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  1. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    shoot the foor at factory main exit? you mean this huge area? Im not having camping problems myslef just pointed out that granade solution isnt a solution.
  2. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    opening the door animation is so long you can get killed 3 times during it not to mention throwing the granade one which lasts longer than 5 year old managing same thing.
  3. Gamestop gift card

    Yes that meant to be a joke
  4. Gamestop gift card

    You mean on customs or shoreline?
  5. AI Scav question

    You need to treat scavs as very inhomogenous gorup. While one scav will one shot you with macarov from 30m other one will put whole ak magazine under your feet causing 0 dmg. They definitley work better since last patch but still require some adjustment and fixing.
  6. Player scavs killing player scavs

    I don't care about being shot by scav player, I killed many scav palyers before. The real problem that came up with this update is being shot by NPC scavs EVERYTIME you shot player scav. Numerous times was i shot at by player scav managed to defend myself and die from sudden NPC hate nevermind the fact i was shot at first and defending myself. This needs to be changed!
  7. Should i repair it !!!

    i was refering tho those guys who atated their guns jamed.
  8. Should i repair it !!!

    eee??? jamming is not in the game right now. it was in first months of alpha but not now.
  9. Anyone will answer that? I'm curious about that ascpect too.
  10. completly unplayable mess.

    Uhm so explain to me how is that possible that after patch many people with 16gb claim to have same problem as those with 8gb? Suddenly for all those people game has memory leaks but at same time for others with 8 or 16 game runs smoothly? Magic.
  11. completly unplayable mess.

    People like you are the worst in gaming community. This game since last patch causes troubles for people with either 8gb and 16gb nonetheless the fact that before patch they could run it smoothly ( me included). But you with your lack of knowlege on the topic go on with your stupid and confusing "advices" To the OP: Noone will asure you that buying another 8gb ram will help, it may or may not. Like is stated before many people have problems since last patch with fps stuttering despite the number of RAM they have. I personally have 8 gb and ran this game smothly on all maps before the patch, now it's impossible to play. So my advice is either wait and see or buy more RAM but beware this may not solve this problem.
  12. Performance drop after Patch

    Is there a Topic we can track or somwhere devs update on status?
  13. Lower level helmets

    Yes game design is also a problem - when your grup can be more than half of people on the server. So thanks for pointing it out. This game is supoused to be for lone wolfs and team and on current stage its really hard to play solo. So if you want to make it team only and test it team only you can leave it as it is now or change it to make game more possible to play alone. As you pointed out this is beta so all posibillities should be tested.
  14. Lower level helmets

    but they will stop you form dying by being hitting in a head melee and increase a chance of recochet. But thank for another usless comment.