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  1. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

  2. Finally we're getting the stuff we paid for
  3. Official Trading Thread

    Still trying to buy 303 key, pm me if interested.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Buying room 303 key, pm me if you're interested.
  5. Official Trading Thread

    Buying 1x flash drive, PM me if you're interested and how much you'd want for it.
  6. The Hideout announcement

  7. Coming soon - Escape from Tarkov in-game events!

    This honestly sounds so much fun, hope I can participate
  8. The new Community Representative for US - Kleanuppguy!

    About damn time
  9. The new USEC art

    Looks amazing
  10. We need this ammunition ingame ASAP

    You forgot the gun that fires this kind of ammunition sir.
  11. Looking for players!

    Would be happy to join if you need more players
  12. UK Based

    added you on steam man
  13. DawnSpark Looking For English Speaking USEC Operators

    20 years old, would like to join
  14. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Would like to join if you guys need any more people