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  1. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Hype for 2018!
  2. EOD pack still available

    this is probably the biggest seller... why would they remove it? it's the best value ATM if you can afford it.
  3. SLUG's !!!!

    you can't compare the 2 in term of accuracy and damage. this is a rifled barrel shooting a 'sabot' round. it's pretty much a rifle. in game we are shooting slugs ( foster style , round ball , breneke?) from a smoothbore. They are pretty accurate up to 100-200 yards depending on the style of slug / choke combination. ATM shotgun in game are very broken and need work. a slug/00 buckshot at point blank range in the chest should 1 shot with proper shot placement.
  4. Raid duration drasticly reduced

    1 hours in wood/customs is more than enough
  5. Scav Run Warning

    you learn from your mistake ... it will only happen once i swear!
  6. Gas analyzer

    it can spawn on the shelve in the hallway on factory 3th floor. Also can spawn in the locked room (not the one with factory key) which require the key that spawn in the bathroom... also scav
  7. Can't seem to reach Level 60

    59 is the max lvl for the moment.
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    found the 203 key on a scav in his dufflebag... still wondering where is that garage that might spawn the key?
  9. Quest Mega Thread

    stuck on shaking up the teller... went to 214 twice found nothing ... now it's saying there might be a garage with 2 digits ... i checked the one in spawn at custom but found nothing... aynone?
  10. Quest system - crazy

    100% agree, IMO appart from a better translation from russian to english in the quest dialog it's great! the scav is there for that IMO
  11. Quest Mega Thread

    the translation need work , i'm stuck on bad rep evidence with prapor. it says i found the key(never looted one on the raid it says i found it) ... but the key to where? i understand that i need to be somewhat deceptive in the description but it's next to impossible to check every place on a map with every key
  12. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

  13. Plusieurs questions pour un noob^^

    il y a peux d’endroits ou tu va trouver des armes. Ramasse les items qui ont de la valeur, vend et achete au marchant. Les scavs et autre joueur c'est la meilleur maniere de ramasser des items. Les raids: les joueurs peuvent ''spawner'' 2-5 minute apres le début du raid. Les joueur scavenger EX sur custom, arrive apres 6-7 minute environ et il y en a en 1 et 7. pas de comm pour le moment. Kill or be killed. Je crois que sa arrive avec la prochaine patch.
  14. Completely Silent Guns

    yeah and that sound you will hear it from miles in open terrain when its dead silent (like tarkov) first video is also subsonic ammo, in game we have full power ammo (supersonic) Using subsonic ammo is quieter and less lethal (penetration/range are significantly reduced) Camera and mic don't pic up how loud supressed weapon are. 130 DB is like a jack hammer. Would you not notice a jackhammer or car alarm from 10 meters? ... here's a little something understand how loud firearms are. Suppressed rifle play in the 125-135 DB range ... on the edge of earing damage. 0 dB refrigerator 50 - 75 dB washing machine 50 - 75 dB air conditioner 50 - 80 dB electric shaver 55 - 70 dB dishwasher 60 - 85 dB vacuum cleaner 60 - 95 dB hair dryer 65 - 80 dB alarm clock 75 - 85 dB flush toilet 80 dB ringing telephone 110 dB baby crying 90 - 115 dB subway 95 - 110 dB motorcycle 110 dB symphony concert 110 dB car horn 110 -120 dB rock concert 112 dB CD player on high 117 dB football game (stadium) 130 dB jackhammer, power drill 130 dB Vigilant Personal Alarms 140 dB airplane taking off 150 dB firecracker 157 dB balloon pop 162 dB fireworks (at 3 feet) 163 dB rifle 166 dB handgun 170 dB shotgun