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  1. A temporary fix is in this thread:
  2. The Punisher Pt. 3

    One fix for the timed missions could be to only count the amount of time in the actual game towards the time limit. That way it you could get on with real life stuff instead of being glued to the pc for the duration when you accept a timed mission.
  3. I posted this as a possible idea in a similar thread: I'm not so keen on the idea. It removes the adrenaline high you get from wiping 3-4 man squads as a solo player using sneeki breeki tactics and so on. Maybe a compromise could be reached though? Something like up to lvl 5 when solo or in a 2 man squad you you can only be put in matches with solos and 2 man squads. The game could give you an option of ticking a box for regular or newbie matching up to lvl 5 (with newbie matching giving less xp to give a little bit longer for game learning). Obviously this would not apply if you went in as a 3+ PMC squad, you are over lvl 5 or playing a Scav. This could count as part of a tutorial possibly?
  4. N00bs first day

    Both are good threads with slightly different perspectives and very useful information in them
  5. N00bs first day

    Biggest one is STRANGER DANGER! Don't accept invites to squad up on the map prep screen! Useless dickheads are taking advantage of newbs that way. Actually I'll link a thread that I think you will find useful and like
  6. Some thoughts from a new player

    ^ @electromech if you have no mates who play this game I'd speak to the TAW (The Art of War) guys as they seem like a friendly bunch. Failing that look for the discord channel as they are self policing and blacklist people who take advantage of new peeps You have the right idea running a TT (silenced). I've had some of my best solo raids going in with a regular TT and coming out with poo loads of gear. Keep your eyes peeled for LNRPC ammo (silver case and black bullet) from fence. Also solo-ing woods and shoreline is very doable with a TT
  7. New Weapons??

    A 7.62x25mm SMG would be nice. Something like a re-chambered skorpion would be cool for scavs to have (and loot ) I'm also surprised that the devs are working on a G3 as the FN-FAL was more widely distributed and it can run in a janky mode without the dust cover etc
  8. Some thoughts from a new player

    From my perspective the current shortening of raid times has not helped. It has reduced the viability of sneeki breeki play style and encouraged camping play-style. With the longer raids it allowed the PMCs and player scavs to move about the map hunting each other. However now with the shorter raids camping has become a viable strategy, whereas previously it was a lot of boredom with a low chance of payoff. I just had 3 raids where I had to kill/ get killed/ evade campers at exits. I am glad you are having fun, but I'd seriously recommend squadding up at present as it makes life a hell of a lot easier. These days I usually bring in gear for mates who do not have some trader options available (usually armour).
  9. New area suggestion *Tarkov Int'l airport (TKV)*

    I think that is a reference to the ferry terminal/ port that is mentioned quite a bit in the lore. Either way both would be great maps and I'm looking forward to seeing how they are implemented
  10. Grenade Bag or box

    That is just a really nice and good idea dude
  11. I want this piece of clothing scavs where.

    Off the top of my head the closest thing would be one of the old British army, navy or air force wooly jumpers as they have that striped texturing of the wool. You'd have to remove the elbow pads off them though. You could probably get a Grade 1 version (used) pretty cheap off ebay or from a surplus store. That, a puffy bodywarmer and a fishing vest and you'd be sorted dude
  12. It's been worse than usual tonight. I stopped playing around 23:30 GMT as desync was still pretty bad and I got sick of it. Normally desync settles down about 22:30 to 23:00 for me
  13. Insurance Timer

    From my experience the timers tend to vary. Prapor :18-36 hours Therapist: 12-24 hours One workaround could be a storage option which costs extra money so you could access things up to 7 days after you lost them?
  14. New Player question, with alot of deaths

    @ImAPeoples I'd recommend it. It has done wonders for several of my mates Hell, it's great if you have some shortcut route keys (factory key etc) so you can show them potential map shortcuts when they get the key themselves. Or if you go into a live raid together, you wont confuse them by going a strange route for extra gear or shortcuts
  15. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    As I've said before, this could all be fixed with a proximity spawn system. That way it would reduce the amount of panic fire or exploiting an easy kill/ gear situation when a person is still loading in. It is not helped by the shorter raid timers at the moment also All it would take is an algorithm that checks to see is a player is within 150-200 meters of another player and then shift them to another spawn point. Failing that, spawning you in as a scav in a group of NPC scavs would work also.