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  1. Facrion war

    Sweet thanks
  2. Facrion war

    This would be awesome, a massive map where we have like 20 v 20 usec v bear. It's fun to have massive squad v squad fights but they are to few and far between, this would help
  3. F1 Tactical Nuke Question

    The blast radius is big but the shrapnel goes much farther then the blast. Theoretically if the rng worked you could be hit form like 100M away
  4. I’m friendly

    It gives you exp and loot and fun.
  5. Why cheese?

    A camper is stationary. Stop before the usual spots and spot them. Then shoot. Or avoid these spots.
  6. Faction doesn't matter

    There is the small benefit to each faction, but for now it's just cosmetic.
  7. USEC sign

    I made this and thought I'd share it
  8. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    It does say that scavs live with dog eat dog rules, they would kill each other to survive
  9. How to level up strength

    If you are carrying more then it says you can you will gain strength. The way I do it is by filling a black rock with shotty shells and then putting it in a tbag in a tbag in a tbag etc
  10. Epsilon container (spoilers)

    Whats wrong with having a gun in a container you can only have pistols and kedrs
  11. The register sound when trading is just wrong

    We'd have to be careful that people cant just make sell one hundred individual pieces or ammo for lots of exp
  12. People too reliant on traders

    I like this idea
  13. The register sound when trading is just wrong

    It doesn't really matter. But I'd prefer a voice line like "Done deal" "See you later" "Watch for cheeki breekis" "Happy hunting" stuff like that
  14. LOVE THIS UPDATE *BUT*........

    I agree but as I'm sure you've noticed you end up using a lot of ammo. If I have something like an ak and I'm at auto range I'm using about half a mag per person(not because I'm bad simply what happens with recoil and the damage system) With the amounts of scavs and players you can see in most raids Having 3 extra mags just really isn't enough. (Ignoring larger mags) I don't want to spend a minute or more sitting in a corner reloading mags just because 3 scavs came at me.
  15. Tarkov Buildings Still Have Power?

    probs something like hydro that doesnt need as much attention