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  1. New Thermal Scopes

    I found some interesting Thermal scopes which one is you favourite ? https://www.x20.org/product/clip-on-flir/
  2. EOD Exclusive cosmetics only read :D

    It could be possible, in Factory is an engineer locked room with a USB Stick and two or more decals. A Livery editor with a engraving slot for Playername to create Unique Guns.
  3. First Offer with Paca, Helmet, Bag, vest and Mag with 200 PS ak Bullets second Offer ... Or what you think about to save the items in set 1 to rebuy with one click
  4. Remove Hatchets from the game.

    they hit you from 10 meters away with a blow down and with the weapon you do no harm. Hatchets should be nerfed.
  5. Rare Items loot

    Hello why you cant find ingame a headphone or Big Bagpack ?
  6. 2 x Gamma Container Giveaway!

    #Silvester Mit den Gamma wird das ein Kinderspiel. coole Aktion
  7. Oyunu yeni aldım herkeze selamlar

    Hosgeldin hamitcagdasince
  8. Scav spielen unmöglich

    vergiss es in den Scav Runden sind vermehrt cheater unterwegs schießen bevor du gesehen wurdest und treffen immer perfekt.
  9. your best screenshots

  10. Hallo liebe EFT Freunde, wer will mitmachen ? LG
  11. Desync suggestion

    If desync happens everyone in the Raid Session should get a Pause screen.
  12. EfT Pause? Was zockt ihr sonst so?

    PubG Miscreated Division Rainbow Six Siege Tekken 7 Arma 3 CS:GO GTA 5 Squad GT Sport Asseto Corsa Project Cars 2 Dishonored 2 Elite Dangerous Uncharted Lost Legacy Kann mich nicht entscheiden welches Spiel ich spielen soll.
  13. Ban for forbidden software using 

    No i dont think so, cheating is the core issue of the desync issue.
  14. Neue Bilder der Shoreline Karte

    Die Server werden gefixt indem sie endlich angefangen haben die cheater zu bannen
  15. Die neuen Ops-Core Helme

    Braun passt nicht zu Grün kann man die Farbe nicht ändern ?