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  1. Updated a bit. The "Wiki" was updated in terms of Medicine. Also, the ammunition should be correctly displayed under mobile now, as well as on different resolutions. Added a "Database", in which i will write down every price of every item. Where to get it the cheapest and where to sell it the most expensive way. I would like some feedback! Keys are still Work in Progress but should be added soon! :3 Pictures are now stored on the server, so they won't go down if the site they were on went down. Just another security measure ) Login for the Dashboard is on the site itself.
  2. Надо как в фоллаче. 1 рука сломанная, 2-ручные оружия исползоват нелзя. Оба сломание, и пистолети использовать нельзя
  3. January 19, 2016 Ты щас бампнул старейший пост.
  4. Well first of all "Change" and actual trading money is not the same. Secondly, getting a bunch of money from other contractors each hour is kinda... Unprobable. That being said the money he gets every hour should be because of his sellings. Other than that. Maybe he does his Scab run which is available every hour? And he gets his money from there? We may never know. We know for a fact that Peacekeeper is out of money not a minute in business.
  5. Wrong logic. He is out of MONEY. Not equipment. That being said how the duck should a trader increase his "money" stock? He can't call someone and say: "Uhmm yes, this time i want twice as much butter. 2000$ now. Yes." Now tell me the exact same pocedure but with money? "Plox buy weapons from me so i have more money so you can sell me." - Noone buys, noone can sell.
  6. Well you were bleading to death anyway? Next time don't jump in :3 This will make things a lot easier. Currently there is no way to escape in such a situation and i doubt there will be any on the future. Just... Stay way from such positions. And to move away from the youtube title and to the topic title (seriously what do you want to have answered?), that is not really a bug. It's just the map design.
  7. Ich glaub echt eher 2019, 2020. Was nicht unbedingt schlimm ist. Das Spiel macht jetzt schon Megaaa Spaß! Solange es ab und an Bergauf geht ist alles okey! Aber das passiert nicht! In 2 Wochen hatten wir jetzt einen kleinen Hotfix. Wau. Und das. Das ist alles was ich mir wünsche. Die Aufzählung in der Signatur. )
  8. Ich habe bereits Wetten abgeschlossen. Sollten die das Spiel dieses Jahr releasen geb ich meine ganze Kohle, die man am Release bekommt aus. Das Spiel kommt NIE im Leben dieses Jahr raus. Nichts da mit "eventuell schaffen". 80% Content muss noch hinzukommen, man darf aber nicht vergessen, dass dieser noch getestet werden muss. Und auch gefixt. Mich wundert es nur, dass die Devs darüber so still sind. Es ist jedem klar, dass kein Release stattfinden wird. Dann könnten die doch mal Wind aus den Segeln bringen. Das letzte Bild. Ist von nem Mod der neulich ein Beitrag geclosed hat. Dieser hat geantwortet, dass sich nichts geändert hat und der Relase immernoch 2017 geplant ist. Ach ja. 4 Monate. Heh.
  9. Wow wow wow... Runterfahren. Das Spiel ist im Prinzip noch in der Alpha. Beta wird es nur so genannt. Also wenn du auf die Devs hören willst, dann schau dir [Das Bild in] meine[r] Signatur an. Wenn du auf reine Menschenlogik hören willst, dann wird es entweder nie einen Release geben, oder erst gegen 2018, 2019. Open Beta wird kurz vor Release sein. Sprich jetzt beginnt die längste Phase. Edit mit [ ] gekennzeichnet.
  10. Thanks! AKS should be named AKS now. However i believe the big AK should stay by the name, since it also sums up the other big AK's for example the one with an underbarrel Grenade launcher. (I decided to put an N in brackets) Regarding the SKS i can sadly not find anything in the russian nor in the english forums. Also, thanks for the feedback )
  11. Will be done as i will be needing it myself ;D Thanks for the feedback ))
  12. Hello fellow escapers! Since i wanted to have every important information on screen and easy to reach. I made a summarize for myself. I thought the community might use it as well. So here you go! If you encounter any bugs / missing i formation / false information, let me know! I will add more and more things dependand on what is needed. I am also open for feedback! Do note however, that this was designed to just be a quick "library" and by any means should not be "beautiful" or anything similar to that. Should work perfectly on mobile.
  13. Nononononono. Please nothing in the lines of "increased weapon jamming", "louder footsteps" etc. etc. How would you explain that in a realistic way? Why should a Person have more weapon jams, just because he killed a few friendlies? I disapprove of such a way to lower teamkilling. Another way must be found, if it is not already found (Trader -rep being one example). Don't Forget, that this is something beind added later on and is currently not in the makings. Thus, it is possible, that everything is already set and we just have to wait for it to happen. (Because afaik, such a System is already in the list of being made)
  14. One of the points i tried tp bring up in a recent thread Make Makarovs less rare, so that you almost never need to do a hatchet run. However i would just like to add that making them free is a bad idea. Making them cheap is a good way to go though.
  15. That's a valid point. Sorry for my short thinking. Having this in mind and the freedom to design the gun in the way one wants. I fully agree with such an item.