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  1. Can Scavs see through bushes?

    A similar question was already posted but never answered. Does AI recognize obstructions like grass, trees, shrubbery, etc.? They sometimes seem to shoot as if foliage did not appear to them.
  2. Prioritize Hotkeyed Meds

    The only thing that really annoys me is that when I have a blacked out limb, my meds will ONLY focus on that limb, and no other damaged part of my body unless they are dragged manually. Blacked out limbs cannot be healed, though status ailments may be fixed (bloodloss, broken). Once a blacked out limb is no longer broken or bleeding, medical supplies need to prioritize other damaged areas. This is a coding error that's easy to fix.
  3. Prioritize Hotkeyed Meds

    I would like to know what the meds prioritize when used from a hotkey. I also would like a system where I can tell the "use" function to prioritize broken, bloodloss, etc. I've run into issues where my meds weren't fixing the right parts of my body, forcing me to drag them manually.
  4. If you press "B" to change your fire mode, you'll hear an audible "click" sound. If you inspect your weapon with "L", you'll hear the rustling of your own fabric. However, if you change your fire mode during the inspection animation, you can see your fire mode change on the weapon, however, the "click" doesn't play. This means that players can change their fire mode much more silently if they do it while inspecting. I'm not sure if this is intended or not...
  5. best graffic settings ADS cuts me by 30-40 FPS in certain grassy areas.
  6. Post your RIG. Same.
  7. Suggestions for EFT

    18. HACKERS. Since late August, I've noticed an increasing amount of complaints on this forum, Youtube, and Reddit, as well as personally experiencing players who had flying ability and invincibility. I don't want EFT to meet the same fate as CS:GO. It used to be a great game, however, it became infested with countless wallhackers and cheaters, make the game not worthwhile. This is a serious issue that needs to be prioritized.
  8. Petition for Unity to Fix FPS Drop while ADS

    No, I don't use reddit. Mind doing that for me, @bi0tics ?
  9. Petition for Unity to Fix FPS Drop while ADS

    Cheers, mate.
  10. With the most recent interview, the developers have expressed that the issue of FPS drop while looking through a scope is on the engine side, not the game side. The developers also pointed out that the bug was reported a long time ago, and has yet to be fixed. I've started a petition for Unity Technologies to address the re-rendering when zoomed in. If you support the effort to make EFT more optimized for the Unity engine, please sign the petition. Mods: Please let me know if I'm breaking forums rules, and I'll take this down.
  11. Suggestions for EFT

    17. Leupold Mark 4 HAMR scope says in the description that it features "DeltaPoint reflex sight installed on top of it", but there's actually nothing there, just an empty frame.
  12. Suggestions for EFT

    16. Sometimes, discarded items will glitch through the floor and fall into the great abyss.
  13. Suggestions for EFT

    14. More options on armour. Right now, the only helmet you can buy is the Kevlar, which you can only trade for with Air Filters. The helmet has the same armour class as the PACA, hence it should be available to purchase with rubles, or perhaps dollars. 15. Optimization & Benchmark Test. Hardware optimization is obviously going to improve over time, however, it would also be very beneficial to have a Benchmark Test where players could get an idea of average FPS they should expect with their in-game settings.
  14. Suggestions for EFT

    Awesome! I can't wait!
  15. Suggestions for EFT

    13. Sometimes the player cannot extract. The player must fiddle with the extract entrance doors and wait for minutes in order for extract timer to activate. Strike #7. Traders now have money.