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  1. Dorms is a deathzone

    If you're not the first guy in, just wait from them to bring the loot to you.
  2. Fort amour power

    Russian body armor classification 6A means it rated for 7.62x54R AP.
  3. Factory key spawn?

    Intentionally looking for it is somewhat pointless, just play and check the known spawns when you can.
  4. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    I pretty much wont play factory without a factory key, and never use the open exit.
  5. Most games are just unplayable

    Did you expect people to lie about the state of the game and recommend it to other people? When it works, its great, but the servers have only gotten worse since I have started playing 6 months ago. People are even alluding to how other games have had poor network performance for years after release, as if that is some kind of comfort. The content train has been full steam ahead, the network train broke down before it even left the station.
  6. Most games are just unplayable

    I get constant desync too as a US player. I ran through a raid yesterday just doing a task, never got seen or shot at. Literally 10 ft from the extract and suddenly my character has 3 bleeds and 20hp left. Stuff like this happens every raid.
  7. fenced all

    I can see gamma and keys, but an M4 from Fence? Whats he charge, 250k?
  8. So, you can die from dehydration as a Scav?

    Most people never bring food/water on a raid anyways. You just watch your stats and hunt for it when you need it, or extract.
  9. The Black Friday simulator is getting old.
  10. Ability to resupply medkits

    You sell the 'left overs' and buy a new kit. Its not like they are going to make it cheaper to refill than buying another, the only thing you are saving is the cheap canvas container. Though maybe they should make some med kits customisable, like adding tourniquets and splints the same way you add weapon attachments. An IFAK could have two slots so that you could add a morphine or splint to it.
  11. VSS vintorez

    Its attached to the suppressor of the gun, not the receiver or even barrel. Its not meant to handle force and you might accidentally unscrew the suppressor.
  12. Not sure why this happened but ok

    Its punishment for creating that monstrosity of an SKS.
  13. Return of Super Scavs???

    Yep, there is suddenly always that special scav that will spin bot you.
  14. Spawn point camping

    This is just another form of spawn camp, very common in other games to throw nades where you know others will spawn.