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  1. hatchling olympics.. aka infestation of hatchlings

    @Forien EXACTLY.. i'm not going to sacrifice my best gear for a good chance of a silent-death-by-hatchling and obviously neither did the guy on the receiving end..
  2. this is game-breaking.. I just killed a level 51-70 hatchling on customs.. this should not be.. scav olympics should not exist! I know, at first I had nothing against them, i even made an ode to Them.. i thank thee for the free xp you provide to me but this is quite a problem and i think the hatchets needs to be nerfed significantly it not eliminate melee completely.. in the worst case that a player runs out of money and has no guns.. you can not force them to do hatchet runs.. make them wait for a scav respawn or better yet, decrease the timer based on their financial/inventory situation Yes I played by the rules, yes i knifed him back.. yes because the game allowed me to do so.. the game is awesome but this needs refinement please! this is not farcry primal.. lol..
  3. 4 Prapor quest keys at once

    this is me right now after finding 4 keys in one jacket.. i'll trade them once i'm done with the quest...
  4. Taunt glitch or intended "feature"

    what do you think about a counter-taunt.. as in holding your nerves/not getting emotional.. meaning.. if you hear someone try to taunt, you have a second or two to press a button to "hold your nerves" by default, your PMC would taunt back... this is like telling yourself.. come down buddy, dont be an idiot and dont yell back at the suka blach.
  5. Solve naked runs meta

    waiting to heal between raids or spend money on medicine... i dont know about that one.. feels like one of those annoying games that you need to take care of / feed a puppy and watch him grow.. you play as scav only once an hour.. now you gotta heal yourself.. too many minigames.. inventory tetris (i know they'll rework this).. heal yourself.. mini game raid, bang bang you're dead mini game mini game mini game bang... dead... I really like this game and i hope this will make sense when they release it.. as for hatchlings.. i dont mind them an ode to hatchlings: i thank thee for the free xp you provide to me the end
  6. Ak-74N No Stock and Random Camo

    @JacksonBarret dude I'm as surprised as you are.. I was not expecting to get such an extreme search result.. but there was no going back so i had to share it
  7. Ak-74N No Stock and Random Camo

    please google "russian candy cane" in the urban dictionary.. hope i dont get banned for this..
  8. Gamma case skins

    it's not what's on the outside.. but the inside of a container that matters
  9. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    reverse desync and a sprinkle of voodoo
  10. Hatchling roaming in squads now

    lol this game is awesome.. I just encountered a trio of hatchlings running from bush to bush in the woods together.. at first I was frustrated and angry as the last one pulled out a pistol and almost made swiss cheese out of me however it showed how unpredictable the game is.. desperate situations may call for desperate measures (or just for the fun of it) and their odds of survival were quite understandable.. luckily for me i got them in the open.. i was the guy with the short-barreled AKS.. to the third dude with the hatchet.. i'm keeping it! so that it doesnt come back to you through insurance
  11. Broken Legs - Physically ?

    Tarkov Yoga
  12. General questions on weapon implementation

    @PhineasWhipsnde thanks dude, i already figured it out as I have 40 hrs in the game and the MR133 is only trade-able loot for me But i'm sure this will help some other guys just starting with the game!
  13. hey at least no more 605 error!
  14. Aim stabilization

    isn't energy and stamina the same basically? dont need multiple bars for each if you hold your breath while aiming a rifle or shotgun your stamina does go down and you cant do it for long as you start waving the gun before your stamina runs out.. just happened to me today with the DVL10.. i couldnt have it stable for more than about 10 seconds before it started shaking and before my stamina ran out.
  15. Tips for dealing with people hiding in bushes?

    there really is no counter to this.. just take your time advancing, be smart at it, look for signs of enemy movement and hope you spot them before they spot you.. love it