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  1. Eq just gone.

    I started again with EFT today need remove old game version install launcher itd. When i play the game and check "character" in the menu i dont have my previous inventory ? where is it ? there was something like eq reset ? and i dont even have my bonus eq from standard edition pack there is no ak nothing just some couple pistols 1 backpack rubles etc. but zero weapon from my previous inventory or from standard pack. What going on ?
  2. Bigger main stash.

    There is some way to get bigger stash ? Or only buy better game package ? cuz i dont have more room to save weapon
  3. Alpha admission wave starts!

    I buy standard edition year ago and wow i get access to alpha. No more wait for summer beta. YEA thanks you devs.
  4. LIRIK can stream this game ?

    He stream EFT right now. So game can be stream ?
  5. CBT

    Like in title someone know when CBT start i know only first Q of this year so maybe february or march but maybe someone know a Day ?
  6. Parts of weapons

    There will be parts of weapon to loot or something ? I mean if we get all of part we can construct AK or something ? Maybe some books how to craft a weapon ?