ein Grafik Bug. Das kommt in letzter Zeit ziemlich oft vor das aus dem Gebüsch heraus ohne das ich ihn sehen die Scavs auf mich los schießen. Normalerweise sagen sie doch was bevor sie los schießen. ISt das Bekannt und wird das mal irgendwann gefixt ? Ansonsten macht es überhaupt keinen Spaß mehr. Full Gear mit Helm und aufeinmal von nichts schießt ein Scav und manchmal wird nichteinmal der Name angezeigt.
  14. Offline mode when Server is Down

    I would prefer dedicated server on my linux pc
  15. Raw Materials Shop

    What do you think of buying all of the money raw materials such as platinum gold or diamonds or other goods that occupy little space?