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  1. Escape From Tarkov Forum Video Widget is here!

    Really great addition,love it !
  2. Funny i really don't know ^^ Haven't seen a good explanation of the exp system ... would like one also
  3. Do come in guys don't hesitate,you are going to be really impressed !
  4. Unity

    It's already updated i think ...
  5. New Forum Feature Update: Reactions!

    I like the idea,nice one
  6. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good news !
  7. Concept art of the Therapist merchant

    How old is she ?
  8. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

  9. Cmon then ill be ya DI
  10. Join now !
  11. Escape - " Discord " Skin / Theme

    Nice i would like to add this as my skin Good job
  12. Technically 2 ,but its 7.1 Don't play smart you already know that don't you !?
  13. Already using it bro,but not bass on +12 I can't wait for 7.1 support also ...
  14. The stream with EfT developers will start soon!

    Nice one Nikita