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  1. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    People who lie to look cool are not actually cool "bruuh", they're just sad. Done talkin to you, not fond of liars, here or anywhere.
  2. Camping the Exit

    Smoke grenades =} Also if people rush for the exit, you'll hear them fight with scavs first, giving you a fair chance to shoot them while they fight. And player scavs might hunt campers. And since theres multiple exits, campers might miss you completely and waste hours waiting. And you can have friends as well and even if your pointman dies, if they camp a room put a nade in, if its snipers use smoke, if its just a mine move on. Many tactical options here.
  3. Why Unity engine?

    I think Contact Wars is based on a Unity version, so devs are very familiar with the basics. The version of unity they are using is heavily customized and modified too, its not just the "out-of-the-box" version.
  4. Release in 2017?

    Absolutely. But then why promise 2016 at all? Why not learn from promising alpha in february and move it to august. Like, duck yeah take the time to bring this to its full potential, but why not give conservative estimates and then surprise everyone with an early release. Instead, they now have broken almost every estimate they made by a significant margin. Why do this to the supporters and the company's reputation. Either theres no learning effect, which is worrysome, or its a strategy, which is worse. Or, I'm just salty and uneccessarily pessimistic ^^ end of salty rant
  5. Battlestate Games is on Gamescom 2016!

    Best of luck, I think you'll blow any competition out of the water! And try some Bratwurst mit Pommes!
  6. Battlestate Games на Gamescom 2016!

    Теперь ещё добавьте уровень Кельн-моста , и дежавю будет 100% ^^
  7. Second wave started!

    I did, I'm in, deleted the message as soon as I saw. Apologies for confusion! See you suckers in game :3

    This is a post I made 4 months ago after the first failed stream: "They made promises, that they couldn't keep. The stream was planned february, then march, then moved to april and then failed. This is somewhat of a pattern at this point, and they need to not let it happen again to keep themselves trustworthy (as OP said). But we're not their parents, we're not required to encourage failures. I think some frustration is acceptable here. On the other hand, this is obviously not the end of the world, or the project. And they did handle it well communication-wise, so for now: "We love you, but also f##k you a little bit" So yes, I expect some problems, and I'm not like, ultramad. I'm saying that even if mistakes are expected, thats not a reason to pretend they're not mistakes, or shouldn't be called out.

    I dont't think thats gonna be today anymore. A bunch of people on the russian forum already went to bed and a cursing devs for not delivering, because its 2200 there already. hype train has no brakes.. but it doesn't have infinite fuel
  10. New stream info

    Wasn des wieder für abartiger Drecksscheiss.. Is there any tested method/proxysite that works for youtube streams? Or could someone restream this to twitch somehow?
  11. Questions for the stream

    What was the most unexpectadly difficult feature to implement so far? What feature do you think will be most likely overlooked/underappreciated by players?
  12. Can we look like this?

    Can I please just..
  13. Zeroing/kentucky windage

    Yes, I think thats raycast too. But you can calculate the trace as a slightly more complicated curve, or a line in multiple segments. Thats still in the same frame, just that your shot would be calculated as hitting lower on further distances. No flight time, no newtonian forces being evaluated on the bullet every tick, just a "curved" laser. My point was that not having a physically simulated bullet does not mean that there are no ballistic curve effects implemented. I'm not an expert though, but your assumption that hitscan means no ballistics at all seemed a bit premature =} I am a bit concernend now about subsonic long shots. Not having a delay on those or not seeing the bullet fly for 0.6 seconds on a 200m shot makes me sad..
  14. Zeroing/kentucky windage

    You mean how to calculate intersections between parameterized vector functions and collision planes in 3d space? There are very, very many options availeable, where you don't actually have to calculate the projectile as a separate physics-object. Like dividing the function into separate straight parts, that approximate the full ballistic curve for example in 50m increments. There would be many more approaches, depending on the restriction on the code.
  15. Release Alpha?

    Huh? Why not, the underlying psychological mechanics are exactly the same, and its what he was talking about. Did you shave your head and tatoo "tarkov 4evr" on it perhaps? ^^ Games are for fun, not fanaticism or "true gamer" cults. Chill out yo, this is literally just digital toys for big boys =} Lookin forward to meeting you ingame ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)