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  1. I suggest you start over new game new team

    Well i was told by the devs that "we don't want players".
  2. Stop saying "this is beta". That's the lamest excuse you can think of.
  3. i7 3770 3.4Ghz, GTX1080, 16Gb of ram, 1Tb SSD, external sound card. How those specs can't run a Unity game at decent frames is beyond me when i can run the latest and greatest AAA games without a hint of a stutter at ultra settings.
  4. Here's an idea. How about making sure the engine works before adding content? Just a thought. But what do i know, i'm not a developer. Maybe making engines work is beyond anyone's capability and we should all get the latest i7 overclocked and SLI a couple of Titans just to get more than 30fps out of a UNITY ENGINE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well I am taking a break....

    I agree with him. I dropped this game a month ago. Been following the forum to see the state of the game by what people report and post and it just seems to be getting worse, not better. From CPU loads, memory leaks, new exploits every day, hackers... I don't really see how this game will work even if all that is fixed considering giving players so much agency, it will undermine any quest or mechanic attempted.
  6. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    It doesn't matter. They would be separate game modes. They wouldn't bleed into each other. All i'm suggesting is the choice, not a sweeping change to what you have now. How hard is that to comprehend?! It totally wouldn't. Just take the same content you made for PvP and duplicate it with random bots for groups of players or solo players. Just give that option. It's already in the game for crying out loud. Just leave it there and maybe add a bit to it and you're done.
  7. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    I'm done with you. Please leave this thread.
  8. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    You are. This is flat out trolling. You're intentionally derailing.
  9. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    NOT FOR EVERYONE YOU....F!)="#()#"=$!!!!!!! Stop replying here you troll!
  10. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Again, what are you trying to achieve?! Your motivations seem to be exclusively selfish, unless you're just brown nosing for the devs. You fight this suggestion as if someone suggested to take your toys away.
  11. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    No, it wouldn't. It wouldn't in any way at all. You just want easy kills. What you're actually achieving is speeding up the death of this game. At this rate, the game is going to be DOA by the time they release. Good job.
  12. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Nobody's trying to change the game, i'm suggesting ADDING to the game. Do you have trouble with reading comprehension or logic? ADDING is not CHANGING. Those are two different terms. Your precious PvP would stay whatever hell you want it to be. PvE would ADD a game mode for people like me and we'd never cross paths or interfere with each other. That is absolute nonsense. You're just happy you have victims to gank and you don't want that to change.
  13. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    And who are you to tell us that? Who gave you the moral high ground? This arrogance is really ruining the game more than any gameplay aspect ever could. It's a simple suggestion to help them retain unhappy customers and possibly even attract more new ones. People like you seem to have this assumption that this is your private little club of toxicity and you want to dwell in it like a...well you finish this thought for yourself.
  14. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    No. That's not true on two counts. There are quite a lot of players now that aren't playing because they're unhappy with the PvP. Also, why should these players be forced to be victims of your ganking target practice? You're not going to play with them, you're just going to kill them on sight. Why should we be your loot pinatas!? You can stay in your PvP and fight other vicious players hunting you, we can stay in PvE, playing together and having fun.
  15. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    But why do you care? This wouldn't affect you at all. You can have your hardcore hell, we could have our casual fun. Why do you react as if someone's trying to ruin YOUR fun?!