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  1. Too much Fort Armor

    I'm fine with it. I'd like to see more fort readily available.
  2. Intercepting Player transactions

    I once killed a guy who's backpack was full of colt buffer tubes
  3. Not even in Beta

    My game runs fine and I'm probably on lesser specs than you. If you think the game is a joke and you don't feel like helping test the game in a constructive manner, you don't need to be here. No ones forcing your hand. You're literally just being antagonistic with no critical feed back outside of "it should be in alpha!!!"
  4. Frustrated

    Scavs are fine.
  5. scavs buffed too much?

    Scavs are fine.
  6. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    The AKM. Pls, Beef as heck
  7. where do I report players?

    You can't report people manually. If they're hacking / cheating, BSGs anti-cheat will catch them and ban them.
  8. wipe?? when????

    It'll be here when its ready. Relax and quit with the negativity.
  9. Streamers ?

    I don't get why you're going on a tangent about twitch in the EFT forum. No one here knows why they have their policy how it is, you'd be better asking in the twitch forum.
  10. Streamers ?

    Specific section regarding stream sniping.
  11. Video Montage Quest!

    Checked it out at night, here's what I got. Sorry for the bit of shakey footage near the end; dropped the camera when some knucklehead took a shot at me! Bulk of it should be in tact. (Might be in 360p for a lil bit. When its done fully publishing to youtube it should be available in 1440k)
  12. This game's concept is a failure

    I really enjoy the game concept, as do countless others. I can't say I agree with OP.
  13. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    Maybe I'm pointing my finger at the people who're already assuming "karma isn't going to work". Because I am. Because they need to wait and see. Because they can't know.
  14. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    Maybe we should just wait and see how they do it since we have minimal details and nothing to go on. Idk just my two cents.