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  1. Scav Evac Loot

    Send a video or something in to bug support. They will fix it and everything when they have time.
  2. I know no one cares...

    The game would be boring without them 100%. But remember they are always working on the AI to make them better. So won't be to long till we see better scavs
  3. SHROUD PLAY EFT 20k views !!!

    Someone likes porn
  4. Need help

    You can insure your gear and then hide it someone in raid. Once you reset you'll get it back from it being insured you'll have to wait for the insure timer but that is about it
  5. Signatures free to use

    Cheers my dude. I have a few more in the works
  6. Don't people understand what BETA means? MY GOD. Just do us all a favour and delete the game will you. Kids like you don't understand and then cry about it on the forum. IT'S IN TESTING STAGE. NO one made you buy the game. IT'S not even FULLY OUT YET.
  7. Signatures free to use

  8. Signatures free to use

    Looks great mate. Enjoy it bro
  9. Adding game to my non-steam game library

    I have my EFT on non steam games. Works fine for me!
  10. Upgrading to better version

    Yes you would have to wait. But I'm sure if you send a ticket in they will reset it for you
  11. Signatures free to use

    Yes you can use signatures dude. Click on your profile name up top then click on account settings. It'll be there dude
  12. Traders Wont Level! HELP!!

    Best thing you can do mate is send a game bug support ticket in. They will fix everything for you!
  13. Signatures free to use

  14. Signatures free to use

    Feel free to use it mate. More to come! Thanks mate
  15. Signatures free to use

    To anyone who would like to use signatures. Feel free to use these ones. Yes I made them. I'll always update this topic so always come back and see what new ones I have made. These are for anyone. Lot's more to come!