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  1. improvised suppressors

    I like this idea. Would be cool to loot an item in the raid, equip it as a temporary silencer at the risk of it being unreliable and being able to take someone out. Would add a fun element to the game and make looting and exploration more purposeful. It would also give players who dont have traders levelled or loads of cash to be able to make use of things such a silencers. Many will probably disagree but i'd also like to be able to loot and find items so you can craft IEDs in your hideout. Crappy homemade grenades or perhaps some form of land/proximity mines. Will rub some people the wrong way but if RPGs and grenade launchers are coming then why not... I like the idea of having to explore and loot for practical purposes rather than just looting to sell. It adds a more exploratory element in an otherwise brutal FPS. Which is why I think all loot and loot locations should be made completely random in each raid.
  2. Lone Wolf for karma system

    How will this karma system be implemented? What is someone shoots you first, misses, and then you return fire and kill...will you get bad karma for this? Can see this being hard to balance.
  3. Coughing and whining

    I really wish there was an option to hold your breath instead of coughing. Its so frustrating when you get shot, have to retreat and take cover only for your character to start coughing on a loud speaker alerting everyone on the map exactly where you are. I know meds do this to an extent but when you have no meds its so annoying. I've never been shot irl but if I was hiding and any noise resulted in my sudden and brutal death I would try my best to stop myself coughing, even if just temporarily. So how about a skill or even just in general where you can hold your breath for 10-20 seconds so you can take cover without gifting a player an easy location? Also, are there any plans to take out the character whining and groaning when they have died? Not only is it unrealistic if you get shot in the face 5 times to have a player start mumbling words but it also makes the game a bit too easy (I say easy, this is the hardest game i've ever played!!) when all you have to do is listen to the death whine for kill confirmation. Maybe only have it for body and limb shots. Close proximity explosive kills and headshots should prevent this imo.
  4. 0-10 level player killed?

    Just had a raid on woods and killed the sniper scav. Shortly died after that to some glitchy bullshit but in the post raid statistic it says I killed a level 1-10 player? Do AI scavs count as that as i'm certain I killed an AI.
  5. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    Is this likely to be fixed or is it just the reality of not having an SSD?
  6. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    yes its on my HDD..which is my only option lol
  7. Not sure if i'm just having an unlucky day but I have been killed so many times today to players hiding in bushes, and not even near exits or dead bodies, or high traffic routes! Just random places. Obviously its a completely viable tactic and do it a lot myself because my aim sucks but how do you guys counter this? I cannot see them even if I look closely (except one player scav I noticed in long grass - not bushes - and managed to kill) and unless they move I cannot hear them either. Unless you have armour which gives you a slight chance I don't get how I can counter this except by doing the exact same tactic myself but it gets so boring. Any advice except from 'git gud'?
  8. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    I just spawned into shoreline and had a broken leg and barely any health? I don't think someone shot me as I was loading in as I didn't wasn't taking fire when my raid eventually loaded. Luckily I was only running a pistol but with no meds, if I came in fully geared and that happened i wouldve been pissed. Known bug?
  9. Player Scavs killing fellow player scavs

    I never said it was my rules. AI scavs not turning on snakey player scavs just makes the problem even worse. I'm sure the devs care about the opinions of all players who have spent money to help test the game and give feedback. I have seen hundreds of players complaining about this very issue so i'm sure it will not go unnoticed. In the meantime, players who aren't good at the game and have to resort to killing friendly players from behind to get a pistol will be dribbling in their pants. It wont last long however as people will soon ignore the idea of the scav gamemode concept and simply kill everyone on sight, leaving said bad players on the floor naked.
  10. Player Scavs killing fellow player scavs

    I can tell player scavs apart but "blending in with AI and waiting for them to turn their back and pop them" is 1. Pretty foolish as the AI will 360 aimbot you the moment you shoot and 2. not how scav mode is supposed to be played imo. I see the point of every man for himself I really do but the meta is for player scavs to kill everyone right now. I feel it is way too common and simply frustrating for players trying to make use of the gamemode. Like I said before, if you are betrayed by a fellow player scav I dont feel you should have to wait an entire hour to get another chance at playing the game properly.
  11. This honestly has to be changed. It defeats the whole purpose of the game mode when player scavs spawn right in and kill you whilst you're trying to hunt players. If they dont want to add consequences for doing so besides "karma" then I think if you are a player scav and are killed by another you shouldn't have to wait another hour to play. By not doing anything, the player scavs who do want to play the game how it should be played are being forced into team killing as a precaution. Its honestly so frustrating to have to wait a full hour for your scav only to be killed instantly by "teammates". People will say that is the reality of the game - every man for himself - but why add scav mode then which is purposely there for teaming up against pmcs. I dont want to have to resort to killing everyone I see but atm it looks like the only choice.
  12. Critical Error - User Profile

    Finally able to start playing the game after so many load up crashes and installation errors and I just finished a raid, it got stuck on the home screen and then says: "Critical error recovering profile information, please contact us on the forums". Help please. I want to be able to play a game which I paid for.
  13. My game wont download/launch!

    Problem solved. I unistalled everything again and this time it worked.
  14. My game wont download/launch!

    I've installed the launcher, downloaded the files, unpacked the files, checked the integrity of the files, checked for updates and as soon as the game is about to launch I get this error message: "Warning! Game launch impossible Game files integrity compromized! Complete reinstall required" This is the second time I have tried installing. The first time I got an error when unpacking files.