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  1. Your suggestions

    "PBM" does infact mean Parabellum yes. =)
  2. Your suggestions

    It does, because the Grach, P226, PP-19-01, MP5, and MPX all use 9x19mm, which is in fact correctly distinguished and listed in game with at least 2 round choices that are not interchangeable with the Russian 9x18mm Makarov just like in reality (contrary to the fact they're both listed as 9mm, the 9x18mm is quite different in that it's slightly wider, runs at much lower pressure, uses a stubbier bullet that doesn't protrude out as far from the casing, among other things.)
  3. Your suggestions

    9mm Para/Parabellum = 9x19mm, It got this name because the round was first made in Germany by the DWM, the primary manufacturer of the armed forces at the time. (1901), Their slogan was "Si vis pacem, para bellum" which literally translates to "If you want peace, prepare for war." It's also often called 9mm Luger because the Luger pistol was the first weapon to chamber the cartridge. although it was Chambered in the 7.62x21mm Parabellum cartridge before this that was first adopted by the Swiss (at least in the Luger, the round was based on Georg Luger cutting down old German 7.62x25mm Borchardt casings ). Though even though the Swiss were actually the first military users of the Luger and Georg Luger himself was actually Austrian, the 9x19mm round was specifically made for the German armed forces' request.
  4. Your suggestions

    Well I mean, Aside from the what? 5-6 other weapons already ingame that use 9x19mm of course..... "Specifically for the EVO."
  5. SKS

    Wrong again, like I said the AKM, aka the Type 4 pattern of the AK-47 rifle design did not even enter production until 1959, The AK itself was accepted into service with the USSR by 1949. the Type 1 and earlier Type 2 pattern AK rifles were the "test" variants, but later Type 2 and Type 3 were made in such numbers by the USSR that the only reason more AKMs exist that Type 2 and Type 3 patterns in the world isn't because of the USSR themselves, but the combination of their own manufacturing + the massive amount of countries and illicit workshops who copied the design pretty much all copied the Type 4 "AKM" pattern, licensed or otherwise.
  6. SKS

    .............. So the standard issue service rifle of the Soviet Union from 1949-1959 (when the AKM variant actually came out) were just a small amount of prototypes?
  7. Your suggestions

  8. SV-98

    It's not possible at all in real life. There's your answer.
  9. Your suggestions

    Really fun guns to shoot, mainly on full auto. the fact they're delayed blowback action makes them fire pretty damn fast so you burn through mags terribly fast though, which is probably the reason they chose to give them a 4 position fire selection switch. (They fire around 1,200 RPM on full auto, depending on many factors.)
  10. G3A3

    the MSG-90 is more common by a long shot, memory serve me Alex C. paid something like $12,000-$15,000 for that PSG-1 as they're incredibly rare. (Alex C and his father are loaded for reference, he has a massive stash of guns of all types including literal museum pieces.) I could check exactly how much he paid for it again, but I'd have to dig through a lot of archived poo.
  11. G3A3

    Ah, Alex C. made those videos before he left TFB, I talked to him alot, he is a good guy but kind of a massive closet H&K fanboy (He still uses an H&K P7 as his carry gun, but I guess to be fair even though It's a "dated" design it's probably one of the, if not the best handgun design H&K ever made) so, take what he says with a slight pinch of salt on any of his personal aquisitions from them. (He practically feinted when he managed to finally get his hands on an original PSG-1 for sale.) Though, he generally does know what he's talking about when it comes to firearms operation and history.
  12. Your suggestions

    Trust me on this, shoot literally ANYTHING made by Taurus and you'll quickly change your mind on wanting anything by them. Magnum Research makes a .22 Bee/.22 Hornet revolver in their BFR series that are infinitely better made, try for those imo.
  13. Your suggestions

    Except for the fact that the Fedorov Avtomat originally was designed for a proprietary 6.5mm cartridge that, even still would put it in the very vaguely defined category of "intermediate" rounds, the 6.5mm Arisaka was used because it was less recoiling and simply more plentiful, it was considered a weak round even for the time period and actually generates less energy out of the barrel of an FA than M43 7.62x39mm does out the barrel of an AK-47, I guess the AK family aren't assault rifles by your standard! You know what I love? When people who don't know nearly as much about a topic try to lecture a subject matter expert on it. The MP44 was not the first "assault rifle" (which is a dumb term to begin with, but by all the standards that exist, it isn't) sorry to break it to you.
  14. Your suggestions

    But the Fedorov Avtomat was never named the STG44 or MP44. ? Ah, that's the great thing about the internet is, because there's no proof of anything and text doesn't translate into satire or sarcasm, you can write off anything as trolling when you get told your idea is bad. Normally I'd disagree with the Nagant revolver because they actually are horrid despite the neat gas seal feature but.... It unfortunately does fit the setting. The PP-2000 would be a very nice addition. I think even better would be an Agram 2000, which is basically the MAC-10 or TEC-9 of the former combloc region in the sense that they're often copied illegally and have the same negative stereotype of a cheap, crude machine pistol mostly used by criminals.
  15. Your suggestions

    Heavy machine guns could just be for GPMGs by the standards of the game for all we know, I highly doubt the devs actually intend to add an HMG you'd have trouble physically carrying with the ammo (or god help you if you need the tripod), let alone firing to the game and it could just be a translation error or a mixup with how the Russian military classifies machine guns for all we know (some militaries still go by the WW1-WW2 practice of not classifying an LMG or HMG by the round it fires, but by the total weight of the gun.) I could see PKM/PKPs, M240s, M60E4s/E6s, maybe MG3s, etc etc, but not a gun that takes longer than your average factory round to even set up to fire. (I've actually fired one of the very few privately owned M2HBs, setting it up is a massive pain in the ass.)