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    yes please
  2. group vs solo idea.

    I feel sorry for you. Everyone is gonna say you're bad and this game is made for hardcore. Anyway I want this exact thing. Doesn't matter if they want it to be a group game, not everyone wants or has friends to play with. Making solos have a harder time will just make them lose players.
  3. Thinking about upgrading but...

    Don't upgrade. Waste of money until this game is fixed.
  4. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    I understand this game. I am good. Doesn't mean I can't make a complaint about an imbalance in this game. Doesn't mean I can't give ideas to make this game better or more friendly to those who don't want to devote their entire week to leveling skills that degrade when I leave for one day.
  5. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    It's not a 6 man hatchet raid. If you have gear you probably want to come out with gear, not hatchets. A raid might have 2 "Full gears" 2 "Geared" and 2 "Low gear" Going in with a makarov and being greeted by 5 full forts isn't fun or fair. (BUt it hard cor not 4 wimp. Yes, but it is still a game.) I've put more then 10 rounds into someone at 10 meters with my MPX and they turn around and one tap me. First they don't die because damage and armor is not finished and right now, stupid. Sure they could get lucky but this happens too often for people to be lucky every time. If your back was being filled with lead you probably not going to be able to turn around and return fire. As you say that this is a niche game. That makes it hard to convince my friends or find other to play with. Perhaps there should be solo queue and squad queue.(But thats not how dis gam is made. Sure but this could work, is it not the most realistic thing ever, sure, is this game, no.) As a note for the future never use the this is hardcore or you picked the wrong game or aren't playing right. Simply not what anyone needs to hear.
  6. I bought EOD. I played lot's. But there are problems that aren't being addressed. There is no gear match making. Hatchlings are paired with full forts and vice versa causing one side to be kill 2 seconds into a raid. It feels like the only way to survive raids is not play them. Even if you have gear you can still die from the legs. You need friends to help watch 360 degrees. Most people have low survive rates, which is not a good thing for a game. (It's hardcore but it is still a game) CQB and melee suck. There is no effect that gives a player shock when hit with bullets they 180 you with perfect aim. I'm waiting for issues to be solved but want to play. Chop Chop BSG
  7. door key for factory

    ok i thought there was only one
  8. door key for factory

    why are the two named the same and open the same door?
  9. This game is broken and needs some balancing

    ten meters. Controlled recoil just fine. Fired for about 2 seconds. I didn't say I shouldn't have died from one shot, I said he shouldn't have been able to hit me with bullets smashing his ribcage I had zero desync for this entire raid
  10. This game is broken and needs some balancing

    The main point was return fire. I can't get M4s because I can't level high enough because I never make it out of raids because of this crap Been this way since alpha
  11. Before I say anything, do not give me that stupid "Achually this gam is hardcor and u jus dont be good" I shoot full auto at a guy 10m away with my mpx. He is geared. about 10 shots hit him in the chest and legs. He turns around and kills me. I was full health had fort and kolpac. This is not right. Even if his armour did stop my bullets from penatrating the force is still gonna smack him hard. He'd be in shock, suprise and out of breath and would not be able to return accurate fire. Im not being pissy because i lost my stuff, i picked up everything in raids. I know the game is hardcore but it feels too hard to stay alive, get kills and get out. There needs to be some aim punch, or if there is it needs to be more.
  12. Finding Car Batteries

    I've found 3 batteries on the shelf at the back of the warehouse in customs. I'm talking about the warehouse closet to the brown gas station extract, if your scav has a backpack you can get this quickly
  13. Macro's are a problem

    It'll have to be in anti cheat but might take a while. try safes for euros
  14. Exit immunity

    I was doing a hachet run, I dont want to bring meds I want as much space as possible. Second I did get meds, I used 2 full salewas, plenty to make it for less then 2 minutes. third I didn't die from bleeding, I died from dehydration. I don't care if your stomach has lead in it your cells still have water stored Fourth I'm not complaining about it being hardcore I'm complaining about things like the dehydration Fifth In a true life or death situation even with a broken leg I could move a little faster then that to make it out. Adrenaline. Sixth the melee combat is broke I shoulda killed him before he shot me once.
  15. Exit immunity

    Yesterday I was on factory and killed a man with 2 m4s. I immediately ran to the exit. As I was sitting in the extract with 1.4 seconds left I bleed out. I'm not saying you should soak up bullets while extracting, just that if you're more then half way extracted you shouldn't bleed out. It's really frustrating.