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  1. More Tarkov BS

    Conclusion: Granades are broken, dont throw them. Wait for fix. Try again.
  2. The Punisher Pt. 3

    Sorry, confused the answer was about the opposite-faction-kill task, later -.-
  3. Prapor Mission - Customs

    Then thats more a thing to detect which is which. And for the moment, running through - whatever the circumstances may be - is detected as such. Does the system needs optimizations? Yes, it does. But i doubt there will be a proper way for the game to detect how "hard" it was for you to run through., cause there is no messurement for it.
  4. Prapor Mission - Customs

    Technically, there is. The tasks says "Survive and exit customs location" and if you look carefully, the end-screen says "Survived" in green only if you arent "Ran through". Generally, i agree to you guys. Everyone should play the game they want to. But i think the problem here is the design of the task. If they designed it the way that says "get something, shoot someone and exit", nobody would or could have a problem with it, cause its the way the devs want you to do that task. Only the possibility of letting you run through without doing anything else causes this discussion. So, for my opinion, the task-design failed (also in other tasks, but thats another topic for itself and already discussed)

    There are different fences in different maps. I assumed the one in customs, at the bridge near the first gas station (not the scav one), cause its the most common possibility of getting shoot at. The other one in customs, at the military point with the sniper, seems to allow shoots from one side (the sniper) and not the other, but that isnt the case. Tried it as scav, perfect one-shot possible from either side.
  6. Why do people cheat?

    Correct. But people continue to complain about hacks and cheats. Its not really possible to stop people from hacking or cheating before they do, just like criminals in real life. You cant try to regulate and prevent, but it wont work all the time. There are multiple threads about the anti-cheat. And how i know? The devs told us how it works, that there are people in their team just to look around and implement something to prevent current hacks they find and that the process runs on a weekly base. And yes, you have to trust the devs in that. If you dont trust the devs, maybe your support to this game was a bad decision and you should return and judge the finished product. For my personal experience, ive never seen a real hacker or cheater. Everything i experienced could be caused by desync or lag. Once that is fixed, we - as community - can investigate futher

    Neither Scavs nor players are able to shoot through the chainlink fence, but both are able to shoot the other through the gaps between and under them, where they connect to the pole
  8. The Punisher Pt. 3

    They nerfed the task already, its 18 kills in 2 hours now.
  9. Why do people cheat?

    Speed hack? You mean the lag and catch-up mechanic which "plays" all the lagged actions in highspeed? Godmode? You mean desync/lag/high ping, causing the game to take a while before applying any damage/actions? Also, whats the matter of this thread? What do you want to say? Random complain about hacks: There is an anti-cheat which works perfectly fine, if they hacked they wont do that another week. Let out frustration: Get a hammer and smash something. TL;DR: Act according to the forum rules and dont open threads which are not usefull or about already known topics, like hacking, cheating or desync.
  10. Prapor Mission - Customs

    They can, they do, and its perfectly fine. I love this new status (as long as its not bugged) because it provides some PVP for other people who want to play the game as its meant. Its not a Hardcore-Survival-Run-Along-FPS. Yes, you can play the game in any manner you want, but this has restrictions. Otherwise someone would say "I want to play this game offline, just with NPCs, and want to keep my gear while doing that. Its my way to play and i have the right to play it as i want." No, you dont.
  11. Anzeigebug bei Trader gefunden

    Ist schon eine ganze Weile im englischen Forum in der Diskussion. Zum einen ist es viel Zeitaufwand, man kommt mit Raids erheblich schneller Geld, als einzeln Patronen zu verkaufen. Und da Makros und ähnliches ein Banngrund sind, gibt es in dieser Richtung hoffentlich auch nichts zu befürchten :-)
  12. So this is what causing framedrops.

    You can change the behavior with external programs for now, for example with Process Lasso. If this really is a problem on your side (tarkov uses my 4 physical cores) maybe this helps.
  13. Insurance Time-outs

    They dont have to add a cost or extend the time you have to collect. Its all fine now. The only thing that should be changed is, that the timer for getting the items (currently 12-24h after receiving the insurance) starts the next time you log in. That way you cant really abuse it as "extra stash space" and everyone whos unable to play for a few days doesnt have to bother about them.
  14. 206 key needed!

    Its a random drop, so you searching the correct locations. It also can spawn in scav backpacks, which is were i found it. Keep searching!
  15. What in the world?? Not fair at all

    ALT + F4 isnt controlled by Tarkov, its controlled by your Operation System. So if you are unable to use it, its your OS' fault. Try to update windows (or whichever OS you use) to fix it.