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  1. bad sound engine..

    I've staved off commenting about the sound engine for as long as possible but today was the last straw with it! Whenever there are players running around you, their footsteps sometimes are so inaudible even when they are right next to you its unreal, seriously, I killed a scav in Factory, got his gear, ran behind cover to the right of the main exfil just search for the mags to the Makarov, next thing I know, I hear distant footsteps sprinting and they sounded like they were coming from near the 3 story stairs, I was hidden so I didn't worry (P.S I made sure no one else was camping behind) The metal creaked and it still didn't sound like it was right behind me, next thing I know, I've been killed by a hatcheter because the damn sound engine and footsteps are so inconsistent, it really needs to be reworked because when a player can sprint behind you and jump on metal and it still sounds like its 3 miles away, it really doesn't help one bit, I get it, its a Beta but still, this problem is beyond irritating, its digging away at my patience because I do enjoy this game when the sounds and gameplay work well, the inconsistency is just the one thing that is keeping me from enjoying it all the time!
  2. Hey guys! I don't know what has happened but as of recently I have no longer got access to the Global Chat, is this a bug and has anyone else got this issue too, its also happening to my buddy who's with me currently on Discord. - TBag
  3. Checking Ammo

    Yeah, its meant to be realistic, so just checking your inventory to see how many rounds you have isn't realistic I like the idea of having to actually check mags but that's just me
  4. So I don't really know what to say about this but yesterday morning, I played 4 hours, had 20+ raids that went well, died twice due to that lovely desync, I come on today, all of the sudden, I am dropping in one shot from Shotgun Scavs at ranges that aren't even effective with the Pump, has something changed since yesterday with health, Kivers and Paca? I literally go in with full armor and drop in one shot from a Scav?? Can someone please tell me I'm going crazy or something because even on Stream I was getting shot once, since yesterday, everything has gone to hell with my gameplays
  5. When Desync gets you trapped

    The Desync mainly hits me on Factory, if it happens on any other map like Customs, its literally only for a minute at most
  6. When Desync gets you trapped

