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  1. PREPARE TO DIE - an idea for ranked mode with leaderboards

    I definitely think it would be a fun mode. Very hard, but fun
  2. New AI accuracy

    Very true I'm a firm believer that the AI should use quantity of shots over quality
  3. im a lil confused

    Did you have space in your inventory? Like the sling slot or a large backpack?
  4. Broken english in Tarkov

    Aye, I'd be happy to. I'm a former English teacher with past ESL, TEFL and CELTA work in Poland and Korea. I'm currently on medical leave till about September next year (lots of free time) and I'd be happy to help out
  5. Coop PVE

    I think it would be handy for practicing with friends so + 1 from me. Obviously it would not count towards things in the main game, but it would be handy for teaching purposes.
  6. A way to lower and raise your Com-Tac Headset

    That would be nice tbh
  7. Inventory change

    Hullo, I was looking at the character active gear screen and noticed a few things that should probably be changed. The first one is that there should be another head item slot called "face/ mask" This is because there will be biological and radiation hazards in the future. We need somewhere to put face items such as: Respirators Face masks Shemaghs balaclavas etc. Also looking at the models of a lot of the load bearing equipment, they do have pistol holsters on them. They also have a much higher carrying capacity than is currently available in game. It would be nice if the carry capacity reflected this. For example the blackrock: 4 x 2 slots 6 x 1 slots 1 x pistol holster Has this been bugging anyone else?
  8. Marker for team mates

    As far as I'm aware they are going to put in more prominent visual indicators on the character models at some point. Probably coloured arm patches on the BEAR or USEC arm icons. When my mates and I decide to go on a group raid together we usually agree to all wear the same headgear and double check our gear over TS3 before heading out. It saves a lot of hassle. Also with the new closer squad spawning it has made it easier
  9. Killing teammates in groups?

    It sounds like you teamed up with a dick hoping to exploit new players As others have said, best option is to team up with people you know through the game discord channel or join a clan with people you know. At least that way you can get them blacklisted within the community/ communities if they are exploiting new players. It might be a giggle if you got a "stranger danger" warning first time you put up the looking for a group or join a group on the matchmaking
  10. flip items in inventory

    It's "R" mate R for rotate
  11. Tips for using the AKs-74u

    Yeah, it is a great go to gun, cheap and effective
  12. Where is the grenade box on shorelines?

    Also this thread might be helpful
  13. It's just testing to be honest. I can see a lot of scav spawn variables being tried out such as adding or reducing a few minutes. Either way it is good, it allows the devs to see how the dynamics change instead of sticking to a rigid it must be this way without trying things out.
  14. Tarkov - spawn killed

    It seems like the spawn locations are a bit messed up at present. Hopefully they'll bring in a player/ scav detection radius to turn on or off the different spawn locations on the maps.
  15. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    Nice story It is nice when teaming up with other scavs to take out PMCs. It's a whole different game dynamic. I've only had it happen a few times thought , 95% of the time it is shot to the back of the head even when wiggling, torch flashing or using the friendly hand up gesture.