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  1. I don't know if your talking about the ability of not being able to play CW or what CW is? Contract Wars: A world in the near future, where military action is carried out by Private Military Companies (PMC). Choose Western USEC or Russian BEAR, and join the battles of Tarkov. Its a browser fps game. Really well done for a browser game. The game, which you could play on Miniclip, Kongregate, Facebook, and other sites, lost support when browsers ditched somthing all together which was crucial to running the game. Download Safari, I got it to work.
  2. I think in the end, everything everyone has put into this game will be worth the wait, money, and time put into the game.
  3. Some information from someone from a thread I made. I would personally go with 1800x (next build will be), optimization will make a world of difference after they finish with it. But like mentioned above Skylake X might be something to wait for.
  4. Optimization will make the difference in performance down the line, I agree. What are your specs @presul, if you don't mind me asking. I've seen a couple Ryzen builds in the "Post Your RIG" thread. It's pretty exciting. I would love to get 1800x but i'v already bought RAM over the recommended MHz threshold and some other things I was looking for but have yet to be offered. Ryzen CPU will definitely go into my next build.
  5. Something I post with each new wave.
  6. Just out of curiosity, why is 300-400 fps unplayable? What exactly goes wrong at those numbers, I always thought the higher the better. I'm sure if different fps limits are on other games they will implement it here, but they need to finish optimization first.
  7. This has been mentioned by many and I hope they do implement and "down but not out" mechanic for players with armor. Along with dragging or carrying a team mates would be great.
  8. Me too My understanding is that you need older versions of the browsers and disable auto update.
  9. @Natalino Will the event be recorded or streamed? I think it would be reeaaallly fun to observe.
  10. I don't know how to un-update my browser. Can you download a previous version from their site?
  11. Wrong thread. But in regards to CW I don't get on because I can't find a browser to play it on. If they fixed that I would be on a couple times a day. Hired Ops was a fail in my opinion, if they had balanced it exactly like CW it would of been a hit IMO. I rarely see more than (2) people on a map.
  12. I haven't seen this are you talking YouTube or Twitch, Forums? It has its issues but with every patch it can only get better. We are still in the early stages.
  13. No es posible, solo un aparato para iluminación.
  14. @Denisius No se si entiendo su pregunta correctamente pero, por ahora los vendedores venden cosas específicas (a veces las mismas). Con cada nivel te venden cosas nuevas y mejores. Para obtener el próximo nivel necesitas comprar o vender una cierta cantidad con ese vendedor. Puedes vender el "loot" cuál accumulaste durante un "raid" para poder hacer dinero para comprar.
  15. I'm guessing in-voice chat will be available at the release of these feature. How else will they be able to communicate with each other, right?