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  1. move error leaving stash lost gear.

    Sounds silly but it wasn't a scav run was it?
  2. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    But it isn't the "end product" gtfo
  3. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    You forget there's large amounts of people DOWNLOADING the patch as well as logging in and using the servers, give it a day when most people have downloaded it. Imagine everyone was buying their tickets at the box office 10 minutes before the game started.. ain't gonna happen
  4. Lower level helmets

    I have to be honest, a PACA helmet or some form of light helmet would be awesome. And how does it not make sense? It'll give the lower levels actually a chance to fight back instead of having to grind to a higher level. The way the game currently is forces you to grind to get the better more fun gear, they need to add more things for lower levels so they're not focusing on grinding so much.. IF not for that, then consider the current state of the AI being able to flick and insta headshot you, and I know they are updating the Scavs next patch but the chances are they're still going to be superior, lost my m4 so many times to them at the moment I'm more afraid of AI than I am of players. Been grinding filters for a couple hours and have not found a single one I'd trade my extra factory key for one but the global chat is down so there we go
  5. Looking for Group

    Hey, looking for some people/ group to team up with that use teamspeak/discord and speak english. Not necessarily high leveled players, I myself am level 34 but I don't mind also helping out new players try and get gear. Been playing this solo and it's losing it's sheen so I feel that some eyes watching my 6 might be a nice change for once haha. feel free to ask in other languages for others looking for team members, not necessarily for just me, I couldn't find any other posts on teams.
  6. Saiga 12 dropping mags every reload.

    yeah I've been having these issues too, one quick press and he does the slow reload animation but the mags on the floor... WITH a clear vest
  7. Scav runs

    Not really changing the game though is it? Just adding a confirmation just like when you discard items normally... I've done that a couple of times and laughed at myself haha
  8. Scav runs

    Please for the love of wasted hours.. Can you make it so players that are farming don't accidentally spam "next" and lose all of their loot from their scav runs? like a pop up on the character screen to ask if you're sure you want to discard all items or something? so frustrating after farming and having muscle memory spam the mouse 1 key thinking I'm going to go to the character screen after the menu and move all the loot.