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  1. Creating a Plot News section

    May I suggest that we keep codes exclusively in game, I don't know if you mean code found in game by you-tubers in game or codes given to them, but either way I think it would be better for the idea if you had to discover it in game. This would help prevent code guides and the such, and would increase the lifetime of the idea as having to dig up exclusive codes from old videos could become a problem in the future. As for how to do it, just include a little tidbit about it in the terms of services (mention it on the forums since there's a certain population of people who don't read that). As for the two options of implementation I can't comment since I was unable to see the picture. I would appreciate it if someone would fill me in.
  2. Completely Silent Guns

    it's more likely that they just haven't gotten around to forbidding suppressors with ultra sonic ammo or haven't given ultra sonic ammo their own sounds yet when silenced
  3. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    upgrading editions makes the waves act like you purchased on the date you upgraded, since you upgraded during the waves you should get in after the fifth
  4. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    yes they're having some problems
  5. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    It may suck, but yelling at the devs for needing sleep isn't helping.
  6. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    dude it's like 2:30 in the morning in Russia, give the devs a break
  7. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    If you can't kill EOD players rn that's your fault,it's quite easy to just blow out someones legs with a makarov even if they have fort and a helmet, and even if you really do need that gear to be good (which is pathetic) hatchet runs are easy enough and risk free. I've never once seen or heard of fully geared players doing what you describe, so there's no way it's a rampant problem as you say. If you're getting hatcheted constantly you need to pay more attention to your audio, footsteps are very easily detectable and you have no excuse for getting ambushed like that if you're being careful. "Alpha players can buy whatever the heck they want" and "traders take too long to max out" are complaints that are impossible to be true if you look at them together, because even if you just got in today these alpha players who apparently have their traders maxed out had a little over a week to do so and get the jump on you, that can't be too grindey. as far as optimization and client optimization goes it was a terrible launch, which sucks, but you need to give it more than a day dude. Looting? finding out where loot is is a part of the game, and a very fun part in my opinion, but even if it isn't your thing, you can find most of the major loot spawns in your first run through of every map, and if you don't want the pressure of being in a server with bots and other player while not knowing where stuff is you can easily just do a quick scan of the map in offline, hardly a "10 hour youtube marathon".
  8. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    It's almost like, stay with me here cause this is a revolutionary idea; they don't wan't their servers to catch on fire so they're spreading out the invites.
  9. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    It doesn't seem like the order is by date anyways, I pre-ordered on the 16th july and still haven't gotten in
  10. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    would you rather the devs work on the game? or waste time appeasing the masses. Just have an ounce of patience and you'll probably find out whats going on today by tomorrow.
  11. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    it's not random speculation, it's evidence based.
  12. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    they haven't officially announced that they are upgrading the servers, it's just speculation based on the evidence we have.
  13. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    please read a little for the love of god
  14. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    you will get access by the end of the wave on the 5th, please read into these things before you post on the forums.
  15. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    by paying attention to what's happening to the us servers, just to be clear there's no official evidence for this, but the us servers did the same thing and got really good afterwards.