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  1. I'm not a pro, but here's a video?

    Nice video, your not the only one trying to make them
  2. Ev!l Gamers [EVGR] Est. 2010

    Community name: Ev!l Gamers Community tag: EVGR Community Motto: Bringing Ev!l To The Gamers Origanted: 2010 Platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PS4. What does our community play? Arma 3, DayZ Standalone, Garrys Mod, Call of Duty IW, Escape from Tarkov, Rust, Squad, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and Squad. READ: WE HAVE NO INTENTION ON ADVERTISING OTHER VIDEO GAMES ON THIS POST. WE ARE JUST SHOWING WHAT OUR COMMUNITY PLAYS BESIDES ESCAPE FROM TARKOV. WE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A ESCAPE FROM TARKOV FORUMS PAGE, WE ARE NOT HERE TO ADVERTISE WHAT-SO-EVER. WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADVERTISE OUR COMMUNITY ON YOUR FORUMS, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO PULL ANY STRINGS BY MENTIONING OTHER GAMES. Age: No little kids allowed. Our average age in our community is 23. Most of us are in College or with families. We don't have bedtimes or mothers screaming in the background. Timezone: All Time Zones are welcomed, we allow players from all over the world. Microphone Must have a good working microphone to communicate. Media: We have YouTube and Twitter community account. What do we use to communicate? We offer all of our PC platform users a Discord and a TeamSpeak server for communication. History: Since 2010, our community played Call Of Duty on the Xbox 360. We played tournaments around the world for fame and for cash, but to also have fun since it is a video game. Following the year 2017, we decided to switch to a community since Call Of Duty got boring and expanded to PS4 and PC. Today we have squads on all sorts of games, just like Escape From Tarkov with over 40 active users in our Tarkov squad. Conclusion: If you are interested in joining, message the President of the community on Steam at [EVGR] Clutch. PS: This is a re-upload since the old post was deleted by mistake. We are not boosting this post, if any admin visits the old post we made, you will notice that the post is different than this post, because we had to remake this post. Mainly pointed to @FLP, Sorry about the problem earlier.
  3. Looking for people 18+

    Nothing was unnecessary, I was just having a conversation.
  4. Да, я должен был сказать не делать этого в описании, так как многие люди думали, что разные
  5. Looking for people 18+

    I wasn't bragging lmao
  6. Looking for people 18+

    We have wayy more people. It just takes time building it. I did it the past 7 years, so I am used to it.