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  1. Whoever I just did a full SCAV run with on Customs..

    ^ That #locked
  2. WTB Document cast (Name your price please)

    Hi, we have a post created with the purpose of trading. Visit it here: #locked
  3. Forum Signature Graphic Wizards

    Just a random topic of mine. Years back, I was very interested in doing some graphical work that'd be suitable for forum signatures in an old gaming community of mine - just wanted to see how creative the EFT lot are Here's some of mine: There's many more that I've made. I'm interested on picking it up as a hobby again and want to make one for myself here, just need to get the ideas going!
  4. Newbie Looking for Othher Newbies! US! 18+

    Hey! We don't allow "Looking for a group" type of posts, there is a wide selection of Clans and gaming groups that'd welcome you that are recruiting on our forum here! Here's the link: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/ #locked
  5. [EU] Mature Escaper looking for friends 8hrs a day.

    Hello! We do not allow "Looking for group" posts, there is a wide selection of communities you can pick from Thanks! #locked
  6. Insurance - how do it work

    If your loot is still in the raid when the raid ends for everyone then you will get it back. If it has been taken out of the map, it's gone. #locked
  7. I already bought the game can I upgrade to a better version?

    Hello! Of course we allow users to upgrade their package, you basically pay the difference. FOR EXAMPLE if you paid £50 for Standard and EoD is £150 you'd only pay £100. Make sure to grab it during the black friday sale for -25%! #resolved #locked
  8. Looking For Group

    We don't allow "Looking for groups" threads - there is a wide selection of recruitment threads for you to chose and pick from.
  9. 3rd person?

    There will be no third person, trailer third person was to showcase the player movement animations. #locked
  10. How to Scope a SKS

    #resolved #locked
  11. D-sync Even after everything was dead

    Using the search function would yield you multiple reports that would help you see that the issue has been reported and is currently being worked on. Thanks, never-the-less for being chill about it! Netcode patch is inbound, and will resolve the issues! #locked
  12. Upgrading to EoD.

    They won't do that. Only way to keep your items after wipe is to give them to your friend and trade back when you wipe.
  13. AS Val/VSS Nerf

    ^ That, Just type "AS Val" and "Nerf" and you yield a result. #resolved #locked
  14. @merking

    #locked This post would belong here:
  15. ^ That is the reason I got the game, no joke...