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  1. Correcting PVS-14's and other night vision devices

    Great suggestion. That would be something realistic that I believe would be a first.
  2. Double Mag Clip

  3. Add tactical nuclear weapons

    I dont think they're gonna add that. You put some thought into it though!
  4. New area suggestion *Tarkov Int'l airport (TKV)*

    Didn't think of that. Metal and glass hell!
  5. Scav gun vendor

    cool idea. realistic too.
  6. New area suggestion *Tarkov Int'l airport (TKV)*

    Do the devs really read the suggestion posts?
  7. G3A3

    And i came in here hoping it was an unveiling!
  8. Searching Computers in Tarkov

    Kinda neat. We gonna be building our own rigs back in the hideout? lol
  9. I have a fairly large suggestion for an area of the map. I am suggesting the Tarkov International Airport (airport code TKV). Some games have done airport maps but very few, and they're always condensed and fairly unrealistic. I work at a major international airport, so I know what these things comprise. They're massive, like their own world. You have differing areas for combat, close in hallways underneath the terminal area where the ramp people work, etc. You have the terminals above, lots of glass and natural light, enclosed but still mid range combat as terminals are usually long stretches with shops and branching hallways and staircases down to the ramp area and service areas below. Then you have the actual ramp/outdoor area. This would be unique as you could have a few lone aircraft still parked, but mostly just parked ground equipment and such. The combat here could be unique as the ramp/apron/runway area is so open that there isn't much cover; i could see people firing from inside the terminal out towards the aircraft and surrounding grounds. This map will provide close, medium, and long range combat due to the varying environments. Airports are large, in many ways a labyrinth. That's why I feel that it would be big enough to be its own map. I'd be happy to help design a generic airport if the devs are interested in this idea. Being that Tarkov is a large city, it would make sense to have an airport as a location.
  10. Sound: Make it tied to # of items

    That's a neat, realistic idea.
  11. A way to lower and raise your Com-Tac Headset

    That is a neat idea.
  12. Special weapons

    minigun, railgun, etc is unrealistic.
  13. Upcoming Glock

    I want one.
  14. Stechkin Pistol

    I am almost certain this would be added, being the Tarkov world
  15. Firing a bolt action suggestion for developers

    Yup. This has to be in.