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  1. My advice; Be tactical, take your time and have patience. Playing with squads also helps (a lot). I struggled to begin with but i'm now around 25 hours into the game, getting the hang of things and have them pretty sussed (on at least two of the maps). I still get caught off guard from time to time but not nearly as often these days. It's the players i'm more worried about.
  2. oceanic

    This is exactly how i feel as well & i too have decided i will upgrade to EOD as soon as AU servers are available. At a guess i don't think we'll see any servers till after gamescom at the earliest.
  3. Was that lag or the sniper up top the building behind you?...
  4. Nice one @ArmaSwiss. Good work!
  5. Thanks man. Glad to be here & hope to see you in Tarkov.
  6. To the developers, I'd just like to extend a warm thank-you for the solid foundation in which you have all built so far. (yes, we all know about the issues at the moment). But all those aside it truly is a fresh perspective on this genre. In-fact, it almost defines it's own. I've been a long time follower and recent purchaser. I am an oceanic player and have certainly had my issues with the beta launch but after reading various threads here and what not have managed to get into the game and I've had what can only be described as a 'solid performance'. In between all the other threads i thought it would be nice to have a positive one in passing on thanks for breathing life into this vision and i think despite the problems the game has at the moment (every game experiences at one time or another) i think we are all in for a treat. I'm glad to be apart of the testing of this game, i hope i can contribute and help shape the game to reach it's final release. Cheers!
  7. Yep, 13 odd days since beta launch, still unable to play the game i payed to test and no mention of when we will get servers in the OCE region apart from "planned". That could mean December for all we know. I appreciate what BSG has created thus far and i still have good faith in what they will accomplish with this game but the lack of communication between developers and a supportive community is beyond average. I really think they need to sit down and sort out these servers asap. Players who paid to help test a game in which they support cannot even do so. If the servers are only one part of the issue causing the desync then why don't they communicate with us and say hey, this is what is wrong, here is what we are going to do and this is our rough timeline. Forget "planned" & "soon". Nobody runs a business that way. Take PUBG for example, 2 weeks in OCE servers up and running and how many players do they host per game? 90 odd. Whats the go BSG? Frequent, relevant and factual information is what we want.
  8. Caught your yawn *yawn*
  9. oceanic

    Every morning i load up the launcher and hope to see OCE set as my region... that day, will be a good day
  10. Wipe.
  11. oceanic

    Thankyou for this!
  12. oceanic

    Yeah, I cannot play online at the moment. I tried last night, emptied a clip into a guy who then proceeded to run away after which i found a loot box and couldn't open the inventory to search.... Got killed moments later, checked stats after raid and turns out i killed that guy and got killed prior to killing him. GG I'll stick to offline for practice for now but i sure do hope we get some OCE servers SOON.
  13. oceanic

    Gib Oceanic Servers please! x
  14. Same here, been like it all day but from what I've read elsewhere they are working on it.