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  1. What Is This Item For?

  2. What Is This Item For?

    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: I found a mysterious diary the other day, while on Customs with my buddy. Anyone knows what it does? I can't even write my deepest secrets in it Sincerely: RooZvonBooZ, lvl 59 nub
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    @Chigirii I know man, he was just asking if there were any on customs
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    Yea found one flashdrive once, on a bed in room 108 or 118 in dorms (Customs). Extremely rare though, have only seen it once, out of my 200+ raids in customs
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    any idea how to fix this, any way to cancel one of the quests? Im bugged out on 2 quests on customs, and cant seem to find any solutions to it
  6. Factory key

    Could sell mine I suppose, have 2 hit me up ingame if you want
  7. What are your rarest items?

    Dat feel when you got more wallets than flash drives
  8. Why even have factions in this game, if...

    There will always be "team killers" but right now its just a free for all, which I kinda like. Its nerve wrecking never knowing who or what is around the corner, but its most likely hostile. But 9/10 times its just a poor hatchling that walks into my Kedr
  9. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    Why wasnt "When Half Life 3 comes out" an option?
  10. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Congratulations, now, prepare to gimme your loot