    I get the desync is an ongoing issue and I'm well aware we're the testers, its just infuriating that when trying to Exfil, you have to ALF F4, log back in and then get teleported somewhere you've never actually walked near
  7. So, the desync as of late has been absolutely horrendous, its been so bad that every server for the past 4 games now have gotten me messed up because of the fact the AI shoot you and you can't do nothing to save yourself, now, I went to use the underground Evac on Factory, was lagging hard, the server desync was pathetic, now I am trapped and can't get out thanks to a broken leg that wasn't there before! Seriously, the servers best be fixed come the update, its not fun dying to desync or getting trapped because the servers decided to play dumb! Anyone else ever got trapped here due to Desync??
  8. The desync is even worse now, 3 separate games, all the same issues, desync would start randomly and then it just keeps you in the lobby, I tried to leave but it wouldn't let me, I closed the game and it took all my poo during each game!
  9. Full name: Cian Fitzgerald Nickname/Title: Fitz Gender: Male Age: 46 Occupation: Ex Royal Marine 45 Commando Appearance: Dark Brown hair with highlights of grey throughout, green eyes with shades of blue, 1.82m, 85KG, scar across left cheek, full tribal tattoo sleeve on right arm, Name and birth date tattoo of his daughter on left wrist (Madelyn Fitzgerald - 17/04/2012) a full brown beard with grey forming around the chin up to the ear, the bridge of his nose is slightly crooked from a fight with a ex BEAR Social Level/Rank: Lower class, obtained the rank of Sergeant Positive Personality Traits: Assertive, brave, aware, Dynamic, Intelligent Negative Personality Traits: Cynical, short temper, offensive joker, cruel and unforgiving Misc. Quirks: Always wears a lucky titanium ring given to him as a gift from his deceased father. Gets physically angry when people mispronounce his name as Cy-an rather than Ki-an, because of his age, his stamina is inefficient meaning he can't run too far without getting out of breath or a stitch, he makes up for this with his tactical abilities Likes: Loves rain storms, acoustic guitar melodies, toilet humor, fishing, camping Dislikes: Long distance travel in Aircraft, Marmite, rude people, taxation, bad drivers Hobbies: Riding through the country roads on his 1971 Triumph T100R Daytona, taking his daughter to the local zoo, on his spare time, he goes Airsofting to keep himself occupied on the weekend when his daughter is with the mother, loves to scuba dive with his friends once in a blue moon. Hunting animals back in his home soil Ireland. Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Made a several friends in the USEC uniform Enemies: Due to the friendship with USEC and the stories he's heard, Cian doesn't give the BEARS a second thought when it comes to taking their lives Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: Cian has a Gerber Silver Trident Combat Knife that has an engraving of his daughters first name (Madelyn) he also has a Browning Hi-Power that has a been through many years of usage, has a tendency to jam once in a while as this pistol was once carried by his father, Cian can't give it up because of its sentimental value History: Cian was born in Drogheda where he spent many years under the guidance of his father Jack Fitzgerald, being home schooled, his father took him hunting regularly for Foxes, Deer and Rabbits, teaching him the essence of hunting and stealth, this in turn helped Cian learn the fundamentals of weaponry, when Cian was aged 16, his father passed his Browning Hi-Power pistol as a birthday present which he has kept over the years, Cian Enlisted in the Royal Marines not long after, after 9 months of hard training he was awarded his Green Beret, Cian didn't see the field of battle until 1991 where he was deployed in Operation Safe Haven to protect the Kurds, in 1994 he took part in Operation Vigilant Warrior in Kuwait to bolster the Coalition Forces. In 1997, his father passed away, Cian was given time to grieve, this loss greatly impacted his personality, he became cold in his ways, leaving any thought of compassion behind him, he was Discharged in November 1997 due to his mental state, as time went on, he met his wife Tara in 2009, getting married in 2010, their daughter was born 2 years later but their marriage soon broke down because of Cian's short temper which had been a problem in his life since his father passed away. Cian eventually found himself making friends with the PMC group USEC in 2013, they had talked him into joining up because of the benefits they all got, it wasn't long after that Cian found himself lost in the city of Tarkov, where he has to fight every day against Scavs and BEARS, the years haven't been kind to Cian but he never lost the fire in his heart, regardless of his age, his tactical knowledge keeps him alive, it keeps him moving, knowing one day he might get out of Tarkov and return back to his Irish homeland to see his daughter once again. Feel free to correct anything!
  10. Post your RIG.

    Mobo: ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming CPU: Intel i7-6700 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RAM: 24Gb HyperX Fury DDR4 3000Mhz GPU: ASUS GTX 1070 Storage: 3 250GB SSD's & 2 1TB 7200RPM HDD's PSU: Cooler Master G650 Bronze Certified PSU Case: Antec GX500
  11. Taxonomy Error?

    Hey guys, are you lot getting a Taxonomy error? I can't log back into the game and it just has a red code of 231!
  12. Missing Footsteps

    Has anyone had the issue where the footsteps of AI or Players completely disappears, not sure what happened but an AI somehow managed to get behind me after I heard a bush swipe to my front left, next thing I hear is an AI shouting over my left shoulder, magically the AI had passed by me without so much as making a sound! Anyone else having this issue, sometimes when I wear my Comtacs the footsteps are inaudible at times! And no, there is no profanity Woodsen
  13. Why this game using so much Internet traffic?

    The Internet Traffic from this game is so high because of everything loading from the servers, the game is only 4Gb or thereabouts, think about it, how can a game be so detailed and have so much content with such a small file size? This game uses so much data due to all the server side data it has to load
  14. Your suggestions

    I don't know if it has been suggested as of yet but there is a specific pistol by Walther called the P38 which I think would be a pretty sweet vintage pistol to have in the game, the design is incredible and I think it would be fun to use in game! Obviously it chambers 9x19mm Parabellum with its 8 round magazine! Attachments wise, maybe have different grips and slides that only alter its appearance rather than attributes As you can see, this Walther P38 has a sleeker look to it but retains the classic style!
  15. Traders Stuck

    It does seem as though its all server side, I'm sure the dev team are aware of the issue, once it's corrected, they'll probably show all the money you've spent from the moment the issues began! So don't worry too much