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  1. im a lil confused

    were they examined? You cant pick up un examined weapons, other wise could be too much weight or bug
  2. That name tho

  3. fix the sights on the shotguns

    hold shift sometimes work
  4. Selecting multiple items in stash

    Agreed, then also make rotating easier to place
  5. Selecting multiple items in stash

    A simple drag box to select those hundreds of keys you want to move quickly
  6. When's scav on scav violence going to be punishable?

    On loading screens it says under the scav tab, "Scavs live by dog eat dog rules"
  7. Global Chat Missing In-Game

  8. AK-74 mags

    I wouldn't think it's a glitch, just not implemented.
  9. Pouch Disappearance Question

    If the container was not in pouch slot it will disapear. If it was the waist pouch or any non container pouch it will not stay.
  10. Is desync still horrendous

    Its way better, barely see it anymore
  11. Ak-74N No Stock and Random Camo

    russian candy cane SMH
  12. Plans for more melee weapons?

    Then there'd have to be like infinite pms or something. Wouldn't that be worse
  13. EoD feels good

    inventory space YEA Gamma PLZ Feels good
  14. M4 Railgun

    how? lmao
  15. Plans for more melee weapons?

    I do say that if you have more weapons they'd need to do different things