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  1. SR-IMP vs Kiver & Fort?

    Since we got an actual dev post on this, I figured I'd ask. Is there a reason the (from what I understand) far less common SR-1M pistol was chosen over competing "AP" pistols in Russian service like the GSh-18? I don't object to the choice at all, I just figured the GSh would make more sense as aside from the fact It's much more widespread through Russian military and police forces and more common in general, It has commonality with standard 9x19mm Luger rounds (even if other 9mm pistols would explode trying to handle the AP rounds made for it.) I guess suppressors are harder to attach to It's rotary action barrel to be fair.
  2. HK416

    Take a look at someone who's actually been shot with well designed 5.56mm rounds and see if you still have that opinion.
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    Nah, if you want to pop people in the head secret squirrel mode, run subsonic (1.100 fps or less depending on ambient factors), save the stingers for when you're not running a suppressor.
  4. New Weapons??

    The KORD is also seen on the commander's mounts of the various abandoned T-90As scattered throughout the game. Doubt those are it though.
  5. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    If you REALLY want to be technical, pretty much all modern rifles referred to as AR-10s are actually scaled up AR-15s. The original AR-10 design had external and internal differences to the AR-15. Pretty sure it's going to be harder to go into even deeper pedantics than that.
  6. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    LMT SLK8 of course. (AR-15)
  7. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    Ok, normally I don't get too bad about people claiming things and then saying they "think" that's the case if they're inexperienced, but the TAVOR is popular as a competition gun? As someone who does shoot competitively in both Pistol and 2 Gun in IPDA and is ranked Masters division in USPSA/IPSC, what in god's name are you talking about? almost no one uses the Tavor in the major competitive circuits Hell, take a look at what the top tier all use in Grand Master's division, (Hint, It's pretty much all extremely high end AR-15 or the occasional AK clone with about a thousand mods mixed in, Kirsten Joy Weiss was noteworthy for competing with a SCAR-16 once because it was "something not an AR-15 or AK.")
  8. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    For the record, this thread was about "drop in" bullpup kits, not dedicated weapons, drop in kits are significantly worse, as the the actual weapons listed, The FAMAS was pretty average, and wasn't even compatible with NATO standard ammunition. ever used one with brass case ammunition on full auto? the action it uses is so rough on the casings it will mutilate them to the point broken casings will render the weapon inoperable after a couple mags. it has some other annoying issues, not a bad weapon overall, but it wouldn't be my 1st or 2nd or 3rd or even 4th choice if I had to be dropped in an open conflict zone like Iraq or Syria and had to fight my way out. There's a reason the French are replacing it with an AR-15 derivative. It's also funny how some of the people in this thread calling fister an armchair tactical expert are bashing the AR-15's reliability and think it will simply explode if it merely touches dirt, when the AR-15, not counting the very first batches used in the opening half of Vietnam are easily far more reliable than any bullpup system currently or formerly made. Lastly, It probably wouldn't even appear in a 2028 video game considering GIAT made less then half a million of all variants of the gun and stopped production in 2000, with the G2 variant in particular being rare as Hen's teeth. 1. The M82, contrary to popular belief by internet fanboys, is actually poorly accurate by the standards of a "sniper" rifle and there's a reason it's used an an AMR rofle almost exclusively except by those who are exceptionally talented shots. Infact, most AMRs for that matter will get destroyed in mechanical accuracy by purpose built precision rifles. .....It also has the distinction of "not being a bullpup whatsoever" so I'm not even sure why this is here. It's a fine PDW but has quite a few design quirks, It was literally a rush project by FN because they were on the verge of bankruptcy after their previous project, the BRG-15 was going to lose most of it's potential buyers due to the cold war ending, they literally just looked at the Steyr AUG and tried to make a top fed PDW based around it due to lack of time to make a weapon with a more unique internal layout and built around that. FNH is a good company and they got it to work, but the P90, as much as I like it, is far from a perfect gun. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the L85 is a contender for the worst automatic rifle to ever enter military service along with the INSAS. the L85A2 is better yeah, It's still rather subpar and the Army should've taken the SAS' advice and bought some C7s and C8s instead. Then again, this post was about drop in kits, Fister's was about the downsides of bullpups (which sould be reflected in game just like any other weapon) and people who attach their identities to inanimate objects getting mad at him when they're called imperfect, so I don't even know why this is relevant.
  9. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    In this thread: People who have never touched a gun before try to lecture the person who has on "believing tactical myths" (whatever that means) while posting the most ignorant and flat out wrong drivel imaginable. This is pretty much why this forum became unreadable and probably why the suggestions thread was moved/killed. Good job guys.
  10. I've actually had video game developers, domestic, foreign, and everything in between come to some of our machine gun shoots. Now, there have been exceptions but, usually their kind of small but way too demanding like, "Ok, EVERYONE stop firing so we can record the sound of an M60E6 shedding links up close" or some weird requests without even asking politely.or even bothering to show up announced. Wouldn't mind if BSG did it the proper way but, past experiences have seriously rubbed me the wrong way on the matter.
  11. R.I.P. Munitions

