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  1. The game is becoming unplayable and quick

    scavs are hard but they were much worse in the past.. search "terminator" and you'll find countless posts about scavs with 360* vision shooting through foliage from 100s of meters away and sniping with macaronis.. they are much better now.. still hard but mortal. desync yes... it ..............................desync*........ sucks, you shoot first and still die because of it but they said theyre adding servers so lets wait and see..
  2. This game is impossible

    I just did about 10-15 hatchet runs on shoreline just to get some quests done... 1. got 2 gas analyzers 2. about a thousand dollars, over 100 euroes, close to 50k roubles 3. several m4 uppers sold for 100s of dollars 4. 1 gold chain 5. other random loot like lasers and gun parts which i sold for cash
  3. Killcam

    you cant have my bush
  4. Refund Policy

    @Le_Jaguar do you have some weird computer setup? what is the problem? perhaps people on this forum can help you
  5. Refund Policy

    @Le_Jaguar why did you buy a game that is still in beta? why did you not do 30 seconds of research? why did you not realize that you are not buying a game from steam/origin? be patient young one.. once the game is officially released you'll probably get some perks for buying it during closed beta.. chill for now
  6. Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    if this is "difficult" then planting the beacons on four trucks in customs will be the definition of impossibility.. I've been playing since august 2017 and the watch and beacon quests are basically casual run-throughs.. out of laziness you could also get the truck key from fence in post wipe days. if you're doing the same thing over and over again and failing, try to approach it differently.. seriously.. i think of myself as a mediocre player but these quests are one of the easiest out there to date. oh and by the way.. you DO NOT have to be the first one at the truck or at dorms.. the key/watch will respawn even if someone grabs them.
  7. Salewa problems.

    I have literally found about 2.5 million (maybe 2.3) salewas in the new shoreline sanitarium location
  8. EFT 30-40 maybe 50 fps HELP please.

    It's not the computer hardware. The problem is optimization or server side problems. I've experienced that the more scavs/pmcs are in close proximity the less fps you get.
  9. Not another wipe thread.

    this is what i saw on FB comments a few days ago... so it may look like open beta is not actually coming for another 6 months, as opposed to what was stated repeatedly on this forum that it's coming beginning of 2018.. let's just wait and see when they announce it and be patient
  10. Missing Items after Wipe

    so these items.. we'll get them again after a wipe? and upon full release?
  11. I am sad

    just play as scav and jet to an extraction point
  12. Physics or just Eyecandy?

    same thing happens when you shoot through objects.. the projectile changes trajectory.. try shooting through the metal walls on factory exit as you wait for the timer.. you'll see similar effect
  13. EoD worth it

    I payed to win as well
  14. Spawn camping has to stop

    I only play solo and I havent been spawn killed in months.. I wonder why some experience it and some dont.. let's see what open beta brings
  15. Left or right handed options

    hell, I'll pull the trigger with my left toe if I must