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  1. I used to be in TAW back in BF1942 Desert Combat days and then into the BF Vietnam. Was an incredible time doing PvP against large tactical teams during in house "war map thing". Can't believe thats been 13+ years now.
  2. Upcoming Glock

    You can use the .40 mag for 9mm. Check the end of the video he does it. He does inform that you can have double feeds, but it functions fine 99% of the time.
  3. Upcoming Glock

    I would love to see any combo of the following: Glock 17 (9x19) Glock 19 (9x19) Glock 34 (9x19) Glock 35 (.40) Glock 41 (.45 ACP) Glock 40 (10mm) All of these can fit the MOS (Modular Optic System), which means we could slap a red dot on top of the pistol, which imo is a huge advantage. Having Gen3/Gen4/Gen4 MOS slides that you could swap with. Along with the possibility of swaping the Glock 35/34 on the fly for .40/9mm/.357 SIG with the proper barrel.
  4. improvised suppressors

    I like this idea, it could fit into the adapting scale of things for sure, and give a use for items. Like duct taping mags together etc, something you can use the items you find in the world instead of just trading or selling them off. Along the lines of what you said, everything would have a draw back or positive depending on the nature of it.
  5. weapon first time owners / weapon skins

    Does anyone have a video from the weapon jamming? Am curious to see how it was handled.