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  1. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    I am ready to suck
  2. List of hackers name

    Sounds more like Desync
  3. Streamers ?

    It's DeadlySlob's stream, its there because he plays PUBG, and you get banned for stream sniping PUBG. I'm not sure about his opinion on the matter of 'stream sniping' though
  4. Why so many closed threads on here?

    No discussion value/trolls Or the threads just been addressed beforehand/duplicates, I've never seen one straight up locked for any other reason. Some mods may be a little too quick but I dont think it's a problem
  5. Rotating camera Might I suggest posting it in here so people can help?
  6. EFT vs PUBG

    Two different games. But to me, both are worth getting for this reason, I guess. EFT has all the stuff I want in a game, PUBG is a good take on the Battle Roayle genre, so I'm not a fan of it since its fast and I just dont like the way it's all laid out. A good mention is Fortnite, its giving PUBG a run for its money, so I hear. EFT is its own little thing, and I'm happy to be supporting it.
  7. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    All these hidey spots, I'm going to poop myself
  8. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

  9. Alright Boys, It's Time We Settle This...

  10. Escape From Tarkov Forum Video Widget is here!

    Good way to find the streamers
  11. M4 Railgun

    Red thot sights
  12. New Forum Feature Update: Reactions!

    Ha, these look great
  13. My first decent factory raid.

    Very nice, I still need to give these a go
  14. BEAR vs USEC lore

    I might like being the bad guy to be honest.
  15. Implement some in-door farm

    Can I duct tape a bipod to my knife, though