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  1. This honestly sounds so much fun, hope I can participate
  2. About damn time
  3. Looks amazing
  4. You forgot the gun that fires this kind of ammunition sir.
  5. Would be happy to join if you need more players
  6. added you on steam man
  7. 20 years old, would like to join
  8. Would like to join if you guys need any more people
  9. would like to join
  11. Damn It's been a year since I pre-ordered this game, I feel like a Tarkov Veteran already
  12. I'm not trying to advertise the altis life server here, but were you also a police officer named (Police Rank). Brat? I believe I might have played with you
  13. yo dude, did you play on an arma 3 altis life server before by any chance?
  14. It's his 4th now, any other football fans here :D?