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  1. You can buy the part you need at level 2 skier. You first have some work to do...

    The game will be harder when more people can join the big map in the future
  3. Hmm, it is 150 mbit... (at max, but probably not in real life).
  4. To me it seems generally you have an advantage of you peek a corner first, even if the other is expecting you, because it seems that there is a slight delay. I know this was discussed on the forum before. I have experienced this alot when others come aroud a corner first. However, I have the feeling I do not have that kind of advantage. Since I have a high upload speed (150 kb) and very low ping, I was wondering if this could give me a disadvantage. Could it be that if you have a low upload speed, the server delays the time you appear for the other player while with a higher download speed, you see the other person sooner. Maybe it is all bs, but was just wondering how this works.
  5. Cant extract from factory?

    I’m pretty sure one gate is always open for extraction without the factory key. It is the one between the offices and the machinery. Sorry if I can’t explain the location very well
  6. Looking to try out the game?

    Here you go: YXG4F-BE4WS-19B44-WSM5U
  7. The Hatchet Club

    Indeed. Desync did not stop you from getting to lv 35 and harvest a lot of guns. Why stop using them.
  8. You could get the remaining parts with it aswell, as if you would have build it yourself. I don’t mind the ‘magical’ building. Sometimes realism is less important than convenience. Realism should only matter if it adds to the joy of playing. In this case, I find mindless modding (while being irritated because you have just died a couple of times...) not very enjoying.
  9. Hi all, Last night I died a few times within a couple of minutes. Repeatedly I had to buy an AK and all mods to my preference. Buying and modding in between raids almost took more time than the raids itself. I would like to be able to create some preset guns with all the mods from different traders already put together. You would still pay the required money to the different traders but you don't have to take all the time to do the modding over and over again. Was wondering if I am the only one.
  10. Cash (My only gripe)

    But if you need to spend the money, people are just as likely to farm some type of ammo etc. I don't see the difference. The only restriction for people to farm good stuff is the stack size. This would increase when there are no stacks. But is this is not desirable, just decrease the stash size. I just don't like to play tetris with money all the time. off topic. Does anybody know why the roubles in my wallets are vanishing over time? I think it is not because of spending because I assume only the roubles outside your wallet are spend.
  11. Cash (My only gripe)

    This doesn't sound logic to me. Why would you keep money if you're not willing to spend it. Eventually they will. Don't exactly know what you mean but people can't buy everything because of the stash size. No, this is a good feature because in the real world you would be able to feel in what fire mode you are on without looking. In game, in some light conditions it is hard to see without the notification which is not realistic.
  12. Cash (My only gripe)

    Agree, or at least make the Rouble stacks bigger
  13. completly unplayable mess.

    No problems with i7 3770, R9 280x and 16gb ram
  14. Toggle for Comtac Headset

  15. Are your trader's glitched too?

    It's intented. You should complete the tasks first to level them agai