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  1. Some people will always complain no matter what. I completely agree, but if your word means nothing to you, you are nothing. I still believe they will publish what they have because they seem like those type of people.
  2. Only of the B.S.G bank accounts
  3. @presul although and t this point numbers are insignificant. What are your numbers at ultra settings. I imagine we will get a better baseline with Beta and the change to Directx12 (I'm curious how much the numbers will change)
  4. My faith is strong. *Leaves roubles on Tarkov altar.
  5. Early August where is your faith in BSG. *Prayer to Tarkov gods.
  6. @Notarget & @toppa102 Just imagine it's July 30th and then if it's earlier, you'll be even more excited and surprised
  7. There's one at the woods extraction. I also found one but have yet to try it. . .
  8. July 31st, that is @ 11:59 pm
  9. Had something similar happen to me on customs. Got 3 players worth of gear, decide to exit at gas station and there was a player glitching through the back door. Open station door BOOM! I'm dead Hopefully Karma will do its Karma thing when implemented.
  10. So many questions, it's like you've won the lottery and you your just asking when do I get? Where do I get, taxes? We hit the jackpot guys, enjoy Answers will come with time.
  11. Will we ever get names? I'd honestly like to know if I ever played with these players (sometimes I get a feeling about people). If they are blatantly cheating they could just buy the game again looking for more exploits.
  12. Was just about to post about this. I have yet to transfer my accounts (any success for anyone? ). I've heard people unable to get their original accounts.
  13. Enchalada #8176
  14. Interesting Sign me up. Enchalada #8176
  15. I don't know if your talking about the ability of not being able to play CW or what CW is? Contract Wars: A world in the near future, where military action is carried out by Private Military Companies (PMC). Choose Western USEC or Russian BEAR, and join the battles of Tarkov. Its a browser fps game. Really well done for a browser game. The game, which you could play on Miniclip, Kongregate, Facebook, and other sites, lost support when browsers ditched somthing all together which was crucial to running the game. Download Safari, I got it to work.