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  1. What? What else is not in the package right now other then the "Initially good standings with all in-game traders" and "season pass (obviously)"?
  2. One of the advantages with EoD is "Initially good standings with all in-game traders" it says on the pre-order page. Now check out the video below... Now, if you are ending up like in the video and you decide to upgrade or buy the EoD edition - you are in for a surprise. The EoD edition do not give you "Initially good standings with all in-game traders". Atleast not now. Maybe it will change in the future...
  3. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    Haha... it was not like he respawned either, he just dublicated himself and rised up
  4. Since the back story is not fully revealed yet, is this how a USEC thoughts could be about his job in Tarkov and why he's doing it?