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  1. Can't wait to see new and good content.
  2. I don't believe so, but it's a good question. Maybe one of the Moderators could give an answer. I think they would of said something on the matter.
  3. Correct. Wait for email before churning out content.
  4. That would be a true troll. Someone just helped you and you don't take the survey. What about a sign up sheet. An email is sent afterwards with Sherpa's information and survey for after service is done (Basic troubleshooting and brainstorming, this is my what I do best).
  5. That's my understanding aswell (not lootable). @scoobysenpaijr
  6. I don't expect it to. Hatchlings are a product of the "hardcore" aspect of the game (but maybe less of them). Think about if Scav Mode is restricted to time intervals which you not playing or cannot sit down to play during those times, your just going to go into the game with a hatchet. Scav Mode also does not have any assurance of making it out with gear neither but a gamma container does. Dropping into the game with a weapon that could jam on you, poor health and dehydration, and no armor give you a disadvantage in a way (depending if they emplment such factors or similar ones).
  7. You see people, Scav Mode giving hope already. Hopefully when Karma is implemented it will fix that. Hopefully we get to test that feature soon or the arm bands they have mentioned.
  8. I think to keep track. Trainees should be asked to fill out "paper work" on who trained them. This will keep data coming in on active Sherpas. I understand what the Sherpa Program is trying to do and it's a great idea. I like showing new players the ropes and I don't really expect anything out of it and when you add in "perks" permanent or temporary the love of teaching goes away for some and you get those who do it for the "pay check".
  9. After unloading 55 rounds the last 5 I aim for the legs, "Yes! He's down".
  10. I see Scav Mode more like a learning tool for those who never played alpha or beta. Also gives players who are not as good as me to get some gear so they can run it on their PMC player and lose it again. Players who are bosses like my self will probably never play as Scavs but might just use it to troll players out of good gear. So for me there are no worries Scav Mode may have its flaws and ways to abuse, but that's what we are here to test so the developers can understand how to balance this great feature.
  11. I maybe wrong but I think only the first four bulletins are going to be implemented in the next patch, not the maps and other things yet. But all these things are great to hear.
  12. Your concept and there concept are two different things. It makes me laugh when people speak like this. If you were developing it would be a different case.
  13. Probably hasn't fully processed yet. Have you gotten an email for EFT? If not I think you have to wait a bit.
  14. You want Download Client