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  1. Scavs Have Levels?

    the scav end is messed up i can leave a match or be killed instantly and it tell me i have killed 8 people i would just ignore it. the skills for the scavs work from what i have seen tho
  2. General question's

    i think there should be no scav cooldown unless your scav is killed and if u kill other scavs it adds 30mins to your timer for each one you kill if u make it out alive or not
  3. Why I think Suppressors should NOT be nerfed

    turn your sound up problem solved lol but yea when the subsonic rounds are working right when fix/tweak the suppressor sounds
  4. To all in Florida.....

    stay safe people its sounding bad out there get yourselfs a hot chocolate and hunker down with some tarkov
  5. Edition upgrade, wont get stuff? Please help!

    yep u need to reset your game start from fresh if u no life the game for a couple of hours/days u will have all your stuff and more
  6. Flying Hackers

    there not hackers there script kiddys using there mums card to buy a script from a site