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  1. Factory exits BROKEN!

    Factory isn't the only map with the exit issues. In the past few days I have had the same problems when trying to exit on all the maps. Ie. Get to exit point, get the countdown but no exit. Even after Atl+f4 or leaving the exit and re entering the exit
  2. RG028 gzh 9x18: can it penetrate paca?

    I'd give it a 50/50 to be honest Best bet is is to hit lvl 2 traders for peacekeeper and prapor so you can get rifle-carbines and armour mate. Otherwise the PM or TOZ bolt-action aimed at the head does the job.
  3. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    The fact is, if you know what you are doing or are sneekiebreeki enough you can kill anyone with a PM etc From personal experience of training/ forcing other clan mates to stop being pussies by taking them out on raids and refusing them if they did not take out at least a pistol works. This is a game where your game equates to your gear vs skill & additional assets (team mates etc). Generally speaking the more you put in, the more you will take out.
  4. anyone dying at spawn ?

    I had a similar situation recently (14/01/18). You get hit by a few shots and start bleeding without hearing anything. Generally speaking it seems like a combination of several issues. These being: Desync The no sound silent player issue Guns making no noise issue
  5. I found that last night (12/01/18) when a mate an myself were doing some PMC night raids on customs the scavs did seem better equipped. They were mostly armed with MP153 shotguns, SAIGA shotguns and the Saiga 9mm SMGs. We got out of that raid with a silly amount of semi-auto shotguns
  6. I got a weird bug where i couldnt extract.

    I had that last night (11/01/18) also. Did you get to a designated extraction point and your timer counted down to zero several times when moving around to keep triggering the extraction zone, and then nothing happened? Then I left the game running and ended up with the missing in action result. I am curious as to how many people this happened to yesterday.
  7. Fix the English Grammer

    It reminds me of when you learn another language up to a functional level but are not really comfortable with it. For example, I can speak survival level (shop, taxi, bar, ski resort) Polish. But according to my ex and some of my Polish mates my grammar was terrible, although they could get the general gist of what point I was trying to make or say @d0gday , I agree that it adds a nice level of charm and immersion to EFT. What would make sense though is if Peacekeeper had business/ near perfect levels of English, French and Polish in those translations of the game
  8. Ammo Issue

    I get exactly the same thing happening to me. On a side note, it does not have to be an online raid to sort the bug out (for me at least)
  9. Generally speaking, trust no-one. Unless they are your mates on discord, TS3 etc. Never accept a squad up invite from someone you do not know. Myself and a lot of others used to do the friendly wiggle, but but got too burned by the back stabs or being shot on sight. These days it is shoot to kill, or evade.
  10. If you use them it could give you a small buff to stress resistance or reduce the amount of time it takes the tremor effect to wear off.
  11. Bitcoins!? Wat do?

    I think you might need one for trading a type of storage container? Or I could be getting confused with roller watches and gold chains *shrug*
  12. What is being done to stop cheaters?

    A nice thread for you look up dude It even has a recent name a shame done by the devs.
  13. Player scavs ruining the game

    But where would we be if we did not have the option to be cheeki & breeki once in a while Plus going in as a squad of scavs is a great fun/ challenging
  14. Additional post reaction Icons

    Hullo all, Is it just me or are we lacking some pretty obvious post reaction options? The current ones are great (like, upvote, hot etc), however we could really do with some others. I would suggest the following is needed: Laughing positive reaction Laughing negative reaction Shrug it is Tarkov reaction Descync ghost reaction Does anyone else have any ideas or thoughts on reactions we should probably have?
  15. Group Murderers

    @DanExert LOL! Very true dude. But yeah, the devs should probably provide a "stranger danger" warning box to come up if a person is not on your friends list