    These are vastly overpriced gimmick rounds designed to be marketed to those who don't understand just how pistol wound mechanics work in reality. I can go much deeper on this subject if you want. Needless to say, G2 Research is sort of like Liberty Ammunition or Lehigh Defense in that they're well known for doing this style of marketing tactic. (The difference is Lehigh at least made ONE good round in their controlled chaos solid brass hollow point, which was ironically the one round they made that didn't rely on any marketing gimmicks.)
  12. Upcoming Glock

    Hmm, so much wrong with this statement just like everyone else who hasn't read the decades of debunking the "pistol stopping power!" myth. let's start. "For real. Why would you not see how a .45 is gonna hit harder than a 9mm?" Because it won't? if anything the fact 9mm will more easily break/penetrate bone and things like auto glass and sheet metal (which the police and FBI require from their service ammunition) would show that the significantly faster bullet is "hitting" harder, And even then, Pistols in general are bad at actually causing incapacitation without amazing shot placement so it's mostly irrelevant. "Even on an armored target.. you might not get threw the armor, but your gonna crack more bones and bruise the guy way more with the 45's slinging their way." Yes because body armor rated to stop .44 Magnum is just going to crumble under .45 ACP! you do realize that literally every ballistic vest sold at a certain rating HAS to be tested for pitting and blunt force trauma effect to make sure the user won't be injured by projectiles it rated to cleanly stop or rounds far below what it's rated to stop right? and most manufaacturers go above and beyond to go well below the regulated limit. You're not using .45 ACP against armored and armed targets unless you want to die, it's simple. "9mm is nice for fire control... but just like in world war 2... people tend to perfer shooting someone and seeing them fall over... not plugging them 7 times with a lower caliber and hoping it was enough." "Observation: US Army Medical Department. "From an analysis of these facts and the requirements for penetration of skin and bone, it can be readily appreciated that the .45 caliber bullet is of little value as a wound-producing agent except in the softer tissues and at near ranges. The bullet often fails either to penetrate or to fracture bone and practically never shatters bone in the manner common to the rifle bullet or fragment. The Japanese and German sidearms with muzzle velocities of approximately 1,100 f.p.s. were much more effective as antipersonnel weapons than the .45 caliber weapon. While the same bullet with its characteristics was used in the submachinegun, multiple hits probably compensated for the weaknesses, so apparent in single shots. Of course, the carbine with its much higher muzzle velocity has largely replaced the .45 automatic pistol and is a more effective antipersonnel weapon than any of the sidearms." Wound Ballistics in World War II, Medical Department of the US Army, page 140 Funny how the US Army who directly studied pistol caliber wound effects directly contradicts that entire statement and thinks the even lower caliber, lighter bullet weight (than 9mm Luger) .30 Carbine, a weapon designed to be far more effective than .45 ACP firearms for defensive use, seem to agree that it was infact better! "Besides with fancy muzzles breaks, I have shot some 45ACP's that have recoil similar to that of a 9mm so why not fling bigger pieces of metal at your targets?" maybe because those fancy muzzle brakes " probably because those muzzle brakes come at a cost like larger size/harder concealment and a significant increase in muzzle flash and noise for starters. Why not fling bigger pieces of metal at your target? Because the smaller one kills things things just as good if not better in certain situations, that's why.
  13. Weapon Companies Thread

    Oh dear god anyone but Century Arms. (Century arms falls even lower in the category of "bad" quality and into the realm of "actually dangerous to the user to even shoot.)
  14. SKS

    Yes because it's not like the USSR produced over 6 million alone or anything, they just all vanished. so did all the clones. Which is why they appear in insurgencies and warzones to this day.
  15. Upcoming Glock

    It's pretty hard to argue when you never presented an actual argument at all in the first place. I take it back, you're actually worse than most flat earthers in the intellect and ability to debate department.