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    Makes more sense, rofl

    Pleeeenty of the tarkov community are having sudden CPU overloads.
  3. Tips for new players!

    @Xzeno This video was created fully by Incredibly good player and EFT streamer, and this video is a good resource for newer players. Check it out, new guys!
  4. REALISM!! WHAT?????

    1. no they dont 2. it doesnt 3. it was 4. refer to OP
  5. Countercheating measures

    Can you pin this please? I don't know if this was stated before or not. If it was, we're all freaking out because we didn't know this / it wasn't pinned. Thanks either way. The information is appreciated. Thank you for the pin!
  6. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    They should also make those doors breachable. getting stuck in the opening animation is the #1 killer.
  7. No, no, no, no. Just no. I do NOT want them to make this game easier. They already plan on arm bands and different uniforms -- that's enough. This is a battle simulation. Not a COD or battlefield.
  8. Voice lines

    Howdy! Was just wondering if anyone had a list of all the RUSSIAN taunts (Aggressive taunts, after firing) and their translations? Don't know where to post it, and using the search bar yielding no results. Thanks!
  9. WallPaper Engine EFT Backgrounds

    I've been looking for 2k EFT backgrounds. Rip,
  10. getting hit while wearing paca should still hurt

    The current armour system is place holder. That's all there is to it.
  11. Who is the best EFT player?

    Haze and Plague are pretty OG at the game. Kottons good. No one is really the 'best'. There's just people in the same league as others.
  12. What about thermal vision?

    I'm not a dev. I do not think thermals belong in this game. You can hide from night vision. You can hide from plain sight. But you can not hide from thermals in instance based battles. No. If they add this, I'm not going to play.
  13. EFT and PVP

    I was referring to what he stated about the back up weapon.
  14. EFT and PVP

    There is no reason to keep your gear anyways as wipes will be happening throughout the closed beta.There is quite literally no reason to cling to anything until BSG releases 'no more wipes'. No users currently have rep with any traders at start. That is not implemented yet. I'm fully aware some players might only have X Y and Z. I already said that. I'm pointing my finger towards players who DO HAVE GEAR, who DO HAVE THE MEANS, they just simply do not use it. Desync is a poor excuse unless you're living in Australia / one of the regions which doesn't currently have servers. Desync isn't so frequent to the point in which people should be dissuaded from using actual gear. If that's the case, a whole new can of worms is opened and the developers need to fix that poo ASAP. But I, and many others, firmly believe the bulk of players don't bring gear out being they simply refuse to. Sure, they might 'have every right to do that', but it takes away from the experience for the rest. It is seriously no fun going against pistols and shotguns 24/7, and frankly I'm considering taking a step back from EFT until the PvP aspect of the game improves. A large part of this game is RISKING your own gear for a REWARD. Putting it bluntly, if people think the game is currentyl unplayable, I'd much rather them take a step back, to return to the game when they feel comfortable as opposed to doing constant pistol and hatchet runs whilst a whole other spectrum of player actually commits and applies effort to the game. Let me ask you. WHAT is the point in those back up weapons? To me, a backup weapon is defined as something I will use in the instance that my main firearm(s) are gone. Is a back up weapon something that just sits in your inventory, rotting away, never to be used? I don't understand. Edit: I genuinely don't understand. I'm not trying to sound antagonistic, I just don't understand what you mean.
  15. EFT and PVP

    Howdy. I've got some stuff I want to say, so I'm going to vent it here in hopes of opening either meaningful discussion or peoples eyes. Currently, we're all participating in a closed beta for a game which is not even remotely close to being released. I played in the alpha and the beta and I've noticed a huge change from then to now: The PVP. The PVP isn't non-existent, but every player is currently clinging to their AKs and M4s like they're going out of stock (which, with how peacekeeper is currently going, I can understand the M4 bit!) The point I'm getting at is there is no MEANINGFUL PVP. There is no satisfaction in killing a player with a pistol. It's a pistol. There is no satisfaction in killing a hatchet runner. No one rightly cares for it. No one brings Fort or Helmets because of how rare they are (even though their purpose is to be used, not trophies.) In my genuine opinion, I think people need to stop clinging to their gear. ESPECIALLY in the closed beta phase, as there are going to be plenty of wipes which take your gear from you anyways. The game is all about the shifting of your gear among a PvPvE environment. You loot, you kill, you (eventually) will do trader missions. Your whole purpose is to gain in your stash, by using items in your own stash. A lot of us who actually do use gear are getting fed up with going against people who simply drop with pistols and shotguns. And whilst I fully understand that that is all some people have to their, we all know the bulk of the population has a rifle they're holding onto and simply won't use. I'm tired of seeing level 30 hatchet runners, or level 40s rocking makarovs. Part of this is on us (the player base), and part of this is on the current balance of the game. TL;DR, Risk / Reward is next to non-existent I'd like to see some insightful opinions / chat. I do love this game dearly, as I'm sure the bulk of the community does. The development team have done a fantastic job with it. I understand its still a WIP fully, I'd just like to see some more involvement with the player base.