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  1. When you die after good gunfight

    Nah, on woods. It was 2vs3 fight my buddy killed 2 of them, then he got shot. I was searching for last guy and he came from rock i was heading for. Well, he sprayed better.
  2. When you die after good gunfight

    You know you'll go to Valhalla and guy who killed you, fully deserved fort and pimped M4. So sad that this kind of moments are quite rare.
  3. Time lock on secured container

    Hey guys, I have a small idea how to make hatchet runs less rewarding and probably less frequent. Mayby there could be a time lock on your container, and you will not be able to put things inside for first two or three minutes. What do you think about it?
  4. Patch - planowana lista zmian

    Oby wymyślili ciekawsze zadania niż "zanieś coś gdzieś i wyjdź". Ale zmiany zapowiadają się spoko, zwłaszcza spawny.
  5. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    @Kleanuppguy I swear you're biggest troll I ever saw kek