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  1. Status Reports???

    I guess you're right Thanks for the link man!
  2. Status Reports???

    Just wondering if you guys do status reports where you talk about whats going on at BSG and the development of Escape from Tarkov, just like the devs do over at Bohemia with DayZ Standalone. Just wanting to know if you would ever consider doing it cause it'll keep us informed with all the news you guys have to show. Loving the game by the way keep it up!
  3. Since you devs are saying that there will be Asian and Oceanic servers added, will you automatically transfer us from whatever other region we are currently in, to the one we are closest to. Currently, I live in Australia and i'm playing on the USA region, so when Oceanic servers are released, will I be transferred?
  4. Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the best video ever!
  5. Australian (Oceania) Servers?

    Surely it can't be that hard to add some OCE servers. Can't it??