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  1. Currently it's a death match, but in the near future there will be other game modes, such as quests. What game modes exactly, and what do those entail, I dunno, but there will be other game modes.
  2. In the game there are no downsides, but like you mentioned, you wouldn't wanna have an optic mounted to the dust cover of an AK47/74 if you didn't have to.
  3. 1. There isn't a way to report hackers 2. "there is anti cheat that the dev's have confidence in and cheaters will be banned" At least that's what a mod is gonna come along and tell you...
  4. 1. I bet you a million dollars (not really) that it'll be the Glock 17, assuming we only get one type of Glock. 2. I personally carry a Glock 30S .45 ACP 10+1 daily, but I have various 9mm and .45ACP handguns and have shots thousands of rounds of each caliber and the only real benefits of 9mm vs .45ACP for personal defense is the fact that generally speaking your typical 9mm pistol will hold more rounds and it is SLIGHTLY easier to make follow up shots, but make no mistake...the .45ACP is a man stopper.
  5. There is a check box on the control menu options so that you can either press caps lock once and your character will continue to walk slowly and quietly until you press it again, or you have to actually hold down caps lock to walk slowly and quietly.
  6. Killing a player scav directly in front of ai scavs won't make the ai kill you, but it should.
  7. I never see bullets in any of my mags on the inventory screen example: the PM and M4 mags have "windows" and they always look empty.
  8. Yes there is some sort of hack that allows you to fly around above the map and shoot people below. I have seen a YouTube video of it happening that was posted here on the forums somewhere. Eventually someone will come along and say that "all hackers will be banned because there is an anti cheat in place" ....but you are correct in what you saw, you're not crazy.
  9. You have to reset your game profile, but you will be starting all over again from scratch.
  10. I've been getting spawn camped a lot recently too... Leveling up the traders gives you access to more stuff to buy and trade for than what you currently see in a particular traders inventory. Fence can't be leveled.
  11. Everything you mentioned will change in future updates, don't worry.
  12. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you need 5 green air filters for a helmet and 7 gold chains for fort armor.
  13. 1. You will lose the container and the items in it if you die and the container isn't in the pouch area. 2. First part yes, second part no 4. I've heard people mention that after you go 10 deep items sometimes get lost. 5. no, you currently have to group up and manually drop items so your friends can pick them up, which can be risky. 6. PMC's, yes 7. total 8. Only a certain number of PMC's are allowed in a raid. Once a PMC is killed no more can take their place to keep the PMC player count up. Player scav's can continue to enter the match as long as there is at least one PMC in the raid.
  14. I have various rifles, shotguns and pistols, but I can't give away all my secrets.