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  1. Analog Controller Device Issues

    trying to I know that if you go to settings the press the ` or ~ button and it brings up the command line then I can type a command. I am looking for the command to zero out my joystick I thought it was "joystick 0" but it says "not a command". Does anyone know what the command is for joystick zero and the command to display frames per second. Thanks
  2. Rolling Grenades

    I think they should add rolling and cooking, (when you pull the pin but hold the button to hold the grenade to change the explosion time from when you throw it), grenades to add more stealth and diversity to gameplay. Rolling a cooked grenade into a room of enemies would be a great way to clear a room
  3. Insurgency 2014-style Grenade Throwing

    I hope they add grenade roll and combat roll to add tactical advantages.