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  1. hahaha why don't you just make another graphic?!
  2. what's weird is there is a SSAA checkbox in the bottom line of graphics options on the graphic settings screen which means super sampling anti aliasing but then the anti aliasing box is greyed out obviously... i posted a thread asking for graphics explanations a while back but didn't get a response from anyone with knowledge on it unfortunately. what the reddit user is talking about is most likely reshade, reshade is custom shader writing thats prepackaged for you so you can run things like smaa and maybe other antialiasing (i dont see any ones from my default 52 shaders) but you can download the reshade software from their website and then select the game .exe and make sure you have opengl+ checked, the rest if fairly simple kind of have to explore. what i did was go into an offline match with pve unchecked so there are no ai scavs either, and then messed around with the settings i wanted. personally i dont have any antialiasing things enabled at the moment but i dont have clarity and levels checked on, this helped to remove that gray kind of overlay that seems to be on by default, you'll see what im talking about after. (if you use levels i recommend moving the black level so there is less all black areas, just move it down (i think) a tad) lemme know if you have any questions! id be happy to help
  3. Do these shortcuts also change some graphic setting like windowed or windowed fullscreen or something? whenever i press it my picture readjusts for a second, and sometimes the game doesnt even minimize and i'm still staring at it... the reason i suspect it's changing my graphics settings to windowed fullscreen or something is because the performance becomes noticeably worse after using these shortcuts. i'm 144 hz/fps vysync in the menus, never dropping below 144 (you can have ingame fps tracker by typing fps 1 into the console command by pressing ` ) but after using either of these shortcuts i will see lots of fps drops while navigating through the menus, no longer remaining anywhere near 144, more like 70-90s range. if i never ever press these shortcuts the game will stay at 144 (drops to like 100 lowest in certain areas of the game, so rarely). anyone else having a similar experience or can tell me if the devs are aware of this? the other alt+tab threads got kind of offtrack
  4. wow your ram runs at 29333 mhz? that's crazy you must be able to manipulate nature!
  5. problem!

    ughhh i really love this game but the desync is starting to drive me insane, pop out and put two shotgun shots in a dudes chest to get sprayed by his pistol... super frustrating and im usually positive about beta game development in general
  6. also seems like vertical sync recognizes my monitors refresh rate and goes above 120 to 144 on my actual fps number, despite still showing that 120 limit uptop
  7. how do you remove or change the framerate limit? is there a way to do it through the console commands or no? when you type fps 1 in console it clearly shows there is a 120 fps limit i'd like to try the game uncapped for example just to see, and maybe limit it to more like 144?
  8. okay i got the gist of that from other posts but just wanted clarification, i appreciate the response
  9. buying or selling will not make my roubles level change for the PK, restarting game did not resolve this.
  10. yeah definitely do not give items to the sherpas besides armor, otherwise that will incentivize way too many people to do it who aren't truly about the Sherpa way (helping noobs, not just ditching them and going on a killing spree) if the guns are the sherpas own than he will most likely not act like a scav going in and will actually try to exit with his team. Being a sherpa should be something you want to do, because of what it stands for. (and maybe a special weapon DOWN the road or something like you guys mention in your Sherpa page) And lastly, being a sherpa should be a risk, like everything else in this game. If you are a sherpa you should not need to be given a nasty rifle to take noobs through, you should have awesome rifles in your stash that you are looking to put to use. Obviously you should not be a sherpa in the first place if you do not have a large stash to begin with, you are not ready yet.
  11. what duplication bug? If you're referring to insurance fraud that's not possible because if the item is looted it's gone and will not be returned by insurance I honestly think people are just clearing-house when the fence or whatever the third guys name is has really good stuff for sale, if you've noticed since the update he has been selling much more weaponry in general... imo, i think that people are then going to prapor (who sells the most rubes for most items) and clearing out their stash (and his pockets) to then go back to the fence and buy the modded ak74us etc
  12. well then there should be a disclaimer that you're going to lose all your items by upgrading to this version don't you think?
  13. yeah ill have to keep my eyes peeled for that damned barb wire...
  14. I just did this as well and was going to ask how long it takes to come into affect because I want the bigger inventory and secured alpha package but I pray that your experience does not happen to me as I have quite a few guns saved up... There is no way that is how they intended it to be hopefully a dev sees this
  15. I thought that this was supposed to be fixed or is that the way it is? I had my leg destroyed and what not but i'm positive it was the thorns because of the noise it made right when i died too. I agree that a quick death to the leg untreated is realistic but i thought that instant death from touching thorns with a destroyed leg is not that realistic