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  1. heavy armor and helmets

    Period. Learn to use it. Hell I am not even asking for a comma or capitalizing your letters. I agree with your points, but not with your style of writing. Also on a completely unrelated note, you realize this is a beta right? And everything you are hoarding will be gone?
  2. Bans for cheating

    I would have to strongly disagree with your conclusion. By that logic, the olive branch should be extended to those who cheat in the beta, as they too would have paid for the game and technically helped the dev team come up with a better anticheat. And if the devs announce that all cheaters from the alpha were to be "pardoned" upon the release of the game I sincerely doubt that many of those same cheaters would decide to go straight. If anything, they will see it as an invitation to openly hack/glitch/troll the other players. (Especially those who bought another copy of the game, who would have contributed to the game twice thanks to their perma ban.) Furthermore, cheaters can fatally hurt the reputation of a game even in this stage. Just go to steam and look at the sizable number of negative reviews on various games that are on alpha/early access. First impression is everything, people will not buy game or be considerably more hesitant when they know there is a hacker. I would not touch a game if there were enough top reviewers/cursory look in the forums that criticize a game for a number of hackers. Finally, for a game like Tarkov, that is still in development, the quality of the end product can be heavily influenced by the amount of funding the devs get prior to release... well sometimes. It depends on the dev. (But under the assumption the money is spend well, it could go to things such as buying better/more servers, hiring additional staff, giving money to said staff so that staff doesn't run away screaming to the hills, investing in better development tool, post launch support, etc.) TLDR: Hackers should be banned for hacking. If they want second chance, they should buy a new copy of the game and play like everyone else.