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  1. What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    what secrets are hidden in this blackbox? Maybe it could be do with the next map coming could be terminal. Because blackbox are made for aircrafts.
  2. Gaming Reborn

  3. Gaming Reborn

    Who are we? Well we've not long started up we are a gaming community. Friends who play together have a laugh and steam together. Join us here Everyone is always welcome at our website at http://gamingreborn.co.uk/index.php You can also join us on discord at http://discord.me/GReborn You haven't got to sign up to join us. Just join in on the fun. We play all sorts of game. From Escape from tarkov to Battle Royale to many more. P.S The site is not 100% finished yet.
  4. punisher part 3 bug

    Yeah I done it. But came up saying I failed it for some reason. Send a bug report in or something mate. They will sort everything out
  5. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Looks amazing. I can't wait :D:D:D
  6. Why cheese?

    Camping is fun. Makes people like you cry a bit so we get a buzz out of it Just saying
  7. Gaming Reborn

    Welcome to gaming reborn topic. We play EFT alot. If you want to join group up with us or other people feel free to join our discord. You can also check our website out. Our webisite has not long opened but feel free to post or give us some ideas about topics you would like to see and everything else. We are very open, You haven't got to apply or anything. Just jump in a play https://discord.gg/bvWeHd2 http://gamingreborn.co.uk/

    The container you can buy a bigger from taders. Also Yes it is pain full with a small stash but once hideout hits I'm sure they will allow us to get a bigger stash via in game cash and everything else. NOT 100% sure on that.
  9. Ambulance is so much needed now ahaha
  10. Scav Evac Loot

    Send a video or something in to bug support. They will fix it and everything when they have time.
  11. I know no one cares...

    The game would be boring without them 100%. But remember they are always working on the AI to make them better. So won't be to long till we see better scavs
  12. SHROUD PLAY EFT 20k views !!!

    Someone likes porn
  13. Need help

    You can insure your gear and then hide it someone in raid. Once you reset you'll get it back from it being insured you'll have to wait for the insure timer but that is about it
  14. Signatures free to use

    Cheers my dude. I have a few more in the works
  15. Don't people understand what BETA means? MY GOD. Just do us all a favour and delete the game will you. Kids like you don't understand and then cry about it on the forum. IT'S IN TESTING STAGE. NO one made you buy the game. IT'S not even FULLY OUT YET.