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  1. Performance drop after Patch

    Is there a Topic we can track or somwhere devs update on status?
  2. Lower level helmets

    Yes game design is also a problem - when your grup can be more than half of people on the server. So thanks for pointing it out. This game is supoused to be for lone wolfs and team and on current stage its really hard to play solo. So if you want to make it team only and test it team only you can leave it as it is now or change it to make game more possible to play alone. As you pointed out this is beta so all posibillities should be tested.
  3. Lower level helmets

    but they will stop you form dying by being hitting in a head melee and increase a chance of recochet. But thank for another usless comment.
  4. Lower level helmets

    This needs to happen. With helmets so hard to get or buy there needs to be some cheaper substitute! It's sick to get one shot by hatchling in head or scav with makarov and you can't do anything about it. I can't beleive in city like Tarkov theres no Riot Police Helmets or just some old WWII helmets. Really this is a game changer and I dont get it why its not implemented already.
  5. Patch / Update

    Wiem, mowie tylko ze po tym patchu jest gorzej niz bylo.
  6. Patch / Update

    u mnie uzywanie jakiegokolwiek scopa sawsze powodowalo spiki FPS ale po tym patchu to jes przesada i sparawia ze naprawde robi sie niebezpiecznie przy wymianie ognia na odleglosc.
  7. Upgrading An Account

    Whn you buy an upgrade the price is lowered by the amount you spend already on game. But to bring it to live you need to reset your profile on website and lost everything you got in game including level.
  8. Meme and Fun Art

    Maybe You can escape from Tarkov but you can't escape from love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. I have been killed a lot of times at the military checkpoint at customs by player SCAV in presence of all AI scavs. Like the moment player understood im not AI he shot me for free loot. So i don't really think killing player turns AI agianst you. I also had like 2 -3 situations when I killed some scav on accident taking him by bear or usec and didnt got targeted by AI although they heave seen me shooting. So i think that msut have been players scavs I've killed.
  10. As topic says what is the reason? I don't get it. When i'm scav, part of the team, i should be equaly avanged as the AI scavs. This is huge field to abuse loot gathering. And i know i can kill scav player too. But still this does not answer this question.
  11. yesterday therapist updated on me after something like 6-8 hours so. I guess it is lagged a bit.
  12. Really? I mean you sure? Never expirienced anything like that on my own. I know it is broken but my problems are more like sound goes through the wall and celling like theres nothing in there, or doubling steps like when i walk i fell like someones is walking behind me. But never something like yours.
  13. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Is there something like callendar with month thats now are let into beta? like now january got their keys etc?
  14. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Yeah i get it i just hoped someone heard how long a wave will last and how much there will be. Like 3 waves of 2-3 days or 7 waves everyday each.
  15. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    And aproximately how long will that waves take? I mean, if anyone knows.