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  1. New Interchange Screenshots

    Let's hope it won't be another Shoreline when it comes to performance. Would be sad if this place lags worse than Shoreline...
  2. Shoreline need some work

    ^ This game currently leaks like a PACA after a 60 round AP mag.
  3. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    You're the type of player I hope to never encounter in any game with a voice chat, considering you're immensely obnoxious in the way you deal with things. We get it, you're super skilled and you're amazing at the game with a stash full of Fort's and M4's, get over yourself. You state somewhere that you're what, 32? Then how come you feel this urge and need to tell everyone how easy the game is and they should play My Little Pony: Adventure Island instead? Did your daddy beat you when you came home with a low grade or something? Sorry but this guy + my nerves = seppuku time. Also back to the original post, the timers being removed would make it a lot less frustrating since the game is 75.59% luck based. I can't tell you how many times I come up to a scav spawn only to find corpses. You can make your game as hardcore as you want, but at the end of the day if you make it only appeal to people like side1394, then you'll have a very small community. Small community = little money = bankruptcy. +1 for removing timers.
  4. Hits oftenly not registering

    The desync is at an all time high right now, my dude. Hopefully the devs will fix it pretty soon cause it's worse than DayZ's desync right now lmao.
  5. Is there a report hacker function?

    I was behind the small brick door building on the roof. There is no line of sight from the rest of the roof to that point.
  6. There's no real indication anywhere what you have to do if you encounter a possible hacker. My friend got killed by a guy on top of the resort roof, so I sneak up to the roof and I can hear someone moving on metal (So he has to be on the metal staircase right?). So I hide behind the block where the door is to the roof, and I suddenly hear metal movement right behind me and I start taking shots?? How?? Anyway, how to report hackers?
  7. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    I like the MP5 and 9mm AP doesn't do poo vs. fort, sadly. I think I'll have to forget fun and just role with Vepyrs, AKM's and 74's. ( that is if I get more than 10 FPS lol )
  8. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    From my experience the forts take hilarious amounts of bullets. And yes I'm using AP bullets, not HP. 90% of my issues with this game is performance based, though. Since I'm hardly bad at the game and most of my deaths are lag related.
  9. Is there an FPS Stutter fix?

    Pretty easy solution: upgrade your PC to be 5x the minimum requirements.
  10. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    My current specs are: i5-4460S 8GB DDR3 RAM Geforce GTX960 Also, I've killed plenty of geared guys with an SKS but like you said 9/10 it's a head to head fight. And 9/10 times they protect their weakspot, the legs.
  11. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    Like I said in the post, it's impossible to kill them with my current gear/FPS drops. It's currently impossible for me to take out practically anything with roughly 10 - 20 FPS with 1FPS spikes.
  12. Does everyone have Forts and Kivers?

    Only 7 forts? You poor man. I've managed to farm around zero forts and 1 Kiver this patch.
  13. So me and my friend decide to have some fun and go to the Woods. We spawn in on the cabin side 3 times. and 3 times we get people with full Kiver, Forts M4's AK74U's decked the whole 9 yards. Bad luck we guess, okay. We then proceed to play a couple more games in the woods. I mean, everyone can't have full gear in Woods, right? Wrong. we die 3 more times to fully geared players. I've got level 2 Prapor and level 2 Peacekeeper, but the PACA and Kolpak can't compete with Fort and Kiver. I know, go for the legs. But most people aren't morons and cover their legs, leaving only heavily armored and a small hitbox for a headshot. (Which occasionally we take out a couple of guys only to be cleared by their 3rd man.) Now I know what every fanboys knee-jerk response is; git gud. But do the devs of this game really want to turn it into a 1% game? Where the people with max level traders, $3000 PC's and no other things in their lives besides honing their FPS skills are the only people that can actually survive? And getting to this same point that "Pro" players can get to without breaking a sweat after weeks of playing? I personally don't have the time to put into this game to "git gud". But I guess the devs already have my money so what does it really matter if I enjoy the game or not.
  14. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guys camping the Customs river, you're a bunch of absolute tools. Hope you enjoy my Toz-106 <3
  15. You ever feel bad for killing someone?

    This one time I was tracking a guy who was completely oblivious to my existence behind him. I eventually got to a good time and place where everything lined up and I took him out. Turned out he had a lot of nice decked guns and I felt kinda bad for taking him out with my TT.