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  1. Upgrade?

    I'd not suggest upgrading for any medium packages, either standard or EOD. The season pass is the biggest reason the EoD is worth it - as is the massive inventory space.
  2. Game pad support

    Real question here is... why would you do this to yourself. On topic though, there is no official answer regarding game pad support and you can only speculate - I doubt there will be because of the game itself; it's meant to be played using mouse & keyboard.
  3. Lit. No more custom desync due to door!
  4. How to max level Peacekeer?

    1.5mil Roubles need to be spent, as far as I know.
  5. Edition upgrade, wont get stuff? Please help!

    You need to reset your game profile. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/reset-game-profile
  6. crouch/walk glitch bug

    To fix that rejoin the raid by ALT F4'ing and reconnecting.
  7. Concept art of the Therapist merchant

    What if I got no recipe for that morphine, though. She gonna call the cops on me?
  8. Giant Bear or Usec

    You obviously just have tiny feet.
  9. CPU Usage Is INSANE!

  10. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    When the guy stands up, the dead body stays on the floor. But he killed 2 guys, there are two bodies but out of one of the dead bodies an alive player comes out.
  11. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

  12. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    Dead scav stayed on the floor when he stood up too. I can't even say it's a bug because the guy wouldn't just be prone waiting for the guy to loot him...
  13. upgrade account

    At the Gamescon Interview they stated 3/4 weeks after Gamescon finishes. So about 2/3 weeks as of today I believe.
  14. What is going on?

    In both cases game is still being developed with the aim of releasing a finishes and polished version.
  15. What is going on?

    Early Access games are basically Betas.