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  1. Weapon Companies Thread

    MAXIM 9 Silencer CO.
  2. Gear Companies Thread

    Mayflower, Banshee Tactical, Cry Precision, LBX. The Plate Carrier I am referring to all utilize nearly the same ergonomic shape. The shooters cut style PC. Some of the images don't have pouches, but I recommend adding a feature to select pouch types, example; Ten Speed, Taco Mag Pouches, Bungee, Hard shell Mag pouches.
  3. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    Yup, what he said ^
  4. The USEC art, and extra things.

    Tactical Beard, I like it. Can we get the Tactical Tattoos while were at it.
  5. The USEC operator has what seems to be either a Banshee Shellback or Mayflower PC. I am curious if this will be added in the game, and if so, will their be more PC variants and color options, OD, CB, Tan, RG (color of USEC pc). This isn't crucial I know, just picking the brain and sharing my thoughts, another thing I noticed, is the hoodies with Velcro patches for morale patches. Another neat little feature, is to add rail covers that add just a little bit of ergonomics and are cheaper then other grips.
  6. The Hades Blacklist

    Gonna be online all day today, let me know if you have any questions and/or are interested. Happy hunting.
  7. The Hades Blacklist

    Just a quick SITREP, I will be more instant in replies if they are messaged to me. The forum notifications is not as good at keeping me notified when someone post here. For quicker response times, pm me. We are still recruiting and getting everyone situated, I will be available tomorrow afternoon for the rest of the evening for those interested in getting more information.
  8. The Hades Blacklist

    Pulverizer, currently you would be the 2nd operator from that region, but you are still more then welcome to join. Our first is from Denmark.
  9. The Hades Blacklist

    We utilize Teamspeak, but in the rare occasion the TS happens to go down, we will switch temporarily to Discord, until the problem is resolved.
  10. The Hades Blacklist

    The Hades Blacklist is a relatively brand new group focused on realism and immersion, that is not to say we don't have our fair share of hiccups and laughs. We are looking for both serious and casual players alike, because everyone has a wildcard, especially when your rocking your best loot. We pride ourselves on keeping cool and calm heads in the heat of battle, so their for we would like to warn you, we would prefer no toxic players. If your interested comment below or privately message me on here. Here are our requirements: 17+ years of age. Decent mic. No multi-teaming. Willing to learn call-outs and spawns. No crying, whining, bitching, raging (unless you got 1 tapped by a scav from a few 100 meters away.) Their is no application process, merely a 1 on 1 talk with me and that is all. We have a simple ranking structure that is easy to follow, yet rewarding to earn. Happy hunting Operators.
  11. Peacekeeper buff?

    Is it just me or did the give peacekeeper more money, It's way to easy to farm him now...
  12. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Just signed up, been seeing you guys in every game I was playing, wasn't too keen at first due to your large size. Found bigger groups tend to leave their recruits behind really quick after recruiting them. But theres a first for everything. Look forward to seeing you in game.