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  1. Are your trader's glitched too?

    It's intented. You should complete the tasks first to level them agai
  2. My friend got banned.

    nothing you can do:
  3. Update?

    Well, it works fine with me at the moment. i7 3770, 8gb Ram, 3gb VRAM 280x, however on 1650x1050.
  4. Update?

    Q&A with dev: "Q: So eventually will I be able to play with 8GB of RAM on bigger maps? A: Yes."
  5. Giving Away Factory Key

    would be fun if he gives you the key and you shoot him afterwards and take his gear, all allowed in Tarkov
  6. Giving Away Factory Key

    been looking for ages... but no thanks. will be more fun if I find it myself
  7. About team identification

    I would also suggest an option to let another player know you are friendly by sound. Just like the 'y" key. The wiggle could only work when the other sees you. Often the first reflex is to shoot.