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  1. Sorry, fellow scavenger

    @DennDeDennDenn haha. Tragic ! @pielicious I don't think mumble works in scav mode anymore--unless I'm missing something. tried F1, tried T, double-tap T. Audio cues for finding a non-hostile probably would be better--it would mean you could signal without being a target. Now it's true of course that there will be occasions on which an audio cue would give away your position to a) a hostile player scav or b) a hostile player. But that's the risk you take in Tarkov, I suppose.
  2. Sorry, fellow scavenger

    I, a scavenger, was creeping around the outside of the far warehouse of woods when I heard gunfire nearby. Crept out a little further, shot the USEC pawing through the gear of a fallen scavenger. You were inside the warehouse. Goddamn you were loud with your scuffly boots. I backed off and you suddenly emerged from around the corner, and I unloaded my shotgun as quickly as I could. It was in slow-motion and yet less than a second. And I caught your wiggle wiggle back and forth as my fourth buckshot pierced your body and dropped you. I'm sorry, gentle scavvy. Seriously, though. I don't like that I shot this guy. But I don't see how there is a way to avoid this. Any suggestions ?
  3. A End Game Puropose?

    @necuja - could you please clarify something if you know: will the 'open world' game require traversing to exits for movement between maps ? Ie. is the map we're using in game to select location going to be removed and we'll just have to move from map to map to progress ?
  4. Spawn Campers

    Behold Pik, tone-policing this guy with such authority. Thorshammer dude is correct--it's bullshit, and he's right to complain and deliver that with an annoyed tone. I personally haven't experienced the spawn death more than 1 or 2 times, but I believe these people who say they are experiencing it. In some sense there's no 'correcting' this problem until the devs find a solution. But in the meanwhile one thing you could look into is if your load times are long--ie. if you have low memory and your loads are glitchy. That happened to me when I ran with 8gigs of ram--I think my character was spawned in before I actually could take control of it. I run with 16gigs now. Something to try if you have low memory.
  5. Currently I'm using: VBR, Quality Balance = 7, Max Bitrate = 2400, AAC, 44.1, 96, Stereo. Two issues I'm noticing: 1) far too much compression artifacting--particularly with night scenes 2) Though I'm recording at 60fps, footage is janky and appear to be 20ish fps at best. Also, in-game audio is a little glitchy while recording. Note: I record to a drive different than the one on which I have the EFT .exe I'm sure part of the problem is my hardware. But any suggestions to get the best out of what I have ? 2500k, 970, 16Ram
  6. Why doesn't this game appeal to someone?

    The developers have a fairly specific concept in mind--and they have repeatedly shown that they are going to see that vision through, even at the risk of the game not being designed to be inclusive for the maximum number of people. The fact that they are this focused on their vision is largely what pushed me to get this game. I'll also say: At least for me, this game had the most steep learning curve of any game I've played. The first 20-30 sessions were incredibly frustrating--I'd be obliterated in 10 seconds and not even know where the shooter was. I concluded for a while that I'm just not built for this game. But I pushed on, watched videos, played more carefully, learned the maps and now it takes at least a few minutes before I'm obliterated.
  7. Sound of dropping to prone

    Last round I played I noticed a prominence of the sound of the thud of others (not me) dropping prone. The sound was so frequent--4 or 5 times as I moved through the entirety of customs--and so loud (as if it was a few feet away)--that I'm wondering if this was possibly a sound glitch. It's very possible people really were dropping to prone upon hearing me pass; but in that case, the sound was just far too loud.
  8. Boonie Hats

    I also look for immersion and roleplay--but I still guess I don't understand how in a 1st person perspective game where you don't see your character's head during gameplay, it makes any difference. Perhaps there will be more opportunities to see the character in the 'hideout' element of the game.
  9. Trading with friends

    They will probably add this feature to trade outside of the gameplay as you are looking for. I think I lean toward keeping trades during gameplay, particularly now that you can spawn in together. I guess I like the idea of keeping this an individualist endeavor--ie. you earn / buy your own stuff based on your talent + luck. In-game trades don't cut too deeply into this because you still have to make it through the map and with a limited way to carry stuff out.
  10. Boonie Hats

    Just curious why you care what hat your character wears.
  11. Shoulder aim

    Brilliant idea.
  12. Mission idea

    I'm sure this idea has come up; and there are certainly issues with the idea to work out that aren't comprehensively handled here. But let this count as my +1 for this idea. I would like to see an optional mission type that allows lower level players (say < level 10) to pair up with higher level players (e.g. level 58-level 60 at this point) to do raids. The idea is that one of the traders (e.g. Prapor) needs for you to help ferry an inexperienced scrub through the battlefield. From the perspective of the <10 player, you would be requesting help from one of the traders to hone your battlefield experience. The details: The ability for lower level players to initiate this mission would be limited by 1) requiring a significant passage of time, e.g. 5 hours--so more rare than choosing to be player scav 2) obviously your level--once you're over level x, that's it. I'm not sure there would need to be a limit for the 'master' player to take on these jobs. I'm sure there would be--just haven't thought about it. This kind of mission is tricky because it does allow for the inevitability of team-killing, griefing. An obvious way to limit this would be through a reputation system--the upper level players would lose rep with the mission-giver (Prapor in this case) if they team-kill their apprentice without reason. Perhaps this would also be the case for which the Master player would at least temporarily be suspended from this mission type. I'm not sure how to handle dissuading the lower level player from TK'ing--aside from the fact that they should be relying on the Master player in order to make it through the round. Mission-giver probably wouldn't take too kindly do that either. Upon taking the mission, should the lower level player be spawned with only starter gear--a pistol, e.g. ? So there is less of a threat ? The benefits: Lower level players get to learn the ropes--where to walk, how to get to a spot for a low level quest item e.g. And they actually might make it through a raid alive with the aid of their upper level mate. This would serve as an alternative way to gain gear, knowledge of the map and skills--an alternative to spawning as a scav. It's also true that for some starting in the game the learning curve is so steep that it can be incredibly frustrating--you enter a raid, you're dead. This would be mitigated slightly and allow for lower level players a better shot at staying alive to learn just a little longer. Upper level players would gain reputation from a given trader for successfully ferrying the newb through a raid to an exit. Perhaps special items / weapons are unlocked as well.They would also, I would think, gain a sense of accomplishment for 'giving back' to the community. There are plenty of youtube videos (devil dog gamer ?) that illustrate this well. But to me the larger benefit is that for the vast number of players without a crew to do raids with together, this allows for the option of having those kinds of interactive experiences.
  13. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    I'd wager SgtSlim is bang on here. I do agree with PhineasW about it being a little bit out of key--the translation may need some work. But, yeah, watch any old military or football film and this kind of banter is a standard move.
  14. Rewind.

    Concept: downloadable / shareable files that are records of game events for a given player in a given raid. 'Playing' file would replay raid or portions thereof from a given perspective (on player / above player / from other defined positions). The obvious purpose would be to review play, assess ways to improve (e.g. 'how the hell did I die here ?'), but I can imagine other uses.
  15. A compass with degrees

    Part of what is appealing to me about EFT is the non-cluttered screen and lack of overlays. I love the compass idea, but hope it isn't some kind of overlay. It should be an object to buy / find in the world, and there should be some minor kind of penalty for using it (perhaps it's treated as a weapon is, and can't be wielded with larger guns that require two hand use--ie. if using a shotgun, bringing up the compass replaces it until you switch